UndaNatural – Natural Lovemade Skincare, Cosmetics from an ecovillage in Spain

@purplemoon has opened a store called UndaNatural on Homesteaders Co-op. UndaNatural is offering handmade skincare, sunscreen and cosmetics made in an eco-village in Granada, Spain and shipping worldwide! In fact UndaNatural is part of the Weave to Empower single mother women’s co-op that our very own @trucklifefamily also belongs to!


UndaNatural’s products are made with natural ingredients and lots of love and care are put into each one. @purplemoonlives her ethics in an off-grid ecovillage and makes an effort to have little impact on the earth in her life and business and follows a zero waste philosophy as much as possible, and also supporting local and handmade when possible.

@purplemoon now accepts STEEM, SBD and USD for Natural Cosmetics, Sunscreen and Skincare


In their own words (borrowed from their Homesteaders Co-op store):

Single mum, living off grid in an eco village in Southern Europe, with a big passionate for natural cosmetics and aroma therapy. It all started 5 years ago, when my kid was born and I decided we will only use natural products for our skin 🙂

All the ingredients from UNDA NATURAL are natural and most of them are organic and ecocert certified. The oils and butters are virgin, unrefined and cold pressed. Some of the plants I collect on my own (calendula, chamomile, carrot, lavender, arnica, aloe vera) and the others that don’t grow around, I buy from safe sources (shea butter, coconut oil, etc). Some of the floral waters I use for the moisturizing are local made from a small farm in northern Romania (rose, lavender, basil water). I choose to use glass recipient for protecting the environment. The only compromise I made is for the sunscreen, that comes in the fantastic recyclable plastic, a very handy to use bottle that ensures that no sand will go inside. Everything is handmade with lots of love and care inside. Enjoy! 🙂

You can browse @purplemoon products at: Homesteaders Co-op

@purplemoon is based out of Granada, Spain and ships internationally! (Homesteaders Co-op is an international marketplace)


Learn more about UndaNatural and browse their products: https://homesteaderscoop.com/store/undanatural/

Who is Homesteaders Co-op?

Homesteaders Co-op is a community marketplace where homesteaders around the world offer their handmade and sustainable goods in exchange for USD, STEEM and SBD (STEEM and SBD are tokens earned through the steem social media platform).

We encourage homesteaders, small family businesses, and eco-minded craftsmen to join our community. There is strength in numbers and with our collective creative abilities, networks, and dedication, we can help each other gain more independence and economic viability.

Anyone can shop at Homesteaders Co-op. However, unlike other marketplaces, we accept USD as well as STEEM and SBD.

We are bridging the gap between conventional money and an alternative economy. In our alternative economy we, as both the producer of goods and the consumer of goods, hold economic sway. When you purchase from our vendors using STEEM or SBD, there is no reliance on credit cards or banks for online transactions. Using these alternative currencies our vendors save processing fees and have more control over their pricing.

We are not a Financial Middleman

We actively choose not to be a middleman in the transactions between our vendors and their customers. Customer payments are made directly to the vendors.

In the case of USD transactions our vendors use PayPal. We setup the transaction via our shopping cart checkout process. When it is time for the transaction to be made, customers pay directly to our vendors’ paypal accounts. The money never routes through us. Its that simple.

In the case of STEEM or SBD transactions, the trusted SteemConnect service facilitates secure transactions between customers and vendors. We setup the transaction via our shopping cart checkout process. When it is time for the transaction to be made, customers pay directly to our vendors’ steem wallets. The tokens never route through us. Its that simple.

Our Mission

We built the Co-op with three aims:

  1. to empower homesteaders through a concerted marketing effort that would support each other’s livelihood
  2. to offer more diverse choices of quality and sustainable products made by small businesses
  3. to offer more market options for using STEEM and SBD tokens, as well as USD

How it Began

Through steem, we had the opportunity to get to know very passionate and knowledgeable people who openly share their skills and experiences gained through a sustainable, homesteading lifestyle. The value we have received in knowledge, support and camaraderie from our fellow steem homesteaders is invaluable to say the least. As homesteaders ourselves, we are inspired by such a vibrant community and we are honored to be rewarded with STEEM tokens through sharing our content, ideas and support.

