Month: March 2019

Recent & Upcoming Website Updates – Open to Community Feedback.

This is a summary of updates and milestones that have been recently made to our Homesteaders Co-op website, over the past month or so, followed by an outline of some of the upcoming work that may be done on the website in the near future.

We just had our first official Homesteaders Co-op open community meeting in our discord server voice chat on Wednesday. We had a lot of great discussion about the marketing challenges of our Co-op and how to address them. You’ll see more posts about that from us in the near future.

We’ve decided to hold regular voice meetings every other week for any member of our community to join and listen or participate that wants to be more informed or involved in our community effort.

In the meantime I would like to share with you a summary of website updates, milestones and goals that were covered in our meeting – with a bit more detail.

this is an update to our Fundition Project

Most Recent Website Updates and Milestones

Email Subscribers

We now have over 150 email subscribers, which is quite a lot considering all things and very telling that there is a lot of interest in what we are doing. I am being careful to send emails sparingly and reserving our emails for more important updates or announcements. Our more frequent messages are sent out in steem, our blog and social media.

If you are not subscribed but would like to, you can find our email subscription form at the bottom of our website:

Community Section

Our new community section has been created in the website. This is part of our steem onboarding program outlined in our Fundition proposal.

The purpose of this section is to: 1) provide an introduction to steem communities with real examples, 2) Demonstrates individuals of steem communities creating positive change, 3) Provides more context to our vendors as humans, and 4) Sharing a general pride for our communities.

We collectively put a lot of work into this community showcase. We are already presenting Homesteaders Co-op communityNatural Medicine community and ecoTrain community. A few others will be presented in the near future.

Logo Section

An Our Logo page was created in our website to talk about our logo and what it represents. Special thanks to @frejafri who designed our logo and can be commissioned in STEEM for custom illustrated designs!

Search Engines is starting to be discovered in search engine results. In fact our store Seeds of Abundance recently had an inquiry from a customer that found our seeds from a Google search result. That is significant to me because our Co-op vendors are just starting to reach an audience outside of steem via search engines.

Steem Payments Improvements

I have recently made some updates to the WooCommerce Steem Payments Gateway open source plugin that uses to accept STEEM/SBD payments. You can read that update here. The plugin is becoming more robust over time and there are more updates planned in the future.

More website Backups and Better Security

I recently consulted with @eco-alex who generously offered to help us add more redundancy to our website backups and increase our website security. Thank you so much for offering us a hand and helping us achieve more resiliency for our community website. I would like to note that @eco-alex is available as a website consultant and if you are looking for help with your website you may consider his excellent service.

Our website homepage featured products are now updated on a weekly basis to match our new weekly featured products post. See this week’s featured products here.

Upcoming Website Features

Following is a list of updates I am considering making to the website in the near future. I am putting this out there now and before doing the work in an effort to be more transparent about this process and will consider any feedback from the community.

Donations Page

I plan to create a new page in the website to ask for community donations. Initially this will be through our Fundition project. However I would like to transition to pursuing donations on a regular ongoing basis as part of our effort of reaching financial sustainability. This is one option I have come up with as I consider interacting in a gift economy, which is more attractive than forcing our members to pay. You can read more about that idea my recent Funditon project update titled Why Donate to Homesteaders Co-op?. This approach is likely to evolve as our community and our marketplace evolves – anyway it would be interesting to hear your thoughts here.

Ethical Advertising

Ethical advertising is an idea I have come up with and coined as a way to pursue relationships with ethical businesses that offer value to our audience. Ethical advertising is advertising space in our website that will be gifted and/or traded to the advertisers we choose. This is in direct contrast to the dominant style of advertising we are all used to and tired of that pursues profit instead of real value and meaning. I will share more about this idea in a separate upcoming post.

Steem Onboarding Section

This upcoming page or section in our website will define steem to an audience that has not heard of steem before and is likely not familiar with blockchain. This task can be quite lofty or simple depending on the approach! I will likely be asking community for input on the approach in the near future. We will also use this area in our website to offer free accounts to anyone that wants to join.

Homepage Updates

I would like to see our homepage better represent the categories of products that are offered now by our vendors. Things have changed a lot since we started with just 3 main categories. We now offer Handmade, Natural Health, Organic Gardening, Services, Books, Food and Children related products and services.

We will also be updating the featured vendors regularly to correlate with a new featured vendor curation effort that @senorcoconut is working on.

Other Cryptocurrencies

A few folks have mentioned interest in either accepting or shopping with other cryptocurrencies. While for the most part we are pretty happy just to accept STEEM/SBD I think it is worth exploring other crypto options here, especially if we wouldn’t have to rely on a third party that charges some commissions or fees. At the moment this limits us to WooCommerce plugins that are already existing that accept cryptocurrency payments that we can modify to work in our multi-vendor marketplace.

Gift Economy

I would like to explore other ways of interacting in a gift economy via our website including: Tipping, Delegating Store Space to other vendors, Products by Donation.

Vendors Page Improvements

As our vendors page grows with more vendors it will be nice to sort and filter vendors by location, etc.

What Would You Like to See on our Website?

This is the perfect opportunity and time for you to share what you feel our website is lacking or what it could really use! Is there something important we haven’t thought of yet? Is there something on the list above that is WAY more important than anything else? Please let us know.

@nateonsteemit just posed the question a few days ago what products would you like to see in our Co-op and we got a lot of great feedback there.. thank you Nate and everyone who shared their comments there!

‐ @sagescrub


Why Donate to Homesteaders Co-op?

We are operating in a gift economy.

We do not ask our vendors to pay any fees or commissions from their sales in order to participate in this marketplace. Their participation is voluntary and we do not force them to pay.

We are choosing to opt out of greed and place the humans in our marketplace as the first priority in our goals. This means that we are not prioritizing profiting off of our vendors, which unfortunately is the name of the game in our dominant modern culture.

this is an update to our Fundition Project

Now that we have chosen not to force our vendors to share their profit, the opportunity has arisen to shift our mindset from operating as a business to operating as a Community Run Marketplace.

We have already made some great progress in this regard and many of our community members have stepped up and taken leadership and contributing roles in our community. You can see proof of that in our blog which is now run by 12 members of our community. Our motivation is contributing to something meaningful in our world. We want to work to create a better model for participating in online marketplaces.

In this regard we are participating in interchange with one another. There is no middleman taking profit from each transaction that occurs at Homesteaders Co-op.

In some regards we are already sustainable as a community. We are motivated by creating positive change and a positive, safe online community environment to interact and interchange with one another – in this sense we are already emotionally and energetically sustainable as a community.

We are not yet financially sustainable.

Fundition has been serving as an opportunity to raise funds by donations to help us get started and build our platform for voluntary interchange in the short term, while we build financial sustainability in the medium term.

1 ewj_xQPOhyfgElpsQNhT1Q.png

Actually I would like to see Homesteaders Co-op receiving donations on a regular ongoing basis – even beyond the completion of this Fundition campaign, because I would like to see donations serving as a core contributor to our financial sustainability.

Since we are operating in a gift economy and not forcing vendors to pay for the service we are providing, I feel that it is natural to accept donations as contribution to our current and future sustainability. Fundition is helping us get started in that regard.

In addition to accepting donations I am also exploring a few other ideas that may help us reach financial sustainability, including an idea that I have coined Ethical Advertising. I will be sharing more on this in some future updates.

A lot of things have changed since we started out a few months ago, and many new developments and opportunities have arisen. Yet the goals and intentions that were outlined in our Fundition proposal have not changed at their core.

I would say that we have made progress of roughly 1/3 of the goals and work outlined in our Fundition project proposal. There is a lot that is in the works.

So far we have raised 10.5% of our fundraising goal! We have raised $258. This is helping to cover some of our expenses. Thank you to everyone that shown your generosity and donated so far.

If you would like to donate, or if you would like to read our Fundition project proposal which is currently underway, please visit:

Fundition Project: Homesteaders Co-op: Free Community Marketplace for Handmade Goods

Homesteaders – Living Naturally, Newsletter. 27th March 2019

It’s that time of the week again! Welcome back to the Homesteaders – Living Naturally, newsletter.

Things happening in the community.

At @homesteaderscoop they’d love some feedback on what you’d like to see for sale at and you can see this week’s featured products here.

@nateonsteemit has been busy reaching out to new arrivals on Steem.

Over at @naturalmedicine the challenge is still on to explore and write about a natural plant medicine. This challenge has been extended and ends in 3 days, so you still have some time to get an entry in. Their curation post is out, with some of the best picks in the natural medicine category and you can find an update on the community here.

