Day: January 11, 2019

Calling Aussie Homesteaders!

Hey all, it’s @riverflows here, posting from southern Victoria, Australia. I’ve got a 5 acre block near the SurfCoast, enough to grow lots of vegetables and fruit trees, and a six pack of chooks. One of the most fascinating things for me since I’ve been on Steemit is the#homesteaders and #ghsc tags where I’ve read so much amazing stuff about homesteaders in America and all the amazing things they do to as self sufficient as possible. I’d love to meet more Aussie homesteaders here on Steemit – there’s a small handful I know about, but I’m sure there’s more of you making, creating and growing on your land, whether it’s urban homesteading or rural.


Being isolated by distance, it’s hard for us Aussies to get stuff shipped out here, unless we’re willing to pay postage. That’s why I was so excited when fellow Australian @quochuy listing his Little Worm Farm on the Homesteaders Co-Op. Not only does he have a free ebook on setting up your own worm farm, he also sells those worms! When the dry heat of summer is over, I’ll be looking at doing this for sure.

I’m not sure whether you realise it yet but The Homesteaders Co-Op has vendors all over the world – Portugal, Spain, the UK, the Americas! So what I’d love to see are more Australian vendors! It’d be brilliant to support people selling their goods via the Steem blockchain. I’m thinking of listing my garlic and thinking about what other products might be viable to sell here. Of course, we need to think about our local borders (did you know you can’t ship St Johns Wort to Victoria from Queensland, as it’s classified as a weed?) but there’s plenty we can consider, like homemade ethical soaps, jewellery, e-books, and so on.

So if you know an Australian homesteader that might be a perfect match, please get in touch via the links below, and let me know as well so I can put some steem aside to get your product shipped to my doorstep!

Beautiful Handmade Paper from Bulgaria!

@bghandmade has joined Homesteaders Co-op to sell their fine handmade paper products from 100% recycled paper. The result of their work is beautiful! In case you know @bobydimitrov from #homesteading and #ghsc, he and his wife run @bghandmade.


The b & g handmade family is dedicated to growing their own food in their garden, sharing the joy with their kids and participating in community gardens. I hear that they will soon be adding some of their saved seeds to their Homesteaders Co-op store to share!

@bghandmade now accepts STEEM, SBD and USD for Handmade Paper products


In their own words (borrowed from their Homesteaders Co-op store):

We are a family fond of nature and all things handmade!

At our day job we create custom printed promotional materials. So we end up with lots of paper for recycling – mostly quality papers, acid free, FSC certified, cotton thread… Looking for an artistic way to use some of the lovely paper scraps, we started making paper in 2008. Thus began our journey into handmade paper!

Our paper is 100% recycled and 100% handmade at home – smoke and pet free, by us… and recently with the help of our two kids, aged 6 and 3 in 2018!

We try to spend as much time as possible outdoors. Be it in our family vegetable and flower garden, camping at the seaside, trekking in the woods or having a picnic with some friends by a river, in a picturesque meadow. All those places are an inspiration to us and a never ending source of amazing organic decorations we collect and use in our handmade paper!

Most of our work is local and bespoke. We do paper goods for weddings – invitations, envelopes, gift tags, plantable gifts, photo albums, wedding guest books, the whole lot. We often work on custom business cards and tags for art shops and fellow artists, and we also love to make lamps out of bamboo and our handmade paper!

You can browse @bghandmade‘s products at: b & g handmade on Homesteaders Co-op

@bghandmade is based out of Bulgaria and ships internationally! (Homesteaders Co-op is an international marketplace)


Learn more about b & g handmade and browse their products: