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A Garden Made of STEEM: Opportunities in a Decentralized Space!

It’s here, we can finally grow food, powered by cryptocurrency!


The image above is from the Botanic Garden in Brooklyn back in the spring of 2018.

A currency depends on movement to sustain itself. It needs to be passed around from hand to hand so that it may function as something trusted to hold value. STEEM and SBD for example, mean absolutely nothing if they cannot be exchanged for something else. Yes of course as it stands right now, you can purchase FIAT currencies and many different Crypto-currencies through various exchanges, but what if we could acquire the things we need directly with our beloved Steem coins?

It is time to think about our economic freedom.

As our world seems to be slowly unraveling like an old sweater and we gain more ability to connect with like-minded people across the whole planet, we can learn to become independent or we can follow the masses, do nothing and wait for that brick wall.

If we chose independence, we can learn from one another to become self reliant and while this digital grid keeps us all together, we can achieve freedom from bank fees and waiting times to exchange the goods and services we are looking for.

The best part of it is that our political stance doesn’t matter in this space, all we have to do is follow our passions. Crypto-currency can be an extremely valuable tool for reaching economic freedom. It that can really save both entrepreneurs and consumers the many headaches that come with banks and regulations. Transactions become cheaper and cleaner… no greedy middle men involved!

This makes me think of Agorism, a term I have only heard recently but a term I hear more and more. Here it is in a few words, from wikipedia:

Agorism is a libertarian social philosophy that advocates creating a society in which all relations between people are voluntary exchanges by means of counter-economics, thus engaging with aspects of peaceful revolution.

With that being said, I am happy to announce my second time purchasing something with Crypto directly (I know it’s a small step but a step none the less)!!!


This year’s garden will be partially made of STEEM!!!! I am so happy, it’s a very exciting step in the adoption of cryptocurrency. Thank you for this abundance of seeds @sagescrub, I will enjoy growing this garden in a different way this time!

While I still plan on re-wildling last year’s tomatoes, I would also like to try new things…

I’d like to end this post by saying that homesteading and self reliance extends passed the walls of our homes and gardens. Sure we can barter, but know that bartering is just another currency. If the day comes, when exchanging a grown pig for carpentry work becomes too troublesome, be educated in the exchange procedures of crypto, you never know!

In hopes to on-board new crypto enthusiasts, I wish you all a happy day…


Cooperative Medicine: @mountainjewel’s Goldenseal Tincture Review and Product Feature

Howdy y’all! Nate again. It’s been a while.

I’m back with a review of one of the many products I’ve bought through Homesteaders Co-op.


The past few weeks I’ve been dealing with some respiratory issues that I think are stemming from lack of sleep and exposure to welding fumes at work. These two things have stressed my immune system to the point that, after I’ve worked to resolve them, I’m left dealing once again with my all-too-familiar upper respiratory problems.


Low endurance, shortness of breath, productive cough with sweet tasting, foul smelling mucous production, bloody sinus drainage, extremely frequent yawning indicative of inefficient breathing, and light wheezing.

Course of action:

Being keen on avoiding a modern medical systems (i.e. debt and unwholesome solutions), I turned to the greatest and easiest alternative economic model available: Homesteaders Co-op.

I looked over the available medicinal products and discovered @mountainjewel‘s Goldenseal Tincture:

Internally, it has been used primarily to treat infections of mucus membranes; sinuses, respiratory tract, throat, mouth and urinary tract.

Sounds good! I ordered and consulted Wren of @mountainjewel.

A few other herbs were recommended (Mullein, echinacea, and elecampane), which I will be buying Monday, as I’ve not had the time to get to the herb store this weekend. We need a medicinal herb vendor (or ten) in the Co-op…

Of course the tincture arrived promptly as always with incredible communication from Wren and Ini. I was planning on checking the tracking information the day after it ended up arriving.


What a beautiful label. I’m told by Ini that the label was all Wren.

