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Ordering With Homesteaders Co-op: Part 3

Hey y’all, Nate again, here to wrap up the summary of ordering my blackberries from @mountainjewel on Homesteaders Co-op!

Winter being here and the days becoming unnoticably longer, we’re planning bigly for spring. One of my most anticipated plantings will be the blackberry bushes that arrived in the mail today!


I noticed yesterday that Wren from @mountainjewel had tried to email me a while back and ask what variety I preferred. I haven’t checked my email in about two months, and am lucky she contacted me on discord. Melissa (my wife) specified the sweeter variety, Triple Crown. Wren also graciously included a fifth plant, a Chester variety to add a bit of biodiversity that all permies love.


Five blackberry bushes! I had planned on four, and decided on locations for two. Guess I need to make up my mind, huh?

The contents also included some sunchokes. Four tubers of two varieties from their own garden that they said they’d send after reading my Permaculture Playing Cards post on sunchokes a few weeks back. The varieties are Pink Crispy and Lola sunchokes, and we’re very excited to put them in the soil. Melissa for the pretty flowers, and me for the food!


Woo, what abundant blessings from their permaculture homestead to ours. And all for just a 25 or so SBD.

I have said it before, and I suppose I’ll say it again: ordering on Homesteaders Co-op is a breeze. And now, @sagescrub has added USD compatibility with PayPal for those vendors who choose to also accept fiat currency.

I couldn’t be happier with my second order from @mountainjewel with the Co-op and I hope others are able to order soon and support this movement as well.

Be blessed.
Be fruitful.
Stay relevant.



Where the heck is a soapmaker?

I’ll be back soon with a big idea. Co-op community involvement is about to go through the roof, y’all be sure to follow and stick around ๐Ÿ˜‰

@nateonsteemit is a budding permie in North Texas. Family man and welder by trade, his goals inside permaculture are the advancement of Liberty and saving a few bucks. Check his intro to the Co-op here.

How an order from Homesteaders Co-op works: part 1

Hey y’all! Nate again. Merry Christmas!

I just made my second order from Homesteaders Co-op last night, and I figured it’d be good to make a couple posts with @mountainjewel (who’s shop I ordered from) about the process of making an order from the perspectives of the buyer and the seller.

Since my first order@sagescrub has changed some things in the process.

Most notably, the pricing is now in USD. It’s not a payment option, but that’s an easier way for the vendors to price their goods. It is tied to an exchange that updates the steem/SBD price hourly. And yes, you can now pay in steem too! This will be good when we are experiencing that beloved crypto volatility, to prevent a product from being priced in a straight crypto price that could mean a seller sells you a $20 product for 38ยข or to keep you from paying $76.23 for the same product.


I don’t know if it’s part of the pricing system, but a billing address is now required separately from the shipping address. I imagine these can both be entered falsely in the name of anonymity if that’s a concern for you because it’s still paid in crypto, which isn’t tied at all to your physical address. Ain’t that kind of liberty cool?

So, what did I order?


Photo stolen from their listing on the Co-op

Well, I’ve been eyeing their Thornless blackberry bushes for a while. When I cashed out the last of my mined ETH to SBD, the goal was to buy the blackberries, and I had just enough! If you follow @mountainjewel, you probably saw their post about the blackberries shortly before they left for their meditation. In it, they said that they’d throw in another crown if you mentioned seeing it in their blog.

That post was a while ago, but I figured I’d mention it just in case. And since it’s Christmas day, I’m not in a big hurry and definitely don’t want to rush anyone over the holidays.


Other than the small differences in pricing and checking out, the transfer went the same. SteemConnect popped up and I put in my key. Done just as fast and simple as any steem transfer you’ve ever done. Oh yeah, and I did the whole thing on my phone as indicated by the screenshots. Couldn’t be simpler.

What are my plans with all those blackberries?

Well, I want them for the food forest, of course! But I’m also going to plant some out front. I want to make a little fruit picking place for families to come. I remember as a kid there was a place close to our house that would let people come pick berries on their property, and I’d love to be able to let people do the same here. I’ll add a couple fruit trees in the process too. Community and all that jazz, right? It’ll be neat to offer something like that that’s in line with the third permaculture ethic: equitable sharing.

Be watching to hear from @mountainjewel soon about their end of the process! I’m sure it’ll be a good one, as always!

Be blessed.
Be fruitful.
Stay relevant.


@nateonsteemit is a budding permie in North Texas. Family man and welder by trade, his goals inside permaculture are the advancement of Liberty and saving a few bucks. Check his intro to the Co-op here.