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PPM Silver Cosmetics – high silver concentration cosmetics, including Smart Colloidal Silver

@ppmsilver is one of Homesteaders Co-op newest vendors and also relatively new to steem. Their new business is centered around offering high quality Colloidal Silver products which among many other benefits, is well reputed as a strong anti-microbial.


I know from speaking with @ppmsilver that they, as a family, are dedicated to sustainability in their lives which is apparent in their decision to homestead, raise bees, chickens, gardening, and fishing. They buy and barter as much as possible in their local community.

@ppmsilver now accepts STEEM, SBD and USD for Colloidal Silver products. They are offering a 10% discount for products purchased in STEEM or SBD.


In their own words (borrowed from their Homesteaders Co-op store):

In late 2014, we began creating the process and apparatus to make real colloidal silver we could use around our northeast Oklahoma homestead. Our manufacturing process soon advanced beyond anything else we knew of. I partially retired in mid-2016, limiting my work to part-time consulting, so I could allow more time to further improve our colloidal silver manufacturing method. We continued to refine the process over the next two years, ultimately producing over a hundred test lots. The resulting colloidal silver was as good or better than anything else available, in terms of quality—smaller in particle size and higher in concentration.

During the development, family and friends found additional uses for our colloidal silver, and they began encouraging us to sell it. In mid-2018, we decided to scale up the manufacturing process to support sales for household and cosmetic uses. Smart Colloidal Silver was born.

You can browse @ppmsilver‘s products at: Homesteaders Co-op

@ppmsilver is based out of Oklahoma, United States and ships within United States. (Homesteaders Co-op is an international marketplace)


Learn more about PPM Silver Cosmetics and browse their products:

Cooperative Medicine: @mountainjewel’s Goldenseal Tincture Review and Product Feature

Howdy y’all! Nate again. It’s been a while.

I’m back with a review of one of the many products I’ve bought through Homesteaders Co-op.


The past few weeks I’ve been dealing with some respiratory issues that I think are stemming from lack of sleep and exposure to welding fumes at work. These two things have stressed my immune system to the point that, after I’ve worked to resolve them, I’m left dealing once again with my all-too-familiar upper respiratory problems.


Low endurance, shortness of breath, productive cough with sweet tasting, foul smelling mucous production, bloody sinus drainage, extremely frequent yawning indicative of inefficient breathing, and light wheezing.

Course of action:

Being keen on avoiding a modern medical systems (i.e. debt and unwholesome solutions), I turned to the greatest and easiest alternative economic model available: Homesteaders Co-op.

I looked over the available medicinal products and discovered @mountainjewel‘s Goldenseal Tincture:

Internally, it has been used primarily to treat infections of mucus membranes; sinuses, respiratory tract, throat, mouth and urinary tract.

Sounds good! I ordered and consulted Wren of @mountainjewel.

A few other herbs were recommended (Mullein, echinacea, and elecampane), which I will be buying Monday, as I’ve not had the time to get to the herb store this weekend. We need a medicinal herb vendor (or ten) in the Co-op…

Of course the tincture arrived promptly as always with incredible communication from Wren and Ini. I was planning on checking the tracking information the day after it ended up arriving.


What a beautiful label. I’m told by Ini that the label was all Wren.

Dosage instructions are 10-30 drops daily. Good to go, 30 drops is about 1/2 of the glass part of a dropper. This photo is almost two doses.


I love the beautiful warm color of it. The taste in water is very powerfully green. After four doses, I’m feeling the effects. My cough has lessened, mucous production is down, and I’m yawning less, indicating my breathing is more effective.

As the medicine was recommended in conjunction with the other herbs, I’ll be pursuing the complete route as mentioned. I’m looking forward to the complete resolution of my issue without modern antibiotics. As more herbs become available on the Co-op, it will be more possible to not only participate in an alternative to the industrial medical system, but the fiat money system as well, making this a holistic counter-economic endeavour.

In the name of holistic health and the search for a long term treatment of this recurring issue, I’ve been focusing on getting better sleep by sleeping with ear plugs and an eye covering. I sleep during the day, which is unnatural and sadly unavoidable for me right now. Light and noise from the family are inevitable factors as a result, and these new sleep practices are proving helpful. I’ve also started using better respiratory safety practices at work and I’ve been getting back on my gallon a day water consumption. A holistic approach is the best way to deal with health issues.

