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A Garden Made of STEEM: Opportunities in a Decentralized Space!

It’s here, we can finally grow food, powered by cryptocurrency!


The image above is from the Botanic Garden in Brooklyn back in the spring of 2018.

A currency depends on movement to sustain itself. It needs to be passed around from hand to hand so that it may function as something trusted to hold value. STEEM and SBD for example, mean absolutely nothing if they cannot be exchanged for something else. Yes of course as it stands right now, you can purchase FIAT currencies and many different Crypto-currencies through various exchanges, but what if we could acquire the things we need directly with our beloved Steem coins?

It is time to think about our economic freedom.

As our world seems to be slowly unraveling like an old sweater and we gain more ability to connect with like-minded people across the whole planet, we can learn to become independent or we can follow the masses, do nothing and wait for that brick wall.

If we chose independence, we can learn from one another to become self reliant and while this digital grid keeps us all together, we can achieve freedom from bank fees and waiting times to exchange the goods and services we are looking for.

The best part of it is that our political stance doesn’t matter in this space, all we have to do is follow our passions. Crypto-currency can be an extremely valuable tool for reaching economic freedom. It that can really save both entrepreneurs and consumers the many headaches that come with banks and regulations. Transactions become cheaper and cleaner… no greedy middle men involved!

This makes me think of Agorism, a term I have only heard recently but a term I hear more and more. Here it is in a few words, from wikipedia:

Agorism is a libertarian social philosophy that advocates creating a society in which all relations between people are voluntary exchanges by means of counter-economics, thus engaging with aspects of peaceful revolution.

With that being said, I am happy to announce my second time purchasing something with Crypto directly (I know it’s a small step but a step none the less)!!!


This year’s garden will be partially made of STEEM!!!! I am so happy, it’s a very exciting step in the adoption of cryptocurrency. Thank you for this abundance of seeds @sagescrub, I will enjoy growing this garden in a different way this time!

While I still plan on re-wildling last year’s tomatoes, I would also like to try new things…

I’d like to end this post by saying that homesteading and self reliance extends passed the walls of our homes and gardens. Sure we can barter, but know that bartering is just another currency. If the day comes, when exchanging a grown pig for carpentry work becomes too troublesome, be educated in the exchange procedures of crypto, you never know!

In hopes to on-board new crypto enthusiasts, I wish you all a happy day…


Growing a Homesteaders Co-op!

Hi there… welcome to 2019

In case you haven’t met me before, I’m @thistle-rock, the newest contributor to @homesteaderscoop. I’ll post more about myself in a soon-to-be future post, but today, as we begin this great new year, I’d like to talk about the Homesteaders Co-op!

Do you even know what Homesteaders Co-op is? Well, here’s the scoop

Homesteaders Co-op is a new online marketplace where steemit homesteaders can offer their products (to anyone) in exchange for SBD tokens.

The idea was born out of Seeds of Abundance. [@sagescrub] began working on a website for Seeds of Abundance [in August, 2018] and the first priority was being able to accept SBD tokens in the shopping cart. After being able to accept SBD payments we realized we needed to share this with other homesteaders. Thus Homesteaders Co-op was born.

Did you know?

Did you know you can purchase the most wonderful natural and home-made items at Homesteaders Co-op?

That’s right, you can! Everything from tinctures to honey to textiles to dried flower creations, jewelry, paper items and more… and the list is growing bigger as new homesteaders are set to come on board with their new unique shops…. and ahem… I shall be one of them…. so excited!

Now accepting three payment options

Yes, you read that right! The fantastic thing about the new Homesteaders Co-opis that we now are accepting three different payment methods to suit your burning to desire to purchase that one special item. The Co-op vendors accept Steem, SBD and USD.

It’s such a unique opportunity to be able to use a variety of currencies to get what you want. No more worrying about cash if you’ve got Steem available to you, and vice versa.

Meet the Homesteaders

All the vendors are fabulous! Each have their own unique flair and all are striving for a better world. They have the desire and the mindset towards sustainability, homegrown, ethically sourced, and hand-made products, as much as is possible within our modern times.

Hardworking individuals and families who see potential in preserving our earth the way it should be, for today and for the future, and finding benefits in the natural sources Mother Nature offers us.

The vendors are committed to the Steem blockchain and are committed to its success along with the success of Homesteaders Coop, otherwise, they would not partake in such a unique new venture accepting SBD as payment.

Here’s a rundown on who’s who and who’s coming on board:

Shops already open:

  • Seeds of Abundance, brought to you by @sagescrub. Currently offering seeds which provide beauty, natural medicine and wild nutrition. Based in Oregon, United States
  • Bees by Prof. Bromide, brought to you by @professorbromide. Currently offering raw whole comb pressed honey. Based in Virginia, United States
  • Mountain Jewel, brought to you by @mountainjewel. Currently offering tinctures and plants. Based in Missouri, United States
  • The Gentle Soul, brought to you by @sagescrub. Currently offering hand dyed textiles. Based in Oregon, United States
  • The Tinker Tribe, brought to you by @makinstuff. Currently offering up-cycled beer bottle emergency candles and t-shirts. Based in Alabama, United States
  • The Walkerland Mercantile, brought to you by @walkerland. Currently offering e-Books for DIY. Based in New Brunswick, Canada
  • Idyllwild, brought to you by @sagescrub. Currently offering homegrown and handmade dried flower arrangements. Based in Oregon, United States
  • Viggi Handmade, brought to you by @irenethemachine. Currently offering handmade zipper pouches. For every item purchased, twenty trees are planted. Based in Netherlands
  • Fleming Family Farm, brought to you by @flemingfarm. Currently offering vegetable glycerin. Based in Washington, United States
  • drapis, brought to you by @drapis. Currently offering honey. Based in Portugal
  • The Little Worm Farm, brought to you by @quochuy. Currently offering Worm Starter Mix, Fly Larvae, and free educational e-Books. . Based in New South Wales, Australia
  • Weave to Empower, brought to you by @trucklife-family. Currently offering hand-dyed kimonos, wall hangings, and cushion covers. Based in Granada, Spain
  • Kelly Moody (of sedge and salt), brought to you by @ofsedgeandsalt. Currently offering Bitters and Elixirs. Based in Virginia, United States
  • Celestial Creations, brought to you by @celestialcow. Currently offering handmade jewelry. Based in Barcelona, Spain

In the Works:

  • Pepper Family Homestead, brought to you by @papa-pepper. Will be offering a variety of seeds including popcorn, Chinese noodle bean, and birdhouse gourds. Based in Arkansas, United States
  • Thistleworks Designs, brought to you by @thistle-rock. Will be offering a variety of products including hand designed and sewn goods for the home and garden, painted items, and e-colouring pages. Based in Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Eco Curios, brought to you by @allyinspirit. Will be offering handmade containers and ornaments made from natural materials embedded into rice papers, recycled hemp fabric and kombucha scobys. Based in Sydney, Australia

Soon to be on board:

A Brand New Year with a Great New Outlook

Starting up business is no easy task. Through this project, @sagescrub has made it both possible and easy for vendors, bringing together a vast group from all corners of the world who, with his vision and each of their individual skills and expertise, are so willing for you to have the opportunity to join them as they offer you a fantastic selection of wares. And from what I have already seen, you will not be disappointed.

Being such a new venture, the vendors are busily adding inventory to their shops. What each vendor lists may only be a small part of what they will soon be offering in the future and some items may not yet be listed. I highly recommend you check back often to view their offerings before you miss out.

Head on over to Homesteaders Co-op today, browse around, find your favourite product, and show some love and support to these hard working homesteaders whose ultimate goal is to make the world a better place.

I’ll see you next time when I introduce myself and my shop to you.