At the same time, we also noticed a missed opportunity: there weren’t a lot of options for transacting with the STEEM we were being rewarded, especially in support of each other’s work. Thus we envisioned a marketplace, like a farmer’s market, where we could trade our STEEM for the things we need and love while also supporting others just like us.

With many years of web design, ecommerce and marketing experience at our back, we couldn’t think of a better use of our skills than to bring this vision to reality. We are very proud of the quality of our website, its ease of use, and the ability to accept USD, STEEM and SBD in exchange for goods and services, and we are thrilled to share this resource with homesteaders and discerning buyers!

We are just getting started

The marketplace you see at Homesteaders Co-op is the beginning. Assuming the market rewards our vendors for their quality products, we will continue to make feature improvements to this marketplace to benefit both the vendors and the customers.

Shop with STEEM, SBD (and USD) at https://homesteaderscoop.com

FireFly Creations – Arts and Crafts from the Forest

I am really glad that @frejafri has joined Homesteaders Co-op with her beautiful illustrations, artwork and crafts! Her illustrations are playful, dreamy and fun. I really enjoy that much of her work has a nature theme or element.


@frejafri is roadsteading – or homesteading on the road – but has recently co-purchased land and plans to start a homestead and eco village with friends and community! Her store already displays many creative products including art pieces, hand drawn stickers, custom designed notebooks, custom coloring pages and more. She has mentioned that she has many more products in she will be uploading to Homesteaders Co-op in the future, so follow @frejafri and keep an eye out for updates!

@frejafri now accepts STEEM, SBD as well as USD for Hand Illustrated and Art and Handmade Crafts!


In her own words (borrowed from their Homesteaders Co-op store):

I am an artist and a mother of a 4-year old boy, who has spend the last couple of years on the road, living from my art and music and “roadsteading” – harvesting and processing wild plants and trading for produce on farms on the way.

Now I have just bought my own land with some friends and family – a 12 hectare piece of land with 2500m2 of old buildings in a forest on the Danish island Bornholm! We are working on restoring the buildings and create an eco village on this amazing, big plot of land! I hope to soon be able to include products from the land in my shop!

Until then my shop will consist of handmade arts and crafts – custom artworks like portraits and illustrations, handbound notebooks, postcards, stickers, coloring books and posters!

I try as much as possible to use recycled materials, because I have been a recycler and anti consumer from childhood!

When I buy paper for my creations, I always go for recycled paper or paper made from algae or other sustainable sources, but I also make my own paper from old paper and plant fibres.

You can browse @frejafri‘s products at: FireFly Creations on Homesteaders Co-op

@frejafri is based out of Denmark and ships internationally! (Homesteaders Co-op is an international marketplace)


Learn more about FireFly Creations and browse her products: https://homesteaderscoop.com/store/fireflycreations/

Calling Aussie Homesteaders!

Hey all, it’s @riverflows here, posting from southern Victoria, Australia. I’ve got a 5 acre block near the SurfCoast, enough to grow lots of vegetables and fruit trees, and a six pack of chooks. One of the most fascinating things for me since I’ve been on Steemit is the#homesteaders and #ghsc tags where I’ve read so much amazing stuff about homesteaders in America and all the amazing things they do to as self sufficient as possible. I’d love to meet more Aussie homesteaders here on Steemit – there’s a small handful I know about, but I’m sure there’s more of you making, creating and growing on your land, whether it’s urban homesteading or rural.


Being isolated by distance, it’s hard for us Aussies to get stuff shipped out here, unless we’re willing to pay postage. That’s why I was so excited when fellow Australian @quochuy listing his Little Worm Farm on the Homesteaders Co-Op. Not only does he have a free ebook on setting up your own worm farm, he also sells those worms! When the dry heat of summer is over, I’ll be looking at doing this for sure.