Of course it would be prudent of me to explain that I’m not a doctor and I’m not fit to give medical advice to anyone else, and am taking my own health in my own hands. That deep of a personal choice is yours to make for yourself.

I hope this review of my second tincture purchase will help someone else in their search for a natural alternative medical treatment. The empowerment of people through this co-operative is growing in leaps and bounds, and I aim to highlight that with every contributory post. This is the kind of social progress that people look for in blockchain. Freedom of money that can lead to freedom in many other parts of life.

Be blessed.
Be fruitful.
Stay relevant.


Eagle Spirit Offers Reiki Distance Energy Work and Medicine Card Readings

This is a unique introduction because it is the first time anyone has offered services on Homesteaders Co-op!

@eaglespirit is a Reiki Master Teacher, Medical Reiki Master, DONA Doula, and Medicine Woman in training. She brings some of her services to steem and to Homesteaders Co-op to share with our communities.


It is a selfless and generous act when someone devotes a significant portion of their life or their career to healing and helping others. Her generosity and considerateness is apparent even in her pricing which is available by payment, barter or donation on sliding scale.

@eaglespirit has been offering medicine card readings via steem and now is providing the full reading to anyone that wants to work past blocks or obstales in their life. Readings can last half an hour or longer and are provided on a per card or per time basis.

Her Distance Reiki Energy work may be useful to folks that are suffering from physical, emotional or spiritual ailments and are looking for relief and healing so they can enjoy a better quality of life.

Eagle Spirit plants to offer more products/services in time so stay tuned and follow @eaglespirit for updates.

@eaglespirit now accepts STEEM, SBD and USD for Distance Reiki Energy Work and Medicine Card Readings


In her own words (borrowed from their Homesteaders Co-op store):

Medicine Card Readings

For the past year she has offered Medicine card readings on Steemit that incorporate a reading using Oracle cards that include a long distance Reiki transmission and Native American Blessing.

The intention and purpose of the card reading is to assist those who have blocks, push past obstacles, and get back on the path to our life purpose.

Reiki Distance Energy Work

Energy work can be sent for any physical, emotional or spiritual ailment. For example, I have worked on cancer, diabetes, chronic fatigue, chronic migraines, chronic back issues, tooth ache, stress reduction, etc.

You can browse @eaglespirit‘s services at: Eagle Medicine, LLC

@eaglespirit is based out of Colorado, United States and provides her services over phone or internet via discord – clients can be anywhere! (Homesteaders Co-op is an international marketplace)


Learn more about Eagle Medicine:

Of Sedge and Salt, Nomadic Apothecary Shares Knowledge + Herbal Elixers

Thank you @ofsedgeandsalt for joining Homesteaders Co-op as one of our newest vendors! @ofsedgeandsalt is offering some really wonderful services to our community here on steem. She runs a regular podcast called Ground Shots which covers topics like herbalism, wildcrafting, ecology and more. I’ve listened to two of her episodes so far and have really enjoyed the knowledge, topics and guest interviews very much!

I also highly recommend checking out @ofsedgeandsalt‘s website – – where you will find plant profiles, AMAZING photography, herbal wisdom, podcast archives as well as her online store. What’s more, I recommend subscribing to her newsletter if her content interests you. I just received the latest edition and was blown away by the love and effort she put into sharing more knowledge, books, resources and more. Thank you so much @ofsedgeandsalt!!!

@ofsedgeandsalt now accepts STEEM and SBD for her apothecary goods


She goes by Kelly Moody on Homesteaders Co-op and has already uploaded two of her handcrafted herbal medicines to her store. I highly recommend taking a look!

In her own words:

Much of the past decade she has spent living in different places and studying plants, ecology and craft, writing about the land, growing food and herbs, or honoring her wanderlust by traveling cross country in various incarnations.

She received a B. A. in Philosophy and Religious Studies in 2009 from Christopher Newport University in Virginia. For over a decade she has studied herbal medicine, ecology and botany with teachers like Rebecca Golden, Paul Strauss, Chip Carrol, Luke Learningdeer, Marc Williams among many others. She apprenticed with Rebecca Golden in Brattleboro, VT of Earth Angel Herbals in 2010 and interned with the United Plant Savers at the Goldenseal Sanctuary in Rutland, Ohio in 2012. She apprenticed with Juliet Blankespoor and attended the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine in Asheville, NC in 2013. She helped manage the gardens and vegetable CSA at Dancing Springs Farm outside of Asheville, NC from 2014-2016. She studied book arts and paper making at Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina and with elder medieval bookbinder Jim Croft in rural Idaho. She has attended a handful of artist residencies and workshops including most recently Signal Fire’s Wide Open Studios in 2017. Her teaching over the years has included classes on hide tanning, plant ID, wild foods, medicine making, natural dyes, nutrition and gardening.

