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Sunscapes Soap Shop – Natural, Handmade Soaps

@sunscape has brought her handmade, natural soaps to Homesteaders Co-op! Her soaps are made in small batches, by hand with lots of love. What I find amazing is the myriad of soap creations limited only by @sunscape‘s imagination and creativity. There is surely a soap for everyone here; men, women, children, allergy sufferers and vegans!


@sunscape‘s products are not limited to soap bars. She also offers scrubs, cleansing sprays, baby soap and bastille soap. Be sure to check out all of her offerings!

@sunscape now accepts STEEM, SBD and USD for Handmade Soaps


In their own words (borrowed from their Homesteaders Co-op store):

I am delighted to bring my soap & soak creations to the Homesteaders Co-op. I focus on using all-natural oils, butters, essential oils, clay, herbs, flowers, sea salt, and of course fragrances too in all the products I offer. It is my passion to be creative, and inspirational to others by enjoying Mother Nature’s beautiful bounty while making the handmade creations to nurture your skin. Be sure to enjoy some of Sunscapes Soaps today.

All of Sunscape’s Soaps & Soaks are full of skin-loving oils, butters, clay and natural glycerin, with skin-safe, high quality fragrance and/or essential oils that make up a variety of soaps, scrubs, bath soaks and often essence sprays. Sunscapes Soap Shop has a large vegan-friendly line of soaps and products for those that enjoy a Vegan lifestyle.

Our soaps are handmade, hand cut, and cured for 6 weeks minimum before being offered for sale. The colors in my soaps can range from natural botanical powders, spices or infused oils to natural mica and pigments that have had Mother Nature’s heavy metals removed. This allows me to create beautiful, enriching, Artisan skin safe soaps for you to enjoy.

You can browse @sunscape products at: Sunscapes Soap Shop

Sunscapes Soap Shop is based out of New York, United States and ships within United States! (Homesteaders Co-op is an international marketplace)


Learn more about Sunscapes Soap Shop and browse their products:

UndaNatural – Natural Lovemade Skincare, Cosmetics from an ecovillage in Spain

@purplemoon has opened a store called UndaNatural on Homesteaders Co-op. UndaNatural is offering handmade skincare, sunscreen and cosmetics made in an eco-village in Granada, Spain and shipping worldwide! In fact UndaNatural is part of the Weave to Empower single mother women’s co-op that our very own @trucklifefamily also belongs to!


UndaNatural’s products are made with natural ingredients and lots of love and care are put into each one. @purplemoonlives her ethics in an off-grid ecovillage and makes an effort to have little impact on the earth in her life and business and follows a zero waste philosophy as much as possible, and also supporting local and handmade when possible.

@purplemoon now accepts STEEM, SBD and USD for Natural Cosmetics, Sunscreen and Skincare


In their own words (borrowed from their Homesteaders Co-op store):

Single mum, living off grid in an eco village in Southern Europe, with a big passionate for natural cosmetics and aroma therapy. It all started 5 years ago, when my kid was born and I decided we will only use natural products for our skin 🙂

All the ingredients from UNDA NATURAL are natural and most of them are organic and ecocert certified. The oils and butters are virgin, unrefined and cold pressed. Some of the plants I collect on my own (calendula, chamomile, carrot, lavender, arnica, aloe vera) and the others that don’t grow around, I buy from safe sources (shea butter, coconut oil, etc). Some of the floral waters I use for the moisturizing are local made from a small farm in northern Romania (rose, lavender, basil water). I choose to use glass recipient for protecting the environment. The only compromise I made is for the sunscreen, that comes in the fantastic recyclable plastic, a very handy to use bottle that ensures that no sand will go inside. Everything is handmade with lots of love and care inside. Enjoy! 🙂

You can browse @purplemoon products at: Homesteaders Co-op

@purplemoon is based out of Granada, Spain and ships internationally! (Homesteaders Co-op is an international marketplace)


Learn more about UndaNatural and browse their products: