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Wild Homesteading and Business Advice Newsletter – May 2019


Ready to start growing your homesteading business? What about learning how working with nature gives you more freedom as a homesteader? This month’s Wild Homesteading and Business Advice Newsletter by Daron with @wildhomesteading is all about 4 business podcasts/sites that can help you manage/grow an online business and how working with nature can provide you more freedom as a homesteader.

Ready? Let’s dive in!

4 Business Podcasts that You Should Check Out


Learning from these podcasts has let my business grow steadily since launching back in November. This chart shows how my email list has grown since launching. This gives my business a great foundation to build on.

Before I started Wild Homesteading I spent a lot of time researching what it meant to run an online business in an ethical way that focused on content marketing and creating value for your customer.

I will talk more about content marketing in a future newsletter, but basically content marketing focuses around letting your content do the marketing for you. I like this approach to marketing and I think it is much more ethical than a lot of marketing approaches since it only works if you create content that is of a high value to your audience.

But when I started this was all new to me and there is so much to learn about running an online business. Here are the 4 business podcasts/sites that helped me get started and that I still listen to.

Amy Porterfield – Marketing Made Easy Podcast:

  • Amy’s podcast provides a lot of great advice especially around email lists and online courses.

Pat Flynn – Smart Passive Income:

  • Pat’s podcast is broader in topics than Amy’s but in many ways very similar. Lots of great interviews and advice episodes focused on helping entrepreneurs.

ProBlogger – Darren Rowse:

  • If you are wanting to start a blog or already have a blog but struggling to get traffic and to make an income from your blog then Darren’s podcast and site are a great place to start. The podcast has not been updated for a few months but the archives are filled with great episodes and the blog is still being updated regularly.

The Creative Penn Podcast – Joanna Penn

  • This one is a bit different from the others since Joanna is focused on helping independent authors. So, if you are an author or an inspiring author this is a fantastic podcast for you. But Joanna tends to focus on the business side of being a successful author and I have learned a lot from her podcast despite only being an inspiring author at this time.

There are more great podcasts out there but these 4 are a great place to start. My business has been steadily growing since starting last November and these are the main sites I have used to learn what I know.

Do you have a business podcast you like to listen to? Please share in the comments!

Gain Freedom as a Homesteader by Working with Nature


This is the front of my homestead that visitors see when parking. Despite this just being the start of my 3rd year on this site by working with nature I have already seen dramatic improvements. I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

If you follow my own site, you know that I stress the importance of working with nature on your homestead or in your garden. I’m driven by a deep desire to protect the natural world but working with nature also provides you more freedom and independence.

What sort of freedom?

A big one is the freedom from dependence on chemical inputs such as fertilizer and herbicides/pesticides. While these are bad for the environment and your health they also result in less freedom for you as a homesteader.

Each year you use them your soil becomes more degraded making you more dependent on these chemical inputs. This means each year you have to spend more money just to run in place.

Or perhaps you buy animal feed. Now imagine you are able to work with nature to grow more food for your animals on your homestead.

I could go on and on, but the main point is that each of these inputs make you dependent on products that are often made by a big corporation or business. If they raise their prices you are stuck paying it.

But nature does not raise its prices—in fact overtime the “cost” of working with nature can actually go down as your soil and the rest of your homestead become healthier, more productive, and more in balance each year.

Working with nature is about investing in your land and your homestead for the long haul.

So here is my task for you. Think about your homestead and any offsite inputs you currently use to keep it going. Now pick one to start working towards eliminating or reducing by working with nature.

Say you want to reduce the chicken feed you buy. Try gathering some edible weeds like dandelions and toss them to the chickens. That one small step can result in more freedom for you as a homesteader by reducing the amount of feed you need to buy.

For my homestead my chief offsite input is mulching material. While I can’t eliminate that input at this time when I plant new growing areas I’m always making sure to add plants that I can chop-and-drop or that work as a living mulch so I can grow my mulch onsite instead of bringing it in from offsite.

While I can get mulch for free this still takes time and energy. The more I can reduce this the more freedom I will have. Especially in terms of time.

Finally, while your trying new ways to work with nature on your homestead make sure to take part in my weekly contest where I ask people to share what they are doing to work with nature. Check out my first announcement post for more information and watch for the upcoming contest announcement next Tuesday. The contest runs weekly every Tuesday through Thursday.

Until Next Month

I hope you have enjoyed the first monthly Wild Homesteading and Business Advice Newsletter! Do you have something you would like me to talk about next month? Leave a comment with your topic request–just keep it related to wild homesteading or business.

Until next month keep homesteading and good luck with your business!


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And check out my blog – for weekly in-depth posts on working with nature to grow your own food and start/build your homestead.

Announcing Our New Logo! Designed by @FrejaFri

I am very excited to present to our community the new Homesteaders Co-op logo which has been in design for a little while now by the talented @FrejaFri.

After seeing the beautiful illustrations that @FrejaFri had included in her online store FireFly Creations I thought that her natural style of illustration would be perfect for re-designing our logo in her unique style. Freja gladly agreed to help us with the new logo!

We will be sharing more about @FrejaFri and her talented illustrations and artwork that are available in Homesteaders Co-op in the near future. For now I would like to share her talented work with you all!