I’m not sure whether you realise it yet but The Homesteaders Co-Op has vendors all over the world – Portugal, Spain, the UK, the Americas! So what I’d love to see are more Australian vendors! It’d be brilliant to support people selling their goods via the Steem blockchain. I’m thinking of listing my garlic and thinking about what other products might be viable to sell here. Of course, we need to think about our local borders (did you know you can’t ship St Johns Wort to Victoria from Queensland, as it’s classified as a weed?) but there’s plenty we can consider, like homemade ethical soaps, jewellery, e-books, and so on.

So if you know an Australian homesteader that might be a perfect match, please get in touch via the links below, and let me know as well so I can put some steem aside to get your product shipped to my doorstep!

Beautiful Handmade Paper from Bulgaria!

@bghandmade has joined Homesteaders Co-op to sell their fine handmade paper products from 100% recycled paper. The result of their work is beautiful! In case you know @bobydimitrov from #homesteading and #ghsc, he and his wife run @bghandmade.


The b & g handmade family is dedicated to growing their own food in their garden, sharing the joy with their kids and participating in community gardens. I hear that they will soon be adding some of their saved seeds to their Homesteaders Co-op store to share!

@bghandmade now accepts STEEM, SBD and USD for Handmade Paper products


In their own words (borrowed from their Homesteaders Co-op store):

We are a family fond of nature and all things handmade!

At our day job we create custom printed promotional materials. So we end up with lots of paper for recycling – mostly quality papers, acid free, FSC certified, cotton thread… Looking for an artistic way to use some of the lovely paper scraps, we started making paper in 2008. Thus began our journey into handmade paper!

Our paper is 100% recycled and 100% handmade at home – smoke and pet free, by us… and recently with the help of our two kids, aged 6 and 3 in 2018!

We try to spend as much time as possible outdoors. Be it in our family vegetable and flower garden, camping at the seaside, trekking in the woods or having a picnic with some friends by a river, in a picturesque meadow. All those places are an inspiration to us and a never ending source of amazing organic decorations we collect and use in our handmade paper!

Most of our work is local and bespoke. We do paper goods for weddings – invitations, envelopes, gift tags, plantable gifts, photo albums, wedding guest books, the whole lot. We often work on custom business cards and tags for art shops and fellow artists, and we also love to make lamps out of bamboo and our handmade paper!

You can browse @bghandmade‘s products at: b & g handmade on Homesteaders Co-op

@bghandmade is based out of Bulgaria and ships internationally! (Homesteaders Co-op is an international marketplace)


Learn more about b & g handmade and browse their products: https://homesteaderscoop.com/store/bghandmade/

You Could Be a Homesteader and Not Even Know it!

Good day friends… @thistle-rock here with another contribution to @homesteaderscoop

photo © Heather Johnsgaard

It’s funny, but I never really considered myself a homesteader…

…that is until I joined the Steem platforms and somehow found myself drawn into a few communities, with a some of them being eco and homestead related. Who knew, I thought to myself.

All my adult life, more so in the last twenty+ years, I had essentially been living a homesteader’s lifestyle. For me it was just my everyday existence, but I soon came to realize there was a name for it, a community for it, and a growing attraction to it.

I am now part of several homesteading groups. Each one teaching me new things, allowing me to learn and grow within my chosen way of life, and I am thoroughly embracing it.

Most members cross over and you can be sure to find many familiar names within each group, fostering that true sense of community. While I find myself trying to participate within most, I tend to be most active within @homesteaderscoop as of late. It is wonderful to be able to relate to other homesteaders who are actively seeking to increase their own sustainability through not only creating wonderful products, but also offering them for sale to the general population. Yes, you too can purchase wonderfully hand made or natural products and seeds using US dollars, Steem or SBD at the Homesteaders Co-op.

But, perhaps you are still wondering,

what is homesteading and what does it really mean?

This, is not a simple question to answer, like everything in life, it is subjective to who is asking the question and who is answering it. Every definition and each response may have a different flavour; some sweet, some bitter, some profound, some simple.

Recently, I happened to be a guest on the Discord channel “The Ramble” @ramblingradio for their Creatives Coffee Hour hosted by @ArtemisNorth. This program, with its relaxed atmosphere, is a place for creatives to drop in and chat about projects they have going on. As a guest, this episode focussed on myself.

