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USD side by side with STEEM and SBD – An ethical marketplace

We are excited to offer USD as a payment option at Homesteaders Co-op. This means that customers can shop for ethical, sustainable, handmade goods with credit card or paypal, in addition to STEEM and SBD.

Many vendors in our marketplace have already opted to accept USD as a payment method. The nice thing about our website is that you can filter product results by USD, STEEM or SBD based on your preference. Or you can leave the default setting of “All” currencies if you want to see what products are available in any currency.


USD allows us to bridge two worlds

Our vendors can offer their goods to an audience that prefers transacting in USD. Our marketplace is now open to customers that don’t even know what steem is – they can easily transact in USD.

With USD we remain a Free marketplace

We still do not take any commission from our vendors. Any credit card or paypal transaction goes straight to our vendors’ paypal accounts.

Free is Empowering

  • Vendors are empowered to have all of their profit without losing any to commissions.
  • Vendors are empowered to receive payment transactions directly from customers.
  • We are not a middleman in the finances.

Credit Card Payments don’t require PayPal accounts

Customers can support vendors with USD purchases by using their credit card. While credit card transactions go through PayPal for processing, customers do not need to sign up to PayPal.


Support Free Markets, Support Ethical Vendors

Please consider browsing our marketplace and looking for vendors that you want to support. Purchasing from our vendors supports ethical commerce, it supports individual artesians, it supports families and you receive products that have been imbued with passion, love and hard work.

Profits go Directly to Vendors – There is No Profit Pyramid

When you purchase with USD, STEEM or SBD profits go directly to the vendor. There is no corporate hierarchy. There is no fat cat sitting at the tip sifting commissions into a coffer. This is akin to buying produce at a farmers market. At the farmers market you hand money directly to the farmer’s hands. This is exactly the same, except we are online, worldwide and revolutionizing e-commerce by slowing it down and looking at what really matters and cutting out the fat.

Explore our Marketplace:

We are a new marketplace. There are two things we need a lot of help with right now:
  1. Supporting our Vendors with purchases in USD, STEEM and SBD
  2. Telling people about our marketplace. Friends, family, colleagues who have never heard of an ethical online marketplace. Our steem audiences. Please share the word!


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Growing a Homesteaders Co-op!

Hi there… welcome to 2019

In case you haven’t met me before, I’m @thistle-rock, the newest contributor to @homesteaderscoop. I’ll post more about myself in a soon-to-be future post, but today, as we begin this great new year, I’d like to talk about the Homesteaders Co-op!

Do you even know what Homesteaders Co-op is? Well, here’s the scoop

Homesteaders Co-op is a new online marketplace where steemit homesteaders can offer their products (to anyone) in exchange for SBD tokens.

The idea was born out of Seeds of Abundance. [@sagescrub] began working on a website for Seeds of Abundance [in August, 2018] and the first priority was being able to accept SBD tokens in the shopping cart. After being able to accept SBD payments we realized we needed to share this with other homesteaders. Thus Homesteaders Co-op was born.

Did you know?

Did you know you can purchase the most wonderful natural and home-made items at Homesteaders Co-op?

That’s right, you can! Everything from tinctures to honey to textiles to dried flower creations, jewelry, paper items and more… and the list is growing bigger as new homesteaders are set to come on board with their new unique shops…. and ahem… I shall be one of them…. so excited!

Now accepting three payment options

Yes, you read that right! The fantastic thing about the new Homesteaders Co-opis that we now are accepting three different payment methods to suit your burning to desire to purchase that one special item. The Co-op vendors accept Steem, SBD and USD.

It’s such a unique opportunity to be able to use a variety of currencies to get what you want. No more worrying about cash if you’ve got Steem available to you, and vice versa.

Meet the Homesteaders

All the vendors are fabulous! Each have their own unique flair and all are striving for a better world. They have the desire and the mindset towards sustainability, homegrown, ethically sourced, and hand-made products, as much as is possible within our modern times.

Hardworking individuals and families who see potential in preserving our earth the way it should be, for today and for the future, and finding benefits in the natural sources Mother Nature offers us.

The vendors are committed to the Steem blockchain and are committed to its success along with the success of Homesteaders Coop, otherwise, they would not partake in such a unique new venture accepting SBD as payment.

Here’s a rundown on who’s who and who’s coming on board:

Shops already open:

  • Seeds of Abundance, brought to you by @sagescrub. Currently offering seeds which provide beauty, natural medicine and wild nutrition. Based in Oregon, United States
  • Bees by Prof. Bromide, brought to you by @professorbromide. Currently offering raw whole comb pressed honey. Based in Virginia, United States
  • Mountain Jewel, brought to you by @mountainjewel. Currently offering tinctures and plants. Based in Missouri, United States
  • The Gentle Soul, brought to you by @sagescrub. Currently offering hand dyed textiles. Based in Oregon, United States
  • The Tinker Tribe, brought to you by @makinstuff. Currently offering up-cycled beer bottle emergency candles and t-shirts. Based in Alabama, United States
  • The Walkerland Mercantile, brought to you by @walkerland. Currently offering e-Books for DIY. Based in New Brunswick, Canada
  • Idyllwild, brought to you by @sagescrub. Currently offering homegrown and handmade dried flower arrangements. Based in Oregon, United States
  • Viggi Handmade, brought to you by @irenethemachine. Currently offering handmade zipper pouches. For every item purchased, twenty trees are planted. Based in Netherlands
  • Fleming Family Farm, brought to you by @flemingfarm. Currently offering vegetable glycerin. Based in Washington, United States
  • drapis, brought to you by @drapis. Currently offering honey. Based in Portugal
  • The Little Worm Farm, brought to you by @quochuy. Currently offering Worm Starter Mix, Fly Larvae, and free educational e-Books. . Based in New South Wales, Australia
  • Weave to Empower, brought to you by @trucklife-family. Currently offering hand-dyed kimonos, wall hangings, and cushion covers. Based in Granada, Spain
  • Kelly Moody (of sedge and salt), brought to you by @ofsedgeandsalt. Currently offering Bitters and Elixirs. Based in Virginia, United States
  • Celestial Creations, brought to you by @celestialcow. Currently offering handmade jewelry. Based in Barcelona, Spain

In the Works:

  • Pepper Family Homestead, brought to you by @papa-pepper. Will be offering a variety of seeds including popcorn, Chinese noodle bean, and birdhouse gourds. Based in Arkansas, United States
  • Thistleworks Designs, brought to you by @thistle-rock. Will be offering a variety of products including hand designed and sewn goods for the home and garden, painted items, and e-colouring pages. Based in Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Eco Curios, brought to you by @allyinspirit. Will be offering handmade containers and ornaments made from natural materials embedded into rice papers, recycled hemp fabric and kombucha scobys. Based in Sydney, Australia

Soon to be on board:

A Brand New Year with a Great New Outlook

Starting up business is no easy task. Through this project, @sagescrub has made it both possible and easy for vendors, bringing together a vast group from all corners of the world who, with his vision and each of their individual skills and expertise, are so willing for you to have the opportunity to join them as they offer you a fantastic selection of wares. And from what I have already seen, you will not be disappointed.

Being such a new venture, the vendors are busily adding inventory to their shops. What each vendor lists may only be a small part of what they will soon be offering in the future and some items may not yet be listed. I highly recommend you check back often to view their offerings before you miss out.

Head on over to Homesteaders Co-op today, browse around, find your favourite product, and show some love and support to these hard working homesteaders whose ultimate goal is to make the world a better place.

I’ll see you next time when I introduce myself and my shop to you.


How an order from Homesteaders Co-op works: part 1

Hey y’all! Nate again. Merry Christmas!

I just made my second order from Homesteaders Co-op last night, and I figured it’d be good to make a couple posts with @mountainjewel (who’s shop I ordered from) about the process of making an order from the perspectives of the buyer and the seller.

Since my first order@sagescrub has changed some things in the process.

Most notably, the pricing is now in USD. It’s not a payment option, but that’s an easier way for the vendors to price their goods. It is tied to an exchange that updates the steem/SBD price hourly. And yes, you can now pay in steem too! This will be good when we are experiencing that beloved crypto volatility, to prevent a product from being priced in a straight crypto price that could mean a seller sells you a $20 product for 38¢ or to keep you from paying $76.23 for the same product.


I don’t know if it’s part of the pricing system, but a billing address is now required separately from the shipping address. I imagine these can both be entered falsely in the name of anonymity if that’s a concern for you because it’s still paid in crypto, which isn’t tied at all to your physical address. Ain’t that kind of liberty cool?

So, what did I order?


Photo stolen from their listing on the Co-op

Well, I’ve been eyeing their Thornless blackberry bushes for a while. When I cashed out the last of my mined ETH to SBD, the goal was to buy the blackberries, and I had just enough! If you follow @mountainjewel, you probably saw their post about the blackberries shortly before they left for their meditation. In it, they said that they’d throw in another crown if you mentioned seeing it in their blog.

That post was a while ago, but I figured I’d mention it just in case. And since it’s Christmas day, I’m not in a big hurry and definitely don’t want to rush anyone over the holidays.


Other than the small differences in pricing and checking out, the transfer went the same. SteemConnect popped up and I put in my key. Done just as fast and simple as any steem transfer you’ve ever done. Oh yeah, and I did the whole thing on my phone as indicated by the screenshots. Couldn’t be simpler.

What are my plans with all those blackberries?

Well, I want them for the food forest, of course! But I’m also going to plant some out front. I want to make a little fruit picking place for families to come. I remember as a kid there was a place close to our house that would let people come pick berries on their property, and I’d love to be able to let people do the same here. I’ll add a couple fruit trees in the process too. Community and all that jazz, right? It’ll be neat to offer something like that that’s in line with the third permaculture ethic: equitable sharing.

Be watching to hear from @mountainjewel soon about their end of the process! I’m sure it’ll be a good one, as always!

Be blessed.
Be fruitful.
Stay relevant.


@nateonsteemit is a budding permie in North Texas. Family man and welder by trade, his goals inside permaculture are the advancement of Liberty and saving a few bucks. Check his intro to the Co-op here.