Community. As humans, we cannot live without community.

Gardeners, homesteaders, herbalists, writers, nature lovers, preppers, crafters, survivalists, permaculturalists (and more) enjoy coming together at steem, a social blogging platform. Steem provides a safe space to congregate around our shared passions and interests.

Our Steem communities are as diverse as our interests as individuals.

As we share our interests, our hobbies, our lives’ challenges, our joys, our activities and our knowledge we are rewarded by fellow community members through interaction and reciprocation.

Many of us are inspired to continue sharing, continue growing as individuals, to challenge ourselves and create a better world together.

Our Homesteaders Co-op, represented in part by this website and marketplace, is a community. It was formed by individuals gathering together to support each other and help each other have more economic opportunities. Read more about the Homesteaders Co-op Community here.

There are other Steem communities that relate to gardening, homesteading, sustainability or similar topics. We understand that diversity is important and so we encourage our members to thrive by interacting and associating with communities that speak to them! Please visit some of our favorite communities by browsing the links in the Community menu on the left (in desktop) or towards the bottom of this page (in your mobile device).