Day: January 6, 2019

USD side by side with STEEM and SBD – An ethical marketplace

We are excited to offer USD as a payment option at Homesteaders Co-op. This means that customers can shop for ethical, sustainable, handmade goods with credit card or paypal, in addition to STEEM and SBD.

Many vendors in our marketplace have already opted to accept USD as a payment method. The nice thing about our website is that you can filter product results by USD, STEEM or SBD based on your preference. Or you can leave the default setting of “All” currencies if you want to see what products are available in any currency.


USD allows us to bridge two worlds

Our vendors can offer their goods to an audience that prefers transacting in USD. Our marketplace is now open to customers that don’t even know what steem is – they can easily transact in USD.

With USD we remain a Free marketplace

We still do not take any commission from our vendors. Any credit card or paypal transaction goes straight to our vendors’ paypal accounts.

Free is Empowering

  • Vendors are empowered to have all of their profit without losing any to commissions.
  • Vendors are empowered to receive payment transactions directly from customers.
  • We are not a middleman in the finances.

Credit Card Payments don’t require PayPal accounts

Customers can support vendors with USD purchases by using their credit card. While credit card transactions go through PayPal for processing, customers do not need to sign up to PayPal.


Support Free Markets, Support Ethical Vendors

Please consider browsing our marketplace and looking for vendors that you want to support. Purchasing from our vendors supports ethical commerce, it supports individual artesians, it supports families and you receive products that have been imbued with passion, love and hard work.

Profits go Directly to Vendors – There is No Profit Pyramid

When you purchase with USD, STEEM or SBD profits go directly to the vendor. There is no corporate hierarchy. There is no fat cat sitting at the tip sifting commissions into a coffer. This is akin to buying produce at a farmers market. At the farmers market you hand money directly to the farmer’s hands. This is exactly the same, except we are online, worldwide and revolutionizing e-commerce by slowing it down and looking at what really matters and cutting out the fat.

Explore our Marketplace:

We are a new marketplace. There are two things we need a lot of help with right now:
  1. Supporting our Vendors with purchases in USD, STEEM and SBD
  2. Telling people about our marketplace. Friends, family, colleagues who have never heard of an ethical online marketplace. Our steem audiences. Please share the word!


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