Dosage instructions are 10-30 drops daily. Good to go, 30 drops is about 1/2 of the glass part of a dropper. This photo is almost two doses.


I love the beautiful warm color of it. The taste in water is very powerfully green. After four doses, I’m feeling the effects. My cough has lessened, mucous production is down, and I’m yawning less, indicating my breathing is more effective.

As the medicine was recommended in conjunction with the other herbs, I’ll be pursuing the complete route as mentioned. I’m looking forward to the complete resolution of my issue without modern antibiotics. As more herbs become available on the Co-op, it will be more possible to not only participate in an alternative to the industrial medical system, but the fiat money system as well, making this a holistic counter-economic endeavour.

In the name of holistic health and the search for a long term treatment of this recurring issue, I’ve been focusing on getting better sleep by sleeping with ear plugs and an eye covering. I sleep during the day, which is unnatural and sadly unavoidable for me right now. Light and noise from the family are inevitable factors as a result, and these new sleep practices are proving helpful. I’ve also started using better respiratory safety practices at work and I’ve been getting back on my gallon a day water consumption. A holistic approach is the best way to deal with health issues.

Of course it would be prudent of me to explain that I’m not a doctor and I’m not fit to give medical advice to anyone else, and am taking my own health in my own hands. That deep of a personal choice is yours to make for yourself.

I hope this review of my second tincture purchase will help someone else in their search for a natural alternative medical treatment. The empowerment of people through this co-operative is growing in leaps and bounds, and I aim to highlight that with every contributory post. This is the kind of social progress that people look for in blockchain. Freedom of money that can lead to freedom in many other parts of life.

Be blessed.
Be fruitful.
Stay relevant.


Eagle Spirit Offers Reiki Distance Energy Work and Medicine Card Readings

This is a unique introduction because it is the first time anyone has offered services on Homesteaders Co-op!

@eaglespirit is a Reiki Master Teacher, Medical Reiki Master, DONA Doula, and Medicine Woman in training. She brings some of her services to steem and to Homesteaders Co-op to share with our communities.


It is a selfless and generous act when someone devotes a significant portion of their life or their career to healing and helping others. Her generosity and considerateness is apparent even in her pricing which is available by payment, barter or donation on sliding scale.

@eaglespirit has been offering medicine card readings via steem and now is providing the full reading to anyone that wants to work past blocks or obstales in their life. Readings can last half an hour or longer and are provided on a per card or per time basis.

Her Distance Reiki Energy work may be useful to folks that are suffering from physical, emotional or spiritual ailments and are looking for relief and healing so they can enjoy a better quality of life.

Eagle Spirit plants to offer more products/services in time so stay tuned and follow @eaglespirit for updates.

@eaglespirit now accepts STEEM, SBD and USD for Distance Reiki Energy Work and Medicine Card Readings


In her own words (borrowed from their Homesteaders Co-op store):

Medicine Card Readings

For the past year she has offered Medicine card readings on Steemit that incorporate a reading using Oracle cards that include a long distance Reiki transmission and Native American Blessing.

The intention and purpose of the card reading is to assist those who have blocks, push past obstacles, and get back on the path to our life purpose.

Reiki Distance Energy Work

Energy work can be sent for any physical, emotional or spiritual ailment. For example, I have worked on cancer, diabetes, chronic fatigue, chronic migraines, chronic back issues, tooth ache, stress reduction, etc.

You can browse @eaglespirit‘s services at: Eagle Medicine, LLC

@eaglespirit is based out of Colorado, United States and provides her services over phone or internet via discord – clients can be anywhere! (Homesteaders Co-op is an international marketplace)


Learn more about Eagle Medicine:

Challenge: What are you doing to claim food sovereignty for yourself or your community, and why?

Reading @wwf‘s prediction of an impending crash yesterday was a somber reminder for me of the lessons that my mentors instilled in me. We, as a global community, are in desperate times. We as a human species must learn to grow our own food, share our abundance and we need to plant a LOT of trees.