Along the way during the interview, @ArtemisNorth happened to ask me if I was a homesteader. Thankfully as I sat behind my computer screen in complete anonymity, no one saw the blank look on my face before I quickly answered that, yes, I believed I was.

it’s just my life… no label…. just me living life as best I can

Now, here I sit, a day later going over some parts of the interview in my head, wondering if I answered the question truthfully; wondering if anyone else may have seen comparisons to their life.

Thinking on it now… I can honestly and emphatically respond to her question and say, â€śYes, I am a homesteader”!

So what does it take to be a homesteader?
Do you need a farm and livestock and a huge crop growing?

My answer to this may not be the same interpretation as someone else, but I believe you are a homesteader if you try to incorporate several activities or standards into you life on a regular basis wherever you are, which may include, among others, self-sustainability, ethics, handmade, and natural.

Breaking it down, it could look something like this but not limited to it:

  1. Being conscious of your own sustainability so you are not relying on others to survive. This may include:
    • providing your own power
    • growing your own food
    • making your own clothes
    • making your own tools
  2. Fostering ethical standards in the choices you make for what you buy, use and dispose of. Such as:
    • Purchasing quality handmade over mass produced
    • Purchasing ethically sourced, sustainable, organic and natural products
    • Purchasing items which will have the least ill-effect on the environment and planet
    • Making your own natural products, including cleaning supplies or remedies, rather than buying chemicals
  3. Trying to choose organic over genetically modified foods and seeds
    • Support local farmers when you can, or from other homesteaders who foster a “caring for the earth” attitude. Their foods and seeds have probably not been sitting on the shelves for long, if at all, because they use what they sell themselves
    • When you support your local farmers, you are supporting a neighbour or a friend rather than an unknown manufacturer
    • Organic and non-GMO is much more healthy for you and your family
  4. Leaving as little an imprint on the earth as you can through reducing waste, recycling, reusing, and upcycling
    • Using reusable produce and grocery bags keeps a lot of plastic out of landfills and from blowing around in the wind
    • Choose glass containers over plastic if possible, if not, use reusable plastic rather than one time use plastics
    • Turn old towels into rags or dusters or use them for spills instead of paper towels
    • Compost what waste you can, recycle others and reuse or upcycle the rest into useable objects or decor
  5. Growing your own food sources
    • If you don’t have land upon which to grow, use pots; many herbs, spices, veggies and fruits can be grown in pots
    • If you consume meat it could include raising your own lifestock for meat and dairy or purchasing directly from organic and ethical farmers
    • Trade your abundance with that of neighbours and friends for things they grow that you don’t
  6. Storing your own food
    • Canning and preserving
    • Freezing
    • Dehydrating
  7. Crafting your own clothes, tools, accessories, crafts
    • You can make your own clothing, produce bags, reuseable bags, tea towels, pillow cases and more from fabrics you currently have on hand, recycled sheets, vintage, lace, or from newer sustainable, organic, and eco-friendly fabrics
    • Fashion home and garden furnishings from scrap wood like pallets or deadfall, twigs, rocks and pebbles, homegrown gourds
    • Dried wreaths, handmade papers, and hand dyed textiles make wonderful gifts

As I mentioned above, I don’t like labels. Doing what you can, whether it be big or small, all in or just a little invested, we can all be homesteaders if we put our mind to it and take small steps. It can be challenging at times, but without challenge we can never grow or learn.

We can’t all always choose where we live, but we can choose how we live

I decided to see what the dictionary said a homesteader was. According to Wikipedia, this is what they have to say (take note of the last line):

photo © Heather Johnsgaard

Homesteading is a lifestyle of self-sufficiency. It is characterized by subsistence agriculture, home preservation of food, and may also involve the small scale production of textiles, clothing, and craftwork for household use or sale. Pursued in different ways around the world—and in different historical eras—homesteading is generally differentiated from rural village or commune living by isolation (either socially or physically) of the homestead. Use of the term in the United States dates back to the Homestead Act (1862) and before. In sub-Saharan Africa, particularly in nations formerly controlled by the British Empire, a homestead is the household compound for a single extended family. In the UK, the term ‘smallholder’ or ‘crofts’ is the rough equivalent of ‘homesteader’.

