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ELAmental Earth Offers Herbal Dyed, Eco-Conscious Clothing // STEEM // SBD // USD

@ELAmental is offering lots of value, knowledge, good vibes and eco-consciousness to the steem blockchain. @ELAmental is a leader of the @EarthTribe community (introduction post here) which is organized around spreading eco-consciousness on the steem blockchain and rewarding those that help to make the earth a better place for us all.

@ELAmental Earth now accepts STEEM, SBD and USD for natural herbal hand dyed shirts and official steem silver rounds


@ELAmental is bringing his pride for @TribeSteemUp and @EarthTribe to the Homesteaders Co-op. Initially he has posted eco-friendly, organic herbal dyed tshirts for sale as well as a few original STEEM silver rounds, which he played a part in the community design.


Soon @ELAmental along with @hempress, a natural dying extraordinaire, will be offering more herbal dyed fair trade and eco-friendly products to the ELAmental Earth store on Homesteaders Co-op.

In their own words (borrowed from their Homesteaders Co-op store):

Think Not About how Much it Costs for Yourself, but Instead how Much it Costs the Earth.

We are huge proponents of using what we already have available to us, and avoiding using new products whenever possible. In doing so, we advocate the philosophy that being resourceful and thrifty should be of the highest priority if the goal is to restore the health of planet Earth. We do our best to promote this lifestyle choice to others, and help them understand how meaningful making such choices can be, and that the more people that do it, the more effective it will become. That is why everyone should also prioritize wearing used and up-cycled clothing.


About 50% of the clothing we personally wear is up-cycled or used garments, and 50% unbleached organic fabric from fair trade companies, that are either herbal dyed or low-impact tie dyed. We want to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible with the clothing we select to wear, while also wearing the healthiest possible fabric on our skin (our biggest organ), since our skin is trans-dermal and we absorb what it touches to some degree. Unfortunately these two concepts only go hand in hand only when you find organic garments that are also used or up-cycled, which is rare in this world – but think about why that is…

It is because people value organic garments higher, and are much less likely to donate them, or treat them as disposable as part of a seasonal fashion trend, like how most people approach their clothing expenses. Spending a little more on a garment that is actually higher quality, forces most to treat the garment with more respect and care, which ultimately means the owner will use and wear (and love) it for many more years.

Herbal Plant Dyes vs. Low-Impact Dyes

Herbal-plant dyed garments on unbleached organic fabric is by far the healthiest option for any human to wear on their skin. Many of the companies that produce the actual dye-stuff concentrates from plants actually use way more water and fossil fuels producing those ingredients, to make the positives of herbal dyeing with these products outweigh the negatives in terms of environmental effects.

You can browse @ELAmental‘s products at: Homesteaders Co-op

@ELAmental is based out of Oregon, United States and ships domestically within the US! (Homesteaders Co-op is an international marketplace)


Learn more about ELAmental Earth and browse their products:


Celestial Creations – Handmade Jewelry, Dyed Clothing and Art

Nadine of Celestial Creations, aka @celestialcow, is a professional jewelry maker, dyer and artist. She has an impressive training in jewelry from Oxford England & Barcelona as well as a BA in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art London. Nadine’s jewelry incorporates natural and organic materials such as shells, sea glass, wood, hemp string, eco silver and more.

Celestial Creations accepts SBD for handmade jewelry, dyed clothing and art!


Nadine is passionate about living sustainable and grows food on her balcony. She shops from local farmers when possible and uses eco-friendly products. She is also involved in starting a new farm in Lombok Indonesia!!

You can browse Celestial Creation products at:


Celestial Creations has already uploaded several rings and necklaces to Homesteaders Co-op already. Be on the lookout for more jewelry as well as dyed clothing as well as art for sale in the future!

I love that these necklaces and rings are one of a kind, handmade art pieces. How beautiful to have matching rings and necklaces!

Currently based in Barcelona, Spain Celestial Creations ships internationally.






Learn more about Celestial Creations:

Weave to Empower – Women’s Off-Grid Handmade Co-op

Weave to Empower accepts SBD for handmade sustainable textiles, crafts, jewelry and more.

This group of off grid single mothers from Granada, Spain have banded together their collective talents to create an artisan co-op in order to support one another. We are so pleased that they are offering their products on Homesteaders Co-op! @trucklife-family, one of the Weave to Empower members, is helping to bring their women’s co-op to steem!

You can browse Weave to Empower products at:


Weave to Empower have already uploaded some stunning naturally died Kimonos and other textiles to their product catalog. I know that they are working on adding more products in the very near future including jewelry and more.





Learn more about Weave to Empower:

Viggi Handmade by @irenethemachine – Hand sewn wallets and pouches for SBD

Viggi Handmade accepts SBD for her hand sewn wallets, pouches and zero-waste party decorations.

What is amazing is that 20 trees are planted for every item purchased at Viggi Handmade! You can enjoy spending your SBD for quality handmade products, support a fellow steemian and help the environment at the same time.

You can browse Viggi Handmade products at:


Viggi Handmade has already added a few wallets to her product line at the time of this writing (I have a feeling more are coming soon :). I am really enjoying the patterns and beautiful craftsmanship.




Learn more about Viggi Handmade’s passion for sewing and supporting the environment at her store: