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Homesteaders – Living Naturally, Newsletter. 22nd May 2019

Another week has passed and the homesteading and natural living communities have been as busy as ever. It’s wonderful to see how they are growing, evolving and thriving from that early start back in mid 2017. It’s always been a busy, interactive and supportive community, even back when we started as Steemit Homesteaders. We were all small accounts and unable to give much financial support, yet if there is a community that understands that moral and personal support comes before money, it’s this one. I believe that this philosophy has been the reason the communities stay strong and retain so many members. Yes, we’ve branched out into multiple communities now, but are still connected and support one another.

Things happening in the community.

I love how our communities band together for a great cause. Over at @freedomtribe, with support from @theinnerblocks and @naturalmedicine, they are running a happiness challenge to raise funds for @LittleDisciples school and charity in Venezuela. The challenge is open until Wednesday 29th May, so there is still plenty of time to join in.

@steemonboarding is running a contest, with lots of prizes up for grabs, to encourage mass adoption of the Steem blockchain. This starts today and runs until 12th June. More details can be found here.

Other current contests and challenges which are running are:

Welcoming Newcomers


@beckyanne71 has just joined Steem and is still trying to find her way around. Hopefully, we can help.


Not quite so new here is @kindredacres, who joined us at the start of this year. They post about homesteading and wellness and have content on other platforms. Also an Etsy shop, woohoo!

Some highlights of the week


The big C is often something which strikes fear into many a heart, but as independent researchers are finding, there are more than just the conventional ways to treat and prevent cancers. @artemislives shares a simple recipe which has helped her with early signs of skin cancer.


@open3ye gives us the low down on composting in this detailed and helpful article.


I’ve had a passing interest in Earthships for some time now, but it’s hard to find the time to research them. To the rescue came @eco-alex with a quick read which gives 10 reasons why he thinks they are awesome. It’s a concise article covering the main benefits of Earthships and how and why they work.


If you fancy treating yourself you can’t go far wrong with @vegan.niinja‘s gluten free, vegan pancake recipe.

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Homesteaders – Living Naturally, Newsletter. 15th May 2019

Welcome back to another newsletter. For all those who celebrated Mother’s Day over the weekend, I hope you had a lovely one, whether it was being pampered by your children (human or not) or spending quality time with your own mothers.

Things happening in the community.

Have you ever thought of selling your ethically produced products? Here’s how the Homesteaders Co-op has been going these last few months with getting sales for its vendors. It’s a community effort which is blossoming.

It looks like it’s been a while since @pennsif has had a chance to update on the @altlife account. He’s been busy with work on the promotion and reporting of what is happening on the Steem blockchain. Thank you @pennsif for all your hard work in this area.

The @ecotrain is as busy as always. The last challenge on making use of waste and abundance has closed with a round up of all the posts. A perfect place to get lots of ideas on dealing with those excesses. The new Question of the Week is now in motion and entries can be made until 22nd May.

@naturalmedicine‘s fortnightly challenge is still open until 17th May, so if you were planning on an entry, there is still time.

Also, For the Love of Comments is still open for entries until Friday. This time there are chances of prizes for all, no matter what your SP is. The delegation prize will still go to someone with less than 500 SP, so if you know anyone who deserves it (yourself included), drop a comment on the post.

Welcoming Newcomers


I’m excited to introduce @omnivori, who arrived on Steem last month. They have a website and produce grubs for pet food. If you can stomach the idea, they are looking into food-grade grubs for people consumption too! I hope you can find some time to look at what they are doing and give their latest post some love.

Some highlights of the week


Bokashi composting seems to be getting quite popular lately. If you’re wanting to learn more about this composting method @dynamicgreentk will help out with his post here.


Sometimes as growers of food plants, we can forget that flowers play an important role too. @lizziesworld tells us a bit about how useful alyssum can be in the vegetable garden.


@cryptohustlin is starting a conversation on intentional communities. Something I think many readers might find interesting or have some thoughts to contribute to.


@homesteadhippy is at it again with a tempting strawberry glazed scone recipe.

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Homesteaders – Living Naturally, Newsletter. 8th May 2019

This week feels like it’s been quieter than usual on the posting front. Perhaps it’s getting busy in the real world for homesteaders and gardeners. Whatever you’re all doing, I hope you are fruitful!

Things happening in the community.

Well, @naturalmedicine certainly seems busy at the moment, so if the activity is low in your feed, perhaps see what they are up to. There is @musing, meditating, contest giveaways and much more.

@ecotrain has a new popup question and there is still a little time to get entries in for the abundance/waste challenge.

In regular contests, we have @wildhomesteading‘s weekly challenge for sharing how you’ve been gardening while working with nature.

Welcoming Newcomers


A new arrival at the beginning of this year was @sappergardener, who has posted again after a long break. I hope we continue to see more from them.

Some highlights of the week


First up @digitaldan teaches us a bit about leatherworking in this step by step on how he made a knife sheath.


@sagescrub have been adding spring flowers to their gardens. I never realised what an amazing choice of unusual flowers there are for adding some colours to the garden as it comes out of winter.


@byronmushrooms give some simple, yet effective tips on giving cuttings the best possible chances of rooting when placed directly in the ground.


From @jennimorrillo comes a sweet/salty dish of Creole Cheesecake. Now I just need to figure out what Creole cheese is.

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Homesteaders – Living Naturally, Newsletter. 1st May 2019

Well look at that, it’s May Day! The first day of the last spring month in the north and autumn in the south. I’m pretty relieved because we got our first decent rainfall in months last night, here in South Australia. It’s amazing how quickly brown grass can start to look greener again when it gets a good drink. Let’s hope we have a break in the droughts on the agenda this winter. Weather has been rather contrary the world over, these last couple of years and you are certainly more aware of it when you live with the land.

Things happening in the community.

@sagescrub has put forward a support application on behalf of @homesteaderscoop for @curie‘s Community Building effort. If accepted this could be a good boost to help the Co-op with marketing and growth. If you are fairly new to what the Homesteaders Co-op is about, this application gives a great explanation.

Another like-minded community making their @curie application is @naturalmedicine. Read more about them and how they plan to use the support if received here.

Over at @theinnerblocks there have been updates to their dApp as the project continues to move forward. Read more about it here.

@ecotrain has part 2 of its challenge up. They are taking entries until 9th May, so there is plenty more time to get them in. You don’t have to have completed part one and you don’t have to be a passenger to enter, so have a look at the challenge and see if you can come up with something.

On the subject of contests and challenges, @wildhomesteading is running one for homesteaders and gardeners. Full details can be found in this post. Also, @simplymike‘s Community Garden Journal Challenge has two days left for entries. It’s a busy week for challenges and these are always great opportunities for getting your work noticed if you’re still fairly new here.

Welcoming Newcomers


I didn’t find any newcomers this week, but a fairly new and upcoming user who stood out to me is @clifun who arrived in September last year. I’d like to share their most recent post on discovering the benefits of learning how to sharpen a chainsaw blade instead of buying a new one each time. Waste not!

Some highlights of the week


@sustainablyyours is hoping to grow 100 pounds of potatoes in a box. Read about his research in preparation for this and you can follow on with his video on preparing and planting the box..


@thebigsweed is on a mission to build a garden which gets you off your knees! Follow his step by step to building a raised planter.


Have you ever read the ingredients lists on boxed cereals and do you ever feel guilty about all that packaging which goes to waste when you’ve finished the box? To me, the huge lists of ingredients rarely make sense when the obvious ingredients are really that simple. @homesteadhippy shares this simple and wholesome strawberry granola recipe which looks and sounds just delicious.


Two food posts this week!? I’m sorry, but I couldn’t resist. Here’s another from @artemislives that I just had to share and plan to try myself to see if my family like them before I go a bit mad and buy chickpeas in bulk. These Crunchy Indian Marsala Chickpeas look mouthwateringly good!

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Homesteaders – Living Naturally, Newsletter. 24th April 2019

Welcome back to another newsletter and to all those who celebrate it, I hope you had a lovely Easter. Here in Australia, we have another public holiday coming up tomorrow, known as Anzac Day. It commemorates the fallen servicemen of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. I always find it interesting to learn about other cultures and countries’ special days and celebrations.

Things happening in the community.

@eco-alex has made the @ecotrain question of the week a four-part one. While this week’s has just been wrapped up, he gave us all a heads up for the next week already in this week’s post. Anyone can write a post for the #ecotraintag, you don’t have to be a passenger. The passengers and driver are there to support and interact on content which reflects the ethos of the Ecotrain. So feel free to join in and add your input to the challenge.

This week’s challenge from @naturalmedicine is a little different to usual. They are asking “Do we live healthy lives to avoid or postpone death?” Entries are due in by Friday 26th April. You can also catch up with the latest curation post from @naturalmedicine here.

The @homesteaderscoop continues to grow, with more vendors and variety from across the globe. See some of the featured products here.

There are still a few more days for redfish to get a chance to win a 200 SP delegation for a month or SBI shares with this round of “For the Love of Comments.” Nominating redfish is also very much welcomed and encouraged.

Welcoming Newcomers


@jannamarie has made a short intro post and revealed a love of gardening. I hope we see them posting much more; although I’m slightly disconcerted that the picture looks rather like me in my younger years!

Some highlights of the week


@gardeningchannel has a video up on natural ways to keep the garden pests from taking all your crops and you might be surprised at some of these clever tricks!


Over in the east of Australia @bearone has been building grow house and sharing her adventures and learning curve along the way.


@goldenoakfarm had me fascinated with a shadowbox project she is undertaking with her sister. This is something new to me, but I love the creativity of it.


This veggie scramble and sweet potato waffles looks so good I felt sure it would just be purchased waffles with the scramble added. Not so. @gringalicious gives us the full recipe! It looks ambitious, but I hope I can try it, or maybe convince my daughter to try it in her waffle maker.

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Homesteaders – Living Naturally, Newsletter. 17th April 2019

It’s already over halfway through April! Doesn’t time fly? Homesteaders and gardeners are busy the world over as they are well into preparations for the new season. It’s been lovely to read about what everone’s up to.

Things happening in the community.

A couple of weeks ago @eco-alex announced that the @ecotrain would be getting back on the tracks. After a busy couple of weeks, the new passenger list has been announced and everything is back in motion to support those ecological posts on Steem. For more details on how this will work read his post here.

Over at @naturalmedicine you can read the week’s picks in the curation post. Also, the winners for the plant medicine challenge have been announced and there is a chance to get an entry into the Archive Amnesty.

Welcoming Newcomers


@wowcrypto joined Steem in January last year, but has made a recent return and shared some pictures of a little container garden growing on their balcony. I’m hoping we can give a good welcome to encourage them to stick around this time.

Some highlights of the week


@eco-alex has been transcribing and editing a biotecture lecture by Michael Reynolds. This is part four, but you can find the links to the first 3 parts towards the end of the post. It’s a must-read for anyone interested in eco-building.


@smithlabs shares with us how to make a tincture from what turns out to be a very useful weed. Find out how useful shepherd’s purse can be here.


@mountainjewel has written about how trees heal our land and potentially our climate.


They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but often we’re rushing out and don’t get the best of breakfasts, if any at all. @celestialcow gives her solution with this immune boosting, soaked oats recipe

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Homesteaders – Living Naturally, Newsletter. 10th April 2019

Welcome back to another week of homesteading and natural goings-on.

Things happening in the community.