Modern homesteaders often use renewable energy options including solar electricity and wind power. Many also choose to plant and grow heirloom vegetables and to raise heritage livestock. Homesteading is not defined by where someone lives, such as the city or the country, but by the lifestyle choices they make..
According to this, it looks like I am right on track, and you may be too but just never knew it. If you find you are actively seeking out similar values and choices, I encourage you to look into it further, perhaps you will find yourself making changes for a more self-sustainable life no matter wherever you are, no matter how big or small.
Homesteaders Co-op has been invited to participate in the Curation Corner at The Ramble (@ramblingradio) hosted by @ArtemisNorth and @shadowspub on January 29th; founder of the Homesteaders Co-op@sagescrub will be there, and if I can make, I’ll be there too.

~Until next time this has been @thistle-rock ~

Contest: Find and Review a Homesteader’s Shop – 14 total SBI in rewards

This contest is all about highlighting some of the amazing individuals and families that have setup shops at Homesteaders Co-op!

Our vendors are making an effort in one way or another to incorporate sustainability into their handmade products and/or their lifestyles. We want to let a larger audience know about their hard work, who they are, their beautiful products and what they are doing to make a difference in our world! Their efforts deserve to be seen!


This is where you come in.

By reviewing a vendor you will help support an individual or a family by letting more people know about their efforts. You will help us spread the word about our community project. And you’ll be entered into our contest for a chance to be rewarded! Its a win-win for everyone!


  • The top 10 entries will receive 1 share of SBI (Steem Backed Income)
  • The best review (by subjective choice) will receive 5 total SBI


  1. Choose one vendor from Homesteaders Co-op to review.
  2. Highlight the vendor in your own words. You can include things like:
    • Who are they?
    • Where are they located and where do they ship to?
    • What are their personal and professional qualities?
    • What is special about their products?
    • Are they making efforts to make our world better?
    • How does sustainability play a component in their business?
    • Why might someone want to support their efforts with a purchase?
  3. Feel free to reference posts in the vendor’s steem blog if it helps support your review.
  4. Include a link to the vendor’s online store.
  5. (Optional) Choose a vendor that hasn’t already been reviewed yet!
  6. (Optional) Choose one or two additional vendors you would like to highlight at the end of your review with a brief mention about why they stand out to you and a link to their stores.
  7. Include your review post link in the comments of this post so that I can find it!

What I am looking for

I’ll be looking for entries that make a genuine effort to highlight our of our vendors. These are real people making a real effort to make a living. Reviews that I feel are not making a genuine effort to show support will not be included in the running.

Links and References

Contest Deadline

This contest will run for two weeks. The deadline is Tuesday, January 22nd 8 pm UTC (12 pm PST)

Good luck everyone 🙂 Have fun with it!


Delegation Report – January 7th 2019

This is our first Delegation report. Our initial call for delegations was 2 weeks ago. In that time we have already received many generous delegations from within our community and also from folks that saw what we are doing and want to support our efforts.

At the time of writing this we have received:

8,137 SP in delegations

Thank you very much delegators! I want to give a special thank you to @papa-pepper and @pennsif who have made extremely generous delegations to @homesteaderscoop. Thank you!

Our use of delegations to support our community is fully transparent and is outlined below.

Steem Co-op

Here is what we are currently doing with our Steem Power:

Voting for Contributors

Our contributors are our leaders and our voices. They in part are helping steer where we are headed as a community. They are helping to highlight our vendors, our ethics and engage steem as ambassadors of our marketplace. Our contributors are receiving both beneficiary payout from our @homesteaderscoop blog as well as up-votes on their individual accounts in recognition of their team efforts.

Voting for Vendors

Our vendors are steem individuals and families that are dedicated to sustainability in their lives. Many are willing to put their financial security on the line to do so – or go to extra lengths in order to make ends meet while they pursue sustainability. Our up-votes to our vendors are meant to help provide some additional reward for our vendors as a thank you for choosing to incorporate some aspect of sustainability and/or ethical care of the earth into their lifestyle and business choices.

Voting for Charitable Organizations

We are starting off on a foot of giving to those that are in need. We are sending upvotes to @pennsif‘s @adollaradaycharity which supports directing charitable donations to many “on the ground” charities. Further we are upvoting @familyprotection‘s comments, in part in thanks to @canadiancoconut‘s generous support and also to help support the work she is doing to keep families and their children together.

Voting on our own Posts for Growth

We are shamelessly voting on our own posts in order to continue to grow our SP which we can use for all of the goals we’ve outlined here in this post.

Outgoing Delegations

Regarding delegating out, we are just starting to earn SP. However we want to set a precedence from the start that our community marketplace is dedicated to helping less fortunate than ourselves. The reason this is so important to is because Homesteaders Co-op is more than one individual, it is a community. We have the potential to gain strength and influence. What kind of example do we want to set? What kind of world do we want to support?

Therefore we have delegated some SP to @adollaraday. We will continue to increase that delegation as our community account grows and a thank you for the work they and the organizations they support are doing to make this world better and safer.

We will also be starting a retention campaign in the very near future, which will be lead by @nateonsteemit and other contributors of our community. We will be delegating out SP to homesteader/sustainability newcomers to the steem platform. We hope to help overcome the RC limitations for some newcomers and do our part to assist in retention of new steem-comers that show promise and value for the steem communit at large. More details to come.

Incoming Delegations

In addition to asking the community at large for delegations, we are also asking our vendors for delegations. We are suggesting delegations from vendors with over 500 SP. However it is not mandatory and we will not be policing who is delegating and who is not. We are only asking to those that can comfortably afford it.

It is our hope that delegations come from those that believe in what we are doing for the community at large.

Now is the time for me to ask you to consider delegating. Delegating is a way for anyone to take some ownership in our community as a stakeholder. It is a vote for our efforts, our ethics and our mission. Thank you for your consideration.

Delegate Now via SteemConnect

10 SP | 25 SP | 50 SP | 75 SP | 100 SP | 200 SP | 500 SP | 750 SP | 1000 SP

Current Delegators

Thank you very much to those who have delegated to Homesteaders Co-op!

@allyinspiritEnvironmental and ephemeral art work âś˝ Drawing âś˝ Processes. Initiator of the Magical Moments Gallery.Sydney Australia
@da-dawnSaving account for building a off grid steemit community in British Columbia, and finding the best on steemit!British Columbia,Turtle Island
@ligayagardenerJoin us in our little garden where we enjoy living with and teaching about sustainability, renewable energy and community.Gawler, South Australia
@makinstuffI’m a lifelong tinkerer, and technology enthusiast. My aim is to empower others with knowledge to take care of your health, wealth, and self actualization.AL, USA
@nateonsteemitNothing fancy. Striving for consistency. Doing small things for big reasons. Agorist in training.Texas
@papa-pepperWild-man, Gardener, Encourager, Homesteader, Lyricist, Deep Thinker, Papa, Humorist, HusbandArkansas, USA
@pennsiffuture gazer, past watcher, community builder, prepper, homesteader, seeker of self-reliance, MSP Waves Radio show host, founder of A Dollar A Day @adollaradayWales, UK
@quochuyHuy (for short) aka The Little Worm Farmer. Witness – Developer – Worm & Black Soldier Fly FarmerWyoming, NSW, Australia
@riverflowsWalk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feetVictoria, Australia
@sagescrubA couple’s adventures in homesteading. Creator of @homesteaderscoopOregon
@senorcoconutFranco-American Traveler, Artist, Homesteader and The Permaculture of Things with Anarchist TendenciesNo Man’s Land
@steemgreenMining Social Awareness On The Steem BlockchainGlobal
@stortebekerSustainability, Urban Homesteading, Natural Building, Health, Food, Healthfood, Nature, Culture, BicyclesMexico City
@trucklife-familySingle Mama, Doula, Nature Lover, Vegan, Birth Activist and Defender of All Things WildThe Earth
@walkerlandKitchen Witch, Wildcrafting, Homesteading, Organic Gardening Building a Greener Kinder WorldCanada

USD side by side with STEEM and SBD – An ethical marketplace

We are excited to offer USD as a payment option at Homesteaders Co-op. This means that customers can shop for ethical, sustainable, handmade goods with credit card or paypal, in addition to STEEM and SBD.