If you haven’t already heard about @simplymike‘s garden journal challenge there’s one day left to join up to that.

Welcoming Newcomers


New to Steem this week is @bothanikha, who has a great love of plants and sharing their beauty and health properties. I hope we can all give her our famous warm welcome. If it isn’t famous yet, maybe we should make it famous! ;D


@stanmr started here in January and is back with a fantastic post on dealing with pests while growing indoors!

Some highlights of the week


@mountainjewel have been getting a big job done with the help of a good group of neighbours. It’s a heartwarming account of the importance of community, camaraderie and working together which brought a lump to my throat, as I realise it’s something we’re often missing in our urban lifestyles. Read about this experience here.


Cuttings are something I don’t often have much success with and I’m not much of a shopper, so buying rooting hormone isn’t my thing. @digitaldan offers an alternative solution that many have already in their kitchens.


@hopfarmnc brings us a recipe for giving an immune system boost to chicks and ducklings.


@creationofcare has been doing some fermenting. Something I keep meaning to do with our excess garlic! Read about it here.

Thank you for stopping by. This week’s newsletter was brought to you by @minismallholding.

Weekly Featured Sustainable Products – 25 March 2019

his week’s product highlights are here! Each week three random vendors are chosen. One random product is picked from each vendor’s store. Let’s go!

Witch Hazel Extract – 4 Ounce with Flip Top Cap

Witch Hazel Extract – 4 Ounce with Flip Top Cap

This is the witch hazel extract I made and wrote about this late fall/early winter, using the twigs, flowers and leaves of the witch hazel bush that I planted in our front yard three years ago. I wrote two posts about the process, and about the many uses for and wonderful properties of witch hazel, which I will link to below. They are long, but contain a wealth of information, and I recommend reading them in their entirety. Witch hazel extract has become of those items that is a vital…###

This product is available for STEEM, SBD & USD

brought to you by @crescendoofpeace
browse all products in Tinctures

Crescendo of Peace

Unusual and Heirloom Plants and Seeds, Natural Remedies, Arts and Crafts, Ingredients Locally Wildcrafted and/or Grown Without Chemical Inputs, Always non-GMO.

Tennessee, United States (US)

Witch Hazel Extract – 4 Ounce with Flip Top Cap

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Medicine Card Reading

Medicine Card Reading

If you would like a personal Medicine Card reading: Send 10 STEEM/ 5 SBD for the FIRST 30 minutes. The price will increase in 30 minute increments. More cards takes more time. The average reading takes 1 hour plus. (A 1 Card Reading can be done in 30 minutes) Choose a deck and spread: Animal Spirit (1, 2, 3, 4, or 13 card spread), Chakra Wisdom (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 7 card spread), or Mystical Shaman Oracle (1, 3, or 4 card spread.) Each person is given a special one-on-one…###

This product is available for STEEM, SBD & USD

brought to you by @eaglespirit
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Eagle Medicine, LLC

Native American Natural Medicine

Colorado, United States (US)

Medicine Card Reading

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Hand dyed shibori wall-hanging

Hand dyed shibori wall-hanging

Hand made and hand dyed wall-hanging, deep blue and white shibori style. I used a nice, quite thick recycled cotton and it’s mounted on bambu. Approx. 52x40cm, 20×15 inch. It weighs around 50 grams.###

This product is available for STEEM, SBD & USD

brought to you by @trucklife-family
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Weave To Empower

Womens Co Op creating natural and sustainable products off-grid

Granada, Spain

Hand dyed shibori wall-hanging

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Crescendo of Peace – Unusual and Heirloom Plants and Seeds, Natural Remedies, Arts and Crafts

@crescendoofpeace has dedicated her life to sustainability. As she joined Homesteaders Co-op I was amazed to learn how honest and transparent she is about her life decisions to pursue sustainability from a homestead in Tennessee. I am really appreciating her dedication to help others learn the knowledge she has gained.


@crescendoofpeace now accepts STEEM and SBD for Unusual and Heirloom Plants and Seeds, Natural Remedies, Arts and Crafts, Ingredients Locally Wildcrafted and/or Grown Without Chemical Inputs, Always non-GMO.

In their own words (borrowed from their Homesteaders Co-op store):

I learned the value of healthy eating, natural healing, and avoiding pharmaceutical drugs whenever possible from my dad, my mom and sisters, my grandparents and friends, and from my own experience.

On our mini farm in Middle Tennessee, we live as lightly on the land as possible, and I am endeavoring to create a vibrant, thriving and self-sustaining permaculture food forest and orchard.

Additionally, I am working to bring back as many of the valuable culinary, medicinal and pollinator-friendly native species as possible, that have been locally lost or become quite scarce through logging, overharvesting, or simply by human carelessness and/or being crowded out by non-native invasive species.

We have lived on our current property for over seven years, and we know for a fact that it was never sprayed for at least the two previous years before we bought it, so we are nearing ten years with zero chemicals being sprayed on our growing areas. This is a wonderful thing.

You can browse @crescendoofpeace‘s products at: Crescendo of Peace at Homesteaders Co-op

@crescendoofpeace is based out of Tennessee, USA and ships domestically or worldwide depending on the product! (Homesteaders Co-op is an international marketplace)


Currently Crescendo of Peace has uploaded one product, Witch Hazel Extract, but I expect there will be more products as the season ensues – stay tuned!

This is the witch hazel extract I made and wrote about this late fall/early winter, using the twigs, flowers and leaves of the witch hazel bush that I planted in our front yard three years ago.

Some of the most popular uses include stopping the bleeding of minor cuts or scrapes, as one of the finest and quickest-acting treatments for diaper rash and other skin rashes, as a skin toner, as a mouthwash to heal canker or other mouth sores, as a final mouth rinse after brushing teeth to heal bleeding gums, as a gargle to help prevent colds and/or flus, as a replacement for carrier oil when making natural insect repellents with essential oils, and much, much more.

Learn more about Crescendo of Peace and browse her products:

We Wanna Know!

Hey y’all, I posed a question in our HSCO Forum the other day and it was suggested by @sagescrub that I make a post on the blog. (short original thread) Y’all know we’ve been working on growing our social media presence in a marketing push lately (thanks @porters and, and we all wanna know something from you:


What do you want to see for sale at Homesteaders Co-op?

There’s a bunch of implications in that and a bunch of subsequent questions, but it all boils down to “what will you buy if you see it for sale here?”

What products will attract customers to this market? What can you do to supply the products you see recommended in responses here? What can we do to supply them?

  • Vendors (and everyone really) would all do well to pay attention to answers here. If you see something recommended here, that’s a quantifiable demand that you may be able to meet.
  • Contributors, we should be watching these responses and bearing them in mind. We may encounter someone out there in our journey that can help meet these market demands.
  • Customers, we need you! Without you, this place is literally worthless. What good is a grocery store chock full of goods if nobody is buying? You are the economic engine. You provide the demand and the market and we need to hear from you! Pay close attention too! Someone may need something that you could list here at the Co-op and sell.

So what do y’all wanna see here? What would you spend your money on? What products would motivate you to be a buyer?

@bobydimitrov says he wants more seed vendors in the EU!

@sagescrub wants to see more seeds, more natural medicine, more homemade clothing, basketry (someone tell @mountainjewel), leatherwork (where’s @armadilloman?), knives (@digitaldan, you see this?), and other handmade goods!


Can you provide any of that? There’s clearly a demand for all of it. What do you want to see here? What can we do to earn your business?

We wanna know! We need to know! We love you all!

Be blessed.
Be fruitful.
Stay relevant.


@nateonsteemit is a budding permie in North Texas. Family man and welder by trade, his goals inside permaculture are the advancement of Liberty and saving a few bucks. Check his intro to the Co-op here.

Weekly Featured Sustainable Products – 22 March 2019

This week’s product highlights are here! Each week three random vendors are chosen. One random product is picked from each vendor’s store. Let’s go!

Goldenseal Organic & Biodynamic Cultivated Tincture 1 OZ

Goldenseal Organic & Biodynamic Cultivated Tincture 1 OZ

Hydrastis Canadensis Known by many other names (yellow pucoon, golden root…) goldenseal root has long been a favored medicine of North America. It has been used for countless generations by many indigenous people for a wide variety of conditions. Goldenseal has been primarily known for its antibiotic, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and anti cancer activities. Scientific studies have linked these effects to the presence of berberine and hyrdrastine. Goldenseal has been used externally as…###

This product is available for STEEM, SBD & USD

brought to you by @mountainjewel
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Mountain Jewel

Permaculture Homestead Offering Plants & Medicines

Missouri, United States (US)

Goldenseal Organic & Biodynamic Cultivated Tincture 1 OZ

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Vegan Antiaging Wrinkle Face Cream Hyaluronic Acid Colagen Q10 Skincare, Moisturizer, Bath & Beauty, Cosmetics, Facial Care Cold cream

Vegan Antiaging Wrinkle Face Cream Hyaluronic Acid Colagen Q10 Skincare, Moisturizer, Bath & Beauty, Cosmetics, Facial Care Cold cream

The Q10 COENZIME is a strong antioxidant cosmetic active, recognized for the special protection it gives to the skin against premature aging. It limits the collagen degradation of the skin and reduces the depth of wrinkles. THE HYALURONIC ACID is a natural humectant, preserves the elasticity and the firmness of the skin, with its moisture retention properties, gives skin a softer feel, and more youthful appearance, being one of the best natural moisturizing components used in…###

This product is available for STEEM, SBD & USD

brought to you by @purplemoon
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Natural Lovemade Cosmetics from an ecovillage

Granada, Spain

Vegan Antiaging Wrinkle Face Cream Hyaluronic Acid Colagen Q10 Skincare, Moisturizer, Bath & Beauty, Cosmetics, Facial Care Cold cream

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Graduating Life with Honours

Graduating Life with Honours

This book describes the journey of healing and exploring relationships so that we all can build healthy relationships in our lives and Graduate Life with Honours. It has already been downloaded several thousand times and is the follow up to the hit Youtube documentary UNGRIP.###

This product is available for STEEM, SBD & USD

brought to you by @carey-page
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Tawatinaw Spirit

Offering natural food, medicine, healing and knowledge while stewarding the land

Alberta, Canada

Graduating Life with Honours

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Homesteady Helpers: HSCO Plankton Support and Curation Initiative

Hey y’all, Nate here with a new project we’re developing. Lots of stuff going on at the Co-op here lately as you’ve likely noticed! Let’s get to it!

This is an update to our fundition project.


Part of what we’re doing here at Homesteaders Co-op (besides trying to rethink the internet retail economic model) is focusing on new steemians and helping them get established. We put a lot of stock in supporting people in our community because we understand that more active people on the chain makes it stronger, more valuable, more sustainable, and more appealing to other potential users. While we’re particularly supporting people in the#homesteading#permaculture#sustainability, and related communities, these actions will benefit the entirety of Steem.

Our grassroots efforts here started organically and early in the Co-op’s story. At first it was just a simple “hey, how are ya, check out what we’re doing” campaign, and has morphed into a more organized community project with more formal welcome comments from our contributors, dedicated discord channels, and movements that are nothing short of community rally cries where we all swarm lovingly to support new folks. It has also meshed into our efforts to make delegations to new folks and to offer access to free and instant steem accounts that we can provide to folks.


This newsletter is an update and explanation of our mission and progress on that front, as well as a curation of the accounts we’re supporting.

At the time of this writing, the newbies we delegate to are @nancymoral@rainbow.snake@thunderox@homegrownstables@ekawaediw@stanmr@warfsterveld@tarahgreen@sinikka@circulartimes@hippygirlco@lizablove@bluntcrypto@winslow-home@dansgardening, and @celestethebest.

Our standard delegation is 30 SP, so there’s a total of 480 SP currently delegated from @homesteaderscoop to help new eco-conscious people on steem because our mission focuses on community, not money. We at the Co-op understand that without people, economics doesn’t work.


That said, here’s some posts by people to support. We hope you see value in these new steemians like we do!

@nancymoral has a new son-in-law! In her post, is the short and sweet farm wedding ceremony and a montage of photos of the happy couple! Congrats from the Co-op!

@hippygirlco seems to have dug herself in on steem, and is embracing actifit! Check out the cute baby goat from a recent farmers market trip!

@lizablove is finding her niche integrating with @share2steem talking about the nine things that help her through challenging experiences! What a meaningful topic, y’all check it out here!

@dansgardening uploaded a video of Dan gardening! Today he’s growing peppers! He also talks about some of the other things he’s growing this year. Good to see new folks embracing the video aspect of steem, keep it up Dan!

Also noteworthy is @celestethebest‘s post on her rare butterfly sighting. We’ve just missed the opportunity to support it as the post has just paid out! Bummer! But she has been posting some more cool stuff, so we’ll likely get another chance to support her. 🙂

The rest of our minnows haven’t had any posts recently, so we’ll be reaching out to them to see if they’re doing okay here, and it looks like we may need to make a Co-op policy for the event that a newbie goes inactive.

So that’s what’s going on here on this end. We’re always brainstorming and developing this idea and seeing how it grows. Thanks for reading our first newbie curation and for helping us in supporting these young steemians!

Be blessed.
Be fruitful.
Stay relevant.


@nateonsteemit is a budding permie in North Texas. Family man and welder by trade, his goals inside permaculture are the advancement of Liberty and saving a few bucks. Check his intro to the Co-op here.

Homesteaders – Living Naturally, Newsletter. 20th March 2019.

Welcome back to another edition of this newsletter. It’s been another busy week for the natural living community and great things continue to happen.

Things happening in the community.

At the @homesteaderscoop website @sagescrub has been putting together a communities section.

@pennsif has had it all happening over at @altlife. On Thursday he had @sagescrub and @wwf on MSP waves for the homesteaders co-op. The homesteaders and preppers list continues to grow and he’s started on a list for homeschoolers and unschoolers too. The latest post for information on alternative lifestyle Steem communities is up too.

Over at @naturalmedicine they are running a new contest to win Steem, which runs until Thursday 28th March, and the curation highlights are up.

For the @ecotrain@eco-alex has posted a challenge to celebrate International Forest Day.

Welcoming Newcomers


Not precisely a newcomer, because @lmroberts first started an account here way back in 2016, but didn’t do more than post a couple of intros. However, now they’re back and hopefully we can make them feel welcome and show what a thriving community has developed here in the last couple of years.


Another not entirely new arrival is @stevesmithagain, who arrived here in September. Perhaps a warm welcome will mean it’s not another 5 months before he posts for us again. ;D

Some highlights of the week


@luzcypher has written an in-depth post on the benefits of avoiding straight lines in gardening for production. Read more about this permaculture principal here.


@sagescrub‘s onions are apparently walking! A bit more here on a perennial root type crop which is a good follow on from @wildhomesteading‘s post which I highlighted last week.


@artemislives is excited about the arrival of the mosquito repelling artemisia, just as the mosquitoes arrive. Nature seems to have a way of providing the right things at the right times when it comes to our health. Read more about it and how she uses it here.


It looks like @lolzwithlisa is having quite a fun journey experimenting with veganising recipes which traditionally have meat bases and I think she’s done a fantastic job with the chilli. Not everyone likes the meat-free meat substitutes, so if that’s you, then this could be the recipe you’ve been looking for.

Thank you for stopping by. This week’s newsletter was brought to you by @minismallholding.

Sales Report – February 2019

We are providing monthly sales reports for our community marketplace in the spirit of transparency.

February’s sales were a lower than January’s $275.75, but March is shaping up to be stronger in the first half, we will see how March finishes. In the meantime here are February’s figures.

All in all we are only 2 1/2 months into our new marketplace and it is exciting to see any sales happening already! As a community we are growing and learning how to market our stores and our marketplace together. Good things are happening and I personally look forward to the months ahead. I am very motivated to see our vendors receiving sales and being rewarded for their hard work and quality offerings.

This post is an update to our fundition project

$206.02 total sales

In February our vendors saw $206.02 in total sales, priced in USD. This number is excluding shipping.

Breakdown by currency


23 orders were paid for

This equates to an average order order value of $8.96

42 items purchased

A total of 42 items were included in those 23 transactions.

The average number of items per order is 1.8 items per order.

100% of the profit is retained

True to our mission to seek empowerment over profit, 100% of funds transferred between customer and vendor are safely in the vendors’ hands.

We are not middlemen in the transactions, so we never touched any of the funds, nor did we take any commission. In fact Homesteaders Co-op was bypassed completely during financial transactions between customer and vendor – this is by design.

Previous Sales Reports


This is an update to our fundition project: Free Community Marketplace for Handmade Goods in STEEM/SBD

‐ @sagescrub