It’s been a busy week for me with decorating, a daughter’s 18th birthday and a 16th to come in a month. So when @riverflows announced that @naturalmedicine is adding Mindful Life, which will focus on meditation and yoga, it’s like she was trying to tell me something…again. You can also find more on it in @riverflow‘s post here. The @naturalmedicine curation post is up again for their favourite natural healing picks and a reminder that the plant medicine challenge still has another week to go, if you want to get your entries in for it.

There are even more home educators added to @altlife‘s latest Homeschoolers and Unschoolers list.

I’m not normally one to promote myself, but I think this is more important than me. Do you have under 500 SP, or do you know someone who is still a redfish, and would benefit from a 200 SP delegation for a month? If so, pop over to the latest For the Love of Comments competition and add your comment to be in the running for the delegation and @steembasicincome shares. The competition still has a couple of days left to run and not many entries yet.

Welcoming Newcomers


A super new arrival has posted their introduction with a gardening tag! That’s always exciting for me! I hope we can give @alein a warm welcome.


Someone who joined in January, but is back giving things another shot is @hawgwild.


Another who has joined Steem just this month is @godsthirdacre.

As always I hope the community can give them all a big welcome.

If you’re new here and feel like you’re struggling to fit in or get noticed, then please reach out and talk to people. Often, when we get busy, we won’t get around to reaching everyone and it helps to remind us who’s around.

Some highlights of the week


Homesteading is always a learning experience and things don’t always go as expected. @hebrewhousewife shares her lessons from her first year of chicken raising.


Something I’ve always wanted to do is make soap, so naturally, I was drawn to @fotostef‘s post on how easy soap making is.


Growing food year-round can be a challenge in some areas, so I’m always impressed by those indoor gardeners who have so much success. @r2cornell tells us a bit about his take on growing food in containers and his pictures show some tasty successes!


We’ve heard of chicken soup for a cold, but have you heard of sour groats soup for the stomach?! Well it comes highly recommended by @zkalemiss who shares the recipe.

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Homesteaders – Living Naturally, Newsletter. 3rd April 2019

It’s April already and we are well and truly into spring in the north and autumn in the south. For those looking to plant, have your extremes eased up enough to start getting the new season’s crops in the ground or are you still having some late snowfall or heatwaves? In South Australia we have another warm week coming up, but hopefully not too extreme for the seeds I have sown.

Things happening in the community.

@pennsif has been updating lists over at @altlife. A few more homeschoolers have been added and a few more homesteaders and preppers here. The alternative lifestyles directory has also been updated.

Sadly @freedompoint and @freetowrite have moved on from the Global Homesteading Collective to another project, which you can find out more about here. The GHS Collective discord and community is still active, however, and in the capable hands of @steemcafe. What I love about this great community is that it’s never the end and goodbye, because there are always others stepping up to keep projects going in one way or another. The original homesteaders online may no longer be around, but it sprouted so many new branches that the community remains connected and other projects take us forward.

@naturalmedicine has a new challenge up with a chance to win Steem for exploring plant medicines. This week the herbs to explore are mullein, ginseng and alder, or you can choose a plant of your own to write about this time. If you want to read more great posts on natural medicines then have a look at what the curators found this week.

Big news from @eco-alex is that the @ecotrain is swinging (or is that chugging?) back into full action. They are taking on new passengers, so if you think you’d like to join the journey, see if you can hop aboard! Full details are in the post.

Last, but not least, is the latest update on what’s been going on at the @homesteaderscoop website, which you can read all about here.

Welcoming Newcomers

@nateonsteemit has, as always, been busy promoting the newcomers and redfish in the homesteading and natural living community. I hope you can find time to visit the post on all the people being supported and see some of the articles they are posting.

Some highlights of the week


Urban gardening is my situation, so I couldn’t go past @gregorypatrick‘s tips for urban gardeners coming into spring. Not something I can apply where I live, but urban gardening should surely be encouraged everywhere!


@digitaldan is adding a first aid for the home. Find out why he feels this is important here.


@wildhomesteading is at it again, drawing me in with lots of great information on lupines now. He makes a compelling argument on why we should grow them.


@steemflow brings us a quick Indian recipe with paneer. Drool all about it here.

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Homesteaders – Living Naturally, Newsletter. 27th March 2019

It’s that time of the week again! Welcome back to the Homesteaders – Living Naturally, newsletter.

Things happening in the community.

At @homesteaderscoop they’d love some feedback on what you’d like to see for sale at and you can see this week’s featured products here.

@nateonsteemit has been busy reaching out to new arrivals on Steem.

Over at @naturalmedicine the challenge is still on to explore and write about a natural plant medicine. This challenge has been extended and ends in 3 days, so you still have some time to get an entry in. Their curation post is out, with some of the best picks in the natural medicine category and you can find an update on the community here.

If you haven’t already heard about @simplymike‘s garden journal challenge there’s one day left to join up to that.

Welcoming Newcomers


New to Steem this week is @bothanikha, who has a great love of plants and sharing their beauty and health properties. I hope we can all give her our famous warm welcome. If it isn’t famous yet, maybe we should make it famous! ;D


@stanmr started here in January and is back with a fantastic post on dealing with pests while growing indoors!

Some highlights of the week


@mountainjewel have been getting a big job done with the help of a good group of neighbours. It’s a heartwarming account of the importance of community, camaraderie and working together which brought a lump to my throat, as I realise it’s something we’re often missing in our urban lifestyles. Read about this experience here.


Cuttings are something I don’t often have much success with and I’m not much of a shopper, so buying rooting hormone isn’t my thing. @digitaldan offers an alternative solution that many have already in their kitchens.


@hopfarmnc brings us a recipe for giving an immune system boost to chicks and ducklings.


@creationofcare has been doing some fermenting. Something I keep meaning to do with our excess garlic! Read about it here.

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Homesteaders – Living Naturally, Newsletter. 20th March 2019.

Welcome back to another edition of this newsletter. It’s been another busy week for the natural living community and great things continue to happen.

Things happening in the community.

At the @homesteaderscoop website @sagescrub has been putting together a communities section.

@pennsif has had it all happening over at @altlife. On Thursday he had @sagescrub and @wwf on MSP waves for the homesteaders co-op. The homesteaders and preppers list continues to grow and he’s started on a list for homeschoolers and unschoolers too. The latest post for information on alternative lifestyle Steem communities is up too.

Over at @naturalmedicine they are running a new contest to win Steem, which runs until Thursday 28th March, and the curation highlights are up.

For the @ecotrain@eco-alex has posted a challenge to celebrate International Forest Day.

Welcoming Newcomers


Not precisely a newcomer, because @lmroberts first started an account here way back in 2016, but didn’t do more than post a couple of intros. However, now they’re back and hopefully we can make them feel welcome and show what a thriving community has developed here in the last couple of years.


Another not entirely new arrival is @stevesmithagain, who arrived here in September. Perhaps a warm welcome will mean it’s not another 5 months before he posts for us again. ;D

Some highlights of the week


@luzcypher has written an in-depth post on the benefits of avoiding straight lines in gardening for production. Read more about this permaculture principal here.


@sagescrub‘s onions are apparently walking! A bit more here on a perennial root type crop which is a good follow on from @wildhomesteading‘s post which I highlighted last week.


@artemislives is excited about the arrival of the mosquito repelling artemisia, just as the mosquitoes arrive. Nature seems to have a way of providing the right things at the right times when it comes to our health. Read more about it and how she uses it here.


It looks like @lolzwithlisa is having quite a fun journey experimenting with veganising recipes which traditionally have meat bases and I think she’s done a fantastic job with the chilli. Not everyone likes the meat-free meat substitutes, so if that’s you, then this could be the recipe you’ve been looking for.

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