Many vendors in our marketplace have already opted to accept USD as a payment method. The nice thing about our website is that you can filter product results by USD, STEEM or SBD based on your preference. Or you can leave the default setting of “All” currencies if you want to see what products are available in any currency.


USD allows us to bridge two worlds

Our vendors can offer their goods to an audience that prefers transacting in USD. Our marketplace is now open to customers that don’t even know what steem is – they can easily transact in USD.

With USD we remain a Free marketplace

We still do not take any commission from our vendors. Any credit card or paypal transaction goes straight to our vendors’ paypal accounts.

Free is Empowering

  • Vendors are empowered to have all of their profit without losing any to commissions.
  • Vendors are empowered to receive payment transactions directly from customers.
  • We are not a middleman in the finances.

Credit Card Payments don’t require PayPal accounts

Customers can support vendors with USD purchases by using their credit card. While credit card transactions go through PayPal for processing, customers do not need to sign up to PayPal.


Support Free Markets, Support Ethical Vendors

Please consider browsing our marketplace and looking for vendors that you want to support. Purchasing from our vendors supports ethical commerce, it supports individual artesians, it supports families and you receive products that have been imbued with passion, love and hard work.

Profits go Directly to Vendors – There is No Profit Pyramid

When you purchase with USD, STEEM or SBD profits go directly to the vendor. There is no corporate hierarchy. There is no fat cat sitting at the tip sifting commissions into a coffer. This is akin to buying produce at a farmers market. At the farmers market you hand money directly to the farmer’s hands. This is exactly the same, except we are online, worldwide and revolutionizing e-commerce by slowing it down and looking at what really matters and cutting out the fat.

Explore our Marketplace: https://homesteaderscoop.com

We are a new marketplace. There are two things we need a lot of help with right now:
  1. Supporting our Vendors with purchases in USD, STEEM and SBD
  2. Telling people about our marketplace. Friends, family, colleagues who have never heard of an ethical online marketplace. Our steem audiences. Please share the word!


#tribesteemup | @tribesteemup | The 8 Pillars of TribeSteemUp

Pepper Family Homestead Offers Seeds and Handmade Goods

@papa-pepper family homestead has joined Homesteaders Co-op. It is very special to see the entire family, kids included, in the homesteading activities with big smiles on their faces. It is so exciting to see the kids contributing to an effort if self sufficiency both in terms of food but also income.


I am excited to see that they are offering seeds for sale to gardeners in the United States. Pepper family homestead has put a lot of love and effort into growing and saving their own seeds over the years. They go to great lengths to ensure quality in the seeds that they offer first by choosing only seeds of plants that offer great value and joy into their lives and second by offering only seeds that pass their germination tests.


@Pepper Family Homestead is offering more than seeds! They are already starting to offer some of their handmade knit items. You can pick up colorful knit scrunchies made by the oldest daughter of the Pepper family. There will be various other items for sale throughout the year including artwork and decor.

@papa-pepper now accepts USD, STEEM and SBD for seeds and handmade goods!

Consider supporting the Pepper Family Homestead by purchasing some quality seeds that will bring your family joy in the garden 🙂

In their own words (borrowed from their Homesteaders Co-op store):

After having a personal exodus out of the rat race, Papa-pepper and family moved out into the Ozark Mountains in an attempt to drop the cost of living in order to increase the quality of life. By growing more of our own food, we not only decrease the grocery bill, but we have a trustworthy, healthy source of nourishment for our family.

We want to not only raise our children up to understand how the natural world works, but also to inspire others to live a life that is more connected to the real world.

We have been saving our own seeds for years now, and often never have to purchase them again. Even the smallest of our children like to help in the entire process from planting the original seeds to saving some for the next generation of crops. It is our hope that you will be able to do the same and grow food for years to come.

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