About Us

Homesteaders Co-op is a community marketplace where homesteaders around the world offer their handmade and sustainable goods in exchange for STEEM and SBD (STEEM Backed Dollar, tokens earned through the steemit social media platform).

We encourage homesteaders, small family businesses, and eco-minded craftsmen to join our community of vendors. There is strength in numbers and with our collective creative abilities, networks, and dedication, we can expand our reach and gain momentum much more quickly.

Anyone can shop at Homesteaders Co-op. However, unlike other marketplaces, we transact solely in STEEM & SBD.

This decision actually requires extra work on our part to build a new e-commerce website that accepts STEEM / SBD (with the potential to expand to other cryptos depending on market demand and available technical resources). We feel the effort is worth it because we are investing in our alternative economy. One in which we, as both the producer of goods and the consumer of goods, hold economic sway. Without relying on credit cards or banks for our online transactions our vendors save processing fees and have more control over their pricing. Furthermore, we actively choose not to be a middleman in the transaction between our vendors and their customers. This means that customer payments are direct to the vendors.

Our Mission

We built the Co-op with three aims:

  1. to empower homesteaders through a concerted marketing effort that would support each other’s livelihood
  2. to offer more diverse choices of quality and sustainable products made by small businesses
  3. to offer more market options for using the STEEM/SBD tokens

How it Began

Through steem, we had the opportunity to get to know very passionate and knowledgeable people who openly share their skills and experiences gained through a sustainable, homesteading lifestyle. The value we have received in knowledge, support and camaraderie from our fellow steemit homesteaders is invaluable to say the least. As homesteaders ourselves, we are inspired by such a vibrant community and we are honored to be rewarded with STEEM through sharing our content, ideas and support.

At the same time, we also noticed a missed opportunity: there weren’t a lot of options for transacting with the STEEM we were being rewarded, especially in support of each other’s work. Yet we did witness the pride in trading STEEM for goods and we did witness the desire to trade STEEM for goods and services. Thus we envisioned a marketplace, like a farmer’s market, where we could trade our STEEM for the things we need and love while also supporting others just like us.

With many years of web design, ecommerce and marketing experience at our back, we couldn’t think of a better use of our skills than to bring this vision to reality. We are very proud of the quality of our website, its ease of use, and the ability to accept STEEM in exchange for goods and services, and we are thrilled to share this resource with homesteaders and discerning buyers looking for a crypto online market option!

We are just getting started

The marketplace you see on Homesteaders Co-op is the beginning. Assuming the market rewards our vendors for their quality products, and our vendors in turn reward us for providing value to them, we will continue to make feature improvements to this marketplace to benefit both the vendors and the customers. In the meantime we are putting our sweat equity into building this website on a good gut feeling.

If you like the work we have done so far and believe in this marketplace and would like to support our efforts and in turn our vendors, please consider an STEEM/SBD donation or a SP delegation to our our steemit account @homesteaderscoop (SP delegations help us promote and reward our co-op members for their hard work).