There may come a time when petroleum is no longer cheap. There may come a time when we no longer have easy access to industrial food. There may come a time when systems break down. Our earth is in a state of rapid desertification.

This challenge is a personal reminder to myself about spreading a message of the need for resilience, freedom, community and responsibility. HSCO can be a medium for this message. But we don’t need to be desperate, we need to make change. And that change can be joyous and fulfilling while building resilience and independence.

I hope that this challenge can inspire us to inspire each other, share knowledge, resources and solutions. Inform those that are un-informed. Help those that need help. I personally am so past complaining about our problems. I am past anger. I am ready for action and ready to make a difference in our world. How well can we tune our message? How far can we send our message? How many can we inspire to choose resilience?

Challenge: What are you doing to claim food sovereignty for yourself or your community, and why?

(Food can include water or medicine)

1st place reward: 10 STEEM
2nd & 3rd place reward: 5 STEEM each
Deadline: February 9th 2019 – 11:59 PM UTC

This contest is open to anyone.

Your friend,


An International Steem Marketplace for Sustainable Goods 🌍 💚

Our marketplace is inspired by blockchain, and like Steem, our marketplace has no borders.

Homesteaders Co-op is an International marketplace of vendors accepting STEEM, SBD (and USD) for handmade and sustainable goods.

Borderless Marketplace

Vendors in 8 Countries and counting.
Shop wherever you want.

Free Marketplace

Vendors are not charged fees or commissions.
STEEM Payments are peer-to-peer.
HSCO is not a financial middleman.

Ethical Marketplace

Customers and vendors care about environment, community and sustainability.
Humans first. Profit second.



source }

An International Marketplace

Customers from any country can shop here

Customers can have the freedom to shop from vendors in their own country or around the world!

Vendors from any country can vend in Homesteaders Co-op

Vendors have the freedom to ship to any country they wish. Whether it is just domestically within their own country, to just a few select countries or anywhere internationally!

This means there are more options for customers and vendors

Shopping Internationally

This is what international shopping looks like on Homesteaders Co-op. We just finished building a new feature that allows shoppers to be able to browse products by country.

There are two options:

  • Browse by country that vendor ships from
    Because you may want to shop for products that ship from your country only.
  • Browse by countries that vendors ship to
    Because you may want to shop for products that ship to your country from anywhere else.

8 Countries and Counting

Homesteaders Co-op has 20 vendors in 8 countries with nearly 150 products accepting STEEM and SBD. Many also accept USD. More vendors are interested to join or are in the process of setting up their stores.

Do you see your country represented below?

If you answer no, we hope you will let your favorite sustainable, handmade, homesteader vendors know that you want to see them in Homesteaders Co-op with their handmade/eco-conscious products for STEEM / SBD / USD!

Australia – #teamaustralia


The Little Worm Farm by @quochuy

Taking you to your vermicomposting success
Visit my store

Browse products sold by vendors in Australia



b & g handmade by @bghandmade and @bobydimitrov

We are a family of four, fond of nature and all things handmade!
Visit my store

Browse products sold by vendors in Bulgaria



Walkerland by @walkerland

Wildcrafted Herbs & Gifts
Visit my store

Browse products sold by vendors in Canada



FireFly Creations by @frejafri

Arts and Crafts from the Forest
Visit my store

Browse products sold by vendors in Denmark



Celestial Creations by @celestialcow

Handmade Art & Jewelry
Visit my store

UndaNatural by @purplemoon

Natural Lovemade Cosmetics from an ecovillage
Visit my store

Weave To Empower by @trucklife-family

Womens Co Op creating natural and sustainable products off-grid
Visit my store

Browse products sold by vendors in Spain



Viggi Handmade by @irenethemachine

Handmade zipper pouches. 20 trees are planted for every item purchased!
Visit my store