This post is an update to our fundition project


Nature is our home

The tree is a symbol of nature. As homesteaders we recognize that we humans are not only reliant on nature for our well being, we are part of nature! This knowledge helps us realize the need to take responsibility to live with more respect towards nature and living more sustainably.


When we look to nature as family we treat plants, animals, air and water with respect and responsibility, rather than seeking what we can gain from nature. Likewise viewing our human counterparts as family helps us find respect and responsibility in our relationships rather than looking only for personal gain.


Healthy relationships are symbiotic. We strive for symbiosis not only with our fellow humans but also with all the life forms visible and invisible in the natural world.


A tree can provide a habitat for a whole host of communities of mammals, birds, worms, insects, microorganisms and more with food, water, air and shelter. Our human communities rely on all of the natural communities to thrive.

A Love for Nature

We are designing our Co-op based on observations made in nature. We realize that the most helpful mode of competition is through cooperation. If we only focus on competition we lose sight of family and we lose sight of the sacred connections between us all.

Our Homesteaders Co-op is a space where we can honor the connections between ourselves. After all we are all family in our global community. While technically we are all competing with each other, if we have understanding that our peers are our family we want them to succeed alongside us. One individual’s success is the success for us all.

If we only compete our greed will lead to loss of balance. We see this already today in our mainstream consumer culture where we humans are commodified. Homesteaders Co-op is a response to some of the social problems that we face due to greed.

We believe in pursuing a healthy balance of both competition and co-operation between our communities and between our members. Without co-operation we lose touch of the connections between, ultimately, all life.

We can perceive a connection as a channel for obtaining more (money, fame, power, etc) or we can perceive connections as channels for both giving and receiving of support, love, energy. When we recognize and practice symbiosis through our connections we all thrive.

Homesteaders Co-op is a Community Account

Homesteaders Co-op is a venue for our community to share value. Both as a marketplace where goods and services can be exchanged and also as a venue for sharing knowledge, ideals, ethics and inspiration with each other. I see that one of our community’s greatest value is inspiring each other!

Since we are a community account we’ve put together our new logo in several formats that can be used by our community here in steem and also outside of steem, in sharing and promoting our co-op!

I am listing several logos, icons and badges below for you to use in any way that you wish!


Thank you @FrejaFri for Designing this Beautiful Logo!

Working with Freja on designing this new logo is a perfect example of the beauty of community connections! If you love our new logo, please pay @FrejaFri‘s online store a visit and see all of the beautiful artwork that she has available for STEEM, SBD, USD. And you can even commission her to design your next logo or other custom artwork!

FireFly Creations – Arts and Crafts from the Forest


This is an update to our fundition project: Free Community Marketplace for Handmade Goods in STEEM/SBD

Homesteaders Co-op | Vendor’s Perspective on Orders Part 2

Just a few days ago @nateonsteemit wrote about his experiencing ordering from us through the @homesteaderscoop. You can find his awesome post here.

Here we are, @mountainjewel, bringing you Part 2- our side of that transaction and what it’s like for the vendor!


Thornless Blackberries for Nate and his family ready to be packaged


First off, @sagescrub has done a fantastic job making this very easy for us. In fact, it’s so easy, I get an email in my inbox letting me know when someone makes a purchase! As the prices are now automatically updated based on the current price of the different currencies, there’s no work for us there on that end and the payment goes directly into our Steem Wallets (he is working something out for PayPal in the future.)

Screen Shot 20181228 at 2.45.50 PM.png

Transaction is transparent and stored on the blockchain’s impermeable ledger making business dealings clear, indisputable & efficient.

It’s as simple as any other marketplace, really. We’ve also sold on Etsy and Ebay and it’s comparably streamlined!

Packing & Shipping

Once the order comes in, we start packing it up! For Nate’s order that meant checking in with him on which Thornless Blackberry Variety he wanted – he said “the tastier one” (or rather his wife had)!

Usually Ini does this part. I tell him which ones have been purchased and he gets them and bags them up for me. We double check the order and seal it up.

Screen Shot 20181228 at 2.50.58 PM.png makes it easy for vendors to check their orders and find the buyer’s address and email easily.

This time we threw in an extra blackberry plant (per our Holiday offering!) & some extra freebie Sunchokes for Nate as he’s sooo stoked on them and on growing his permaculture planting, we wanted to contribute!

Sunchokes, Pink Crispy (pink ones) & Lola (nobby ones) thrown in as a bonus!

Next we ship them out and update the order information on the website confirming that we shipped them and adding a tracking # (just like we do on Etsy or Ebay).

Decentralized Community Supported Business

But this is better than selling on Ebay or Etsy. We know the Steem Community and it’s a great group of people.

While doing business online, you never know who you’re going to interact with. We’ve had buyers who have lied to us (on whether they received their order) and other interesting dealings. It’s great to do business with people within the community. There is a degree of reputability in the mix and also the desire to be good to one another. This can transform “business as usual.”

We’re all doing our best here to make the process as friendly and easy as possible. It’s kinda like sending something to family- there’s a real feeling here that everyone wants each other to succeed and thrive and it’s an honor to provide goods that our community members desire!

It’s been great that @sagescrub has been so flexible receiving community feedback about @homesteaderscoop! They have been incredible to work with and that same community vibe has been flowing with them making this more than a business venture, but truly a new model, as can be seen in this post written by @sagescrub through the Co-op where they talk about this new model. Do yourself a favor and give it a read! How do we heal our relationship with money? Community.