You can browse Kelly Moody’s (@ofsedgeandsalt‘s) products at:

@ofsedgeandsalt is based out of United States but not in one spot – she is nomadic, living on the road with a small footprint and takes her business with her where ever she goes! 


Learn more about Of Sedge and Salt:

Natural Medicines on the Homesteaders Co-Op: Empowering Steemians Health, Naturally!

My Post.jpg

Hello beautiful Steemfolk and residents of the Steemiverse! It’s @riverflows here, humbly editorialising for ‘Homesteaders Co-Op’. They’ve entrusted me with their account – cue evil laugh – muahahaha!

Of course, I’m only joking – The Homesteaders Co-Op is so full of goodness that I couldn’t possibly cue evil anything – I’d simply vaporise and turn to steemdust if I even tried. I mean, check this stuff out!
@celestialcow, A.K.A Celestial Creations, is selling THE most gorgeous silver jewellery – not only is she a STELLAR vegan cook, she can make you look super pretty for the new year with one of her silverworks! And look at this insanely stunning kimono jacket from Weave to Empower Woman’s Co-Op in Granada, Spain.


To me, Steemit has always been a place of creativity and community, and @sagescrub has managed to weave both these elements of the Steemearth together into one magical carpet – allowing creative people to come together in one place to sell their beautiful wares to the Steem community. It’s another way to stitch all these diverse people into a common good, a marketplace that to me surpasses all others because it is run by people, for people.

Yet today, I’ve got my Natural Medicine hat on (luckily I’m at home alone, as I’m not sure how wearing a lotus with a heart on it would look in public – a good home hat, but not a street hat, methinks), and it’s with this I write today, gravitating toward the ‘natural health’ section of the Homesteaders Co-Op website.


Since the creation of the @naturalmedicine account nearly four months ago, I’ve learnt alot about what natural health means to people. It’s very much about being empowered to take control of your own well-being through knowledge and the ability to utilise the natural world and it’s bounty to strengthen, nurture and support our systems. For many, it means to move away from dependence on big pharma (that doesn’t always have our best interest at heart) and toward products that are chemical free, organic, often biodynamic, locally sourced, homemade and ethical. From tinctures to salves, fermented foods to teas, natural medicines help us take control.

It’s beyond exciting for me to see that people who are in the Natural Medicine Discord are looking toward selling their products through the Homesteaders Co-Op – currently, @mountainjewel are leading the way with their beautiful tinctures. As co-founder of @naturalmedicine, like me, she’s been an advocate for supporting mental health on the Steem Blockchain with adaptogenic herbs – her ‘Nourish’ tincture is just the thing for this. The product description reads beautifully:

It is the ultimate stress relief and nervous system support, both bringing immediate relief and acting as a nervous system tonic to nourish long term frayed nerves. The synergy of the bright, adaptogenic and balancing energy of holy basil with milky oat’s ability to remind one to drift in the wind, to go with the flow in abundant nourishment (as watching the Oat plant sway in the wind brings to mind) reminds us that everything’s going to be okay. A hug from these two herbal allies is so needed for our nervous systems in times of stress or overwhelm.

I’m also excited to see @flemingfarm‘s newly listed Lilac Glycerine and @thetinkertribe list turmeric rhizomes. Turmeric has been the topic of the week in the Natural Medicine Discord Channel where we have been talking about drying it and fermenting it, it’s bioavailability and how to increase that, what to cook with it and how to enjoy it, and generally informing each other about what to do with this incredible natural medicine.

In this way, I see @homesteaderscoop and @naturalmedicine as siblings of sorts, co-habiting the same steem space and helping each other grow and empower others. How wonderful we’ve got this incredible platform to do so. I look forward to more of our members and other Steemfolk put their medicines up for sale on the co-op and create a market stall for natural health products – if this sounds like something you could do, please get in touch with @sagescrub!

If you’re not already a Natural Medicine Member, please click here to go directly to our Discord server. We’d love to chat!