Browse products sold by vendors in Netherlands



drapis by @drapis

Traditional, sustainable beekeeping. Stubborn resistance to chemicals or pesticides. Success measured by number of healthy colonies, not by honey kg.
Visit my store

Browse products sold by vendors in Portugal

United States (US)


Bees by Prof. Bromide by @professorbromide

Seasonal Honey, Wax, Propolis, Pollen, and other hive products
Visit my store

Eagle Medicine, LLC by @eaglespirit

Native American Natural Medicine
Visit my store

ELAmental Earth by @ELAmental

Sharing Conscious Creations and Wisdom for Worldwide Symbiosis. Harness Natural Energy, Reduce Waste, Heal, and be Happy.
Visit my store

Fleming Family Farm by @flemingfarm

We are a small family farm that primarily grows snap beans and summer squash for sale through LINC Foods Co-op in Spokane Washington.
Visit my store

Idyllwild by @sagescrub

Homegrown and Handmade Dried Flower Arrangements
Visit my store

Kelly Moody by @ofsedgeandsalt

a nomadic apothecary
Visit my store

Mountain Jewel by @mountainjewel

Permaculture Homestead Offering Organic Homegrown Tinctures
Visit my store

Pepper Family Homestead by @papa-pepper

Enjoying a simple, connected life together!
Visit my store

Seeds of Abundance by @sagescrub

Seeds for natural gardeners, urban homesteaders and permaculturalists.
Visit my store

The Gentle Soul by @sagescrub

Hand Dyed Textiles
Visit my store

TheTinkerTribe by @makinstuff

I wish to spread products that support individual resiliency.
Visit my store

Browse products sold by vendors in United States

Thrilled To Be A Contributor: This is @SenorCoconut…

A Traveler Settles Down (more or less)… Because a Homesteading Life is Calling!

As all contributors to @HomsteadersCoop, I’ve been asked to introduce myself. I am a simple man who will happily give you a little tour of my perspective of the world. But first I would like to thank @SageScrubfor creating the amazing Free Marketplace for Steem and for playing a big role (I’m sure with countless hours of his free time) in growing the community around The Homsteaders Co-op. I have gotten to know quite a few people in the community and frankly, you’re all very talented and inspiring.

Here’s a little about me:


I grew up more or less on the road, every two years or so, my mother and I would pick up and go pretty much wherever the wind blew… She was chasing a better life, away from the fast pace of Paris, away from the rat race and searching for quality. Ironically we eventually found ourselves in New York City, but the traveling didn’t stop there. I was hooked and as soon as I left the nest, I went to Central America, then India and then South America… and when I found my long lost cousins in England, well that’s a whole traveler story for another time, all I can say is that I started understanding myself a whole lot more! I learned at a young age that being out of my comfort zone could be an extremely powerful tool for internal growth and seeing the truth in others while out of their element.

I’ve used this tool with my wife, once before we got serious and then another time durring an Eight Month Honeymoon. She is the one without a doubt!!!

Anyway, as you can see traveling is in my blood, and we don’t intend to stop. With a four year old boy who would normally soon be forced by our government to have some kind of approved education, our travels may slow down but we refuse to be shackled down to a perfect attendance 😜! Sorry, but we have a whole world to show him…

While traveling across the planet, there were so many ways of life that intrigued me, but what stood out the most, what made me who I am today is the incredible self-reliance some people are forced to have. Because they have close to nothing (financially) in this civilized world, they have to find the cheapest and most efficient ways to live. May it be drying cow dung patties on a south facing wall to use as a combustible for cooking a meal with, making homes out of mud and straw, or fermenting grains for some joyous entertainment, they always found a way. While being forced by our ever growing economy to be self-reliant may not be very glamorous, those who are in that position today have a great advantage over those who have no practice in finding a way (diy).

Some years ago after a long trip through Argentina, Chile and Peru, I became inspired to create a Nomadic Community Center, I called it The People’s Caravan, and this was to be a free center for learning all things, art, self-reliance, mindfulness and movement. Like a old time circus, the dream was to move from town to town across the world, exchanging knowledge, pushing into the foreground skill-sets for living free (in many sense of the word) and inspiring community building after we left. The question was always about money… How could this be sustainable?


I never worked it out, and soon forgot about the dream. A few years later it was revived through ceremony and later the dream morphed or evolved into a realization that we needed a home base for the Caravan. Jessi-k (my beautiful wife) helped in forming this new dream and we decided that a place where we could practice things like permaculture and natural building would be more adequate. This brings me to No Man’s Land, aka DreamLand Express, we want to build a Multi-Family Homestead with a Makerspace. Back in March of 2017 we actually took ownership of almost 20 acres and many plans are brewing for our little piece of heaven…

There are way too many ideas to list here, it’s just an introduction! You are welcome to come check out my personal page @SenorCoconut for updates on DreamLand, the Caravan and all that.

I feel very honored to have been offered the opportunity to write for @HomesteadersCoop. As a contributor I hope to bring my share of inspiring posts and encourage others to adopt Steem into their lives. The more people see that steem can have actual worth, the more they will trust this decentralized monetary system. A coin cannot sit still, a coin that doesn’t move is a coin no one should trusts. And this free marketplace,, is a great opportunity for people on and off the blockchain to see that real exchanges can be realized. At the same token (no pun intended) it will help those unfamiliar with cryptocurrency, because of the ability to pay in USD, to be exposed to STEEM and SBD. Eventually their curiosity shall prevail right?

On the market, I feel very proud to be taking part in a place where sustainable and handmade products are highlighted along with ethical practices. Once again, Thank you for having extended the opportunity to become a contributor, I joyfully accept 😍!

Papa G
aka @SenorCoconut

ELAmental Earth Offers Herbal Dyed, Eco-Conscious Clothing // STEEM // SBD // USD

@ELAmental is offering lots of value, knowledge, good vibes and eco-consciousness to the steem blockchain. @ELAmental is a leader of the @EarthTribe community (introduction post here) which is organized around spreading eco-consciousness on the steem blockchain and rewarding those that help to make the earth a better place for us all.

@ELAmental Earth now accepts STEEM, SBD and USD for natural herbal hand dyed shirts and official steem silver rounds


@ELAmental is bringing his pride for @TribeSteemUp and @EarthTribe to the Homesteaders Co-op. Initially he has posted eco-friendly, organic herbal dyed tshirts for sale as well as a few original STEEM silver rounds, which he played a part in the community design.


Soon @ELAmental along with @hempress, a natural dying extraordinaire, will be offering more herbal dyed fair trade and eco-friendly products to the ELAmental Earth store on Homesteaders Co-op.

In their own words (borrowed from their Homesteaders Co-op store):

Think Not About how Much it Costs for Yourself, but Instead how Much it Costs the Earth.

We are huge proponents of using what we already have available to us, and avoiding using new products whenever possible. In doing so, we advocate the philosophy that being resourceful and thrifty should be of the highest priority if the goal is to restore the health of planet Earth. We do our best to promote this lifestyle choice to others, and help them understand how meaningful making such choices can be, and that the more people that do it, the more effective it will become. That is why everyone should also prioritize wearing used and up-cycled clothing.


About 50% of the clothing we personally wear is up-cycled or used garments, and 50% unbleached organic fabric from fair trade companies, that are either herbal dyed or low-impact tie dyed. We want to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible with the clothing we select to wear, while also wearing the healthiest possible fabric on our skin (our biggest organ), since our skin is trans-dermal and we absorb what it touches to some degree. Unfortunately these two concepts only go hand in hand only when you find organic garments that are also used or up-cycled, which is rare in this world – but think about why that is…

It is because people value organic garments higher, and are much less likely to donate them, or treat them as disposable as part of a seasonal fashion trend, like how most people approach their clothing expenses. Spending a little more on a garment that is actually higher quality, forces most to treat the garment with more respect and care, which ultimately means the owner will use and wear (and love) it for many more years.

Herbal Plant Dyes vs. Low-Impact Dyes

Herbal-plant dyed garments on unbleached organic fabric is by far the healthiest option for any human to wear on their skin. Many of the companies that produce the actual dye-stuff concentrates from plants actually use way more water and fossil fuels producing those ingredients, to make the positives of herbal dyeing with these products outweigh the negatives in terms of environmental effects.

You can browse @ELAmental‘s products at: Homesteaders Co-op

@ELAmental is based out of Oregon, United States and ships domestically within the US! (Homesteaders Co-op is an international marketplace)


Learn more about ELAmental Earth and browse their products:


UndaNatural – Natural Lovemade Skincare, Cosmetics from an ecovillage in Spain

@purplemoon has opened a store called UndaNatural on Homesteaders Co-op. UndaNatural is offering handmade skincare, sunscreen and cosmetics made in an eco-village in Granada, Spain and shipping worldwide! In fact UndaNatural is part of the Weave to Empower single mother women’s co-op that our very own @trucklifefamily also belongs to!


UndaNatural’s products are made with natural ingredients and lots of love and care are put into each one. @purplemoonlives her ethics in an off-grid ecovillage and makes an effort to have little impact on the earth in her life and business and follows a zero waste philosophy as much as possible, and also supporting local and handmade when possible.

@purplemoon now accepts STEEM, SBD and USD for Natural Cosmetics, Sunscreen and Skincare


In their own words (borrowed from their Homesteaders Co-op store):

Single mum, living off grid in an eco village in Southern Europe, with a big passionate for natural cosmetics and aroma therapy. It all started 5 years ago, when my kid was born and I decided we will only use natural products for our skin 🙂

All the ingredients from UNDA NATURAL are natural and most of them are organic and ecocert certified. The oils and butters are virgin, unrefined and cold pressed. Some of the plants I collect on my own (calendula, chamomile, carrot, lavender, arnica, aloe vera) and the others that don’t grow around, I buy from safe sources (shea butter, coconut oil, etc). Some of the floral waters I use for the moisturizing are local made from a small farm in northern Romania (rose, lavender, basil water). I choose to use glass recipient for protecting the environment. The only compromise I made is for the sunscreen, that comes in the fantastic recyclable plastic, a very handy to use bottle that ensures that no sand will go inside. Everything is handmade with lots of love and care inside. Enjoy! 🙂

You can browse @purplemoon products at: Homesteaders Co-op

@purplemoon is based out of Granada, Spain and ships internationally! (Homesteaders Co-op is an international marketplace)


Learn more about UndaNatural and browse their products:

Who is Homesteaders Co-op?

Homesteaders Co-op is a community marketplace where homesteaders around the world offer their handmade and sustainable goods in exchange for USD, STEEM and SBD (STEEM and SBD are tokens earned through the steem social media platform).

We encourage homesteaders, small family businesses, and eco-minded craftsmen to join our community. There is strength in numbers and with our collective creative abilities, networks, and dedication, we can help each other gain more independence and economic viability.

Anyone can shop at Homesteaders Co-op. However, unlike other marketplaces, we accept USD as well as STEEM and SBD.

We are bridging the gap between conventional money and an alternative economy. In our alternative economy we, as both the producer of goods and the consumer of goods, hold economic sway. When you purchase from our vendors using STEEM or SBD, there is no reliance on credit cards or banks for online transactions. Using these alternative currencies our vendors save processing fees and have more control over their pricing.

We are not a Financial Middleman

We actively choose not to be a middleman in the transactions between our vendors and their customers. Customer payments are made directly to the vendors.

In the case of USD transactions our vendors use PayPal. We setup the transaction via our shopping cart checkout process. When it is time for the transaction to be made, customers pay directly to our vendors’ paypal accounts. The money never routes through us. Its that simple.

In the case of STEEM or SBD transactions, the trusted SteemConnect service facilitates secure transactions between customers and vendors. We setup the transaction via our shopping cart checkout process. When it is time for the transaction to be made, customers pay directly to our vendors’ steem wallets. The tokens never route through us. Its that simple.

Our Mission

We built the Co-op with three aims:

  1. to empower homesteaders through a concerted marketing effort that would support each other’s livelihood
  2. to offer more diverse choices of quality and sustainable products made by small businesses
  3. to offer more market options for using STEEM and SBD tokens, as well as USD

How it Began

Through steem, we had the opportunity to get to know very passionate and knowledgeable people who openly share their skills and experiences gained through a sustainable, homesteading lifestyle. The value we have received in knowledge, support and camaraderie from our fellow steem homesteaders is invaluable to say the least. As homesteaders ourselves, we are inspired by such a vibrant community and we are honored to be rewarded with STEEM tokens through sharing our content, ideas and support.

At the same time, we also noticed a missed opportunity: there weren’t a lot of options for transacting with the STEEM we were being rewarded, especially in support of each other’s work. Thus we envisioned a marketplace, like a farmer’s market, where we could trade our STEEM for the things we need and love while also supporting others just like us.

With many years of web design, ecommerce and marketing experience at our back, we couldn’t think of a better use of our skills than to bring this vision to reality. We are very proud of the quality of our website, its ease of use, and the ability to accept USD, STEEM and SBD in exchange for goods and services, and we are thrilled to share this resource with homesteaders and discerning buyers!

We are just getting started

The marketplace you see at Homesteaders Co-op is the beginning. Assuming the market rewards our vendors for their quality products, we will continue to make feature improvements to this marketplace to benefit both the vendors and the customers.

Shop with STEEM, SBD (and USD) at

FireFly Creations – Arts and Crafts from the Forest

I am really glad that @frejafri has joined Homesteaders Co-op with her beautiful illustrations, artwork and crafts! Her illustrations are playful, dreamy and fun. I really enjoy that much of her work has a nature theme or element.


@frejafri is roadsteading – or homesteading on the road – but has recently co-purchased land and plans to start a homestead and eco village with friends and community! Her store already displays many creative products including art pieces, hand drawn stickers, custom designed notebooks, custom coloring pages and more. She has mentioned that she has many more products in she will be uploading to Homesteaders Co-op in the future, so follow @frejafri and keep an eye out for updates!

@frejafri now accepts STEEM, SBD as well as USD for Hand Illustrated and Art and Handmade Crafts!


In her own words (borrowed from their Homesteaders Co-op store):

I am an artist and a mother of a 4-year old boy, who has spend the last couple of years on the road, living from my art and music and “roadsteading” – harvesting and processing wild plants and trading for produce on farms on the way.

Now I have just bought my own land with some friends and family – a 12 hectare piece of land with 2500m2 of old buildings in a forest on the Danish island Bornholm! We are working on restoring the buildings and create an eco village on this amazing, big plot of land! I hope to soon be able to include products from the land in my shop!

Until then my shop will consist of handmade arts and crafts – custom artworks like portraits and illustrations, handbound notebooks, postcards, stickers, coloring books and posters!

I try as much as possible to use recycled materials, because I have been a recycler and anti consumer from childhood!

When I buy paper for my creations, I always go for recycled paper or paper made from algae or other sustainable sources, but I also make my own paper from old paper and plant fibres.

You can browse @frejafri‘s products at: FireFly Creations on Homesteaders Co-op

@frejafri is based out of Denmark and ships internationally! (Homesteaders Co-op is an international marketplace)


Learn more about FireFly Creations and browse her products: