Contest: Find and Review a Homesteader’s Shop – 14 total SBI in rewards

This contest is all about highlighting some of the amazing individuals and families that have setup shops at Homesteaders Co-op!

Our vendors are making an effort in one way or another to incorporate sustainability into their handmade products and/or their lifestyles. We want to let a larger audience know about their hard work, who they are, their beautiful products and what they are doing to make a difference in our world! Their efforts deserve to be seen!


This is where you come in.

By reviewing a vendor you will help support an individual or a family by letting more people know about their efforts. You will help us spread the word about our community project. And you’ll be entered into our contest for a chance to be rewarded! Its a win-win for everyone!


  • The top 10 entries will receive 1 share of SBI (Steem Backed Income)
  • The best review (by subjective choice) will receive 5 total SBI


  1. Choose one vendor from Homesteaders Co-op to review.
  2. Highlight the vendor in your own words. You can include things like:
    • Who are they?
    • Where are they located and where do they ship to?
    • What are their personal and professional qualities?
    • What is special about their products?
    • Are they making efforts to make our world better?
    • How does sustainability play a component in their business?
    • Why might someone want to support their efforts with a purchase?
  3. Feel free to reference posts in the vendor’s steem blog if it helps support your review.
  4. Include a link to the vendor’s online store.
  5. (Optional) Choose a vendor that hasn’t already been reviewed yet!
  6. (Optional) Choose one or two additional vendors you would like to highlight at the end of your review with a brief mention about why they stand out to you and a link to their stores.
  7. Include your review post link in the comments of this post so that I can find it!

What I am looking for

I’ll be looking for entries that make a genuine effort to highlight our of our vendors. These are real people making a real effort to make a living. Reviews that I feel are not making a genuine effort to show support will not be included in the running.

Links and References

Contest Deadline

This contest will run for two weeks. The deadline is Tuesday, January 22nd 8 pm UTC (12 pm PST)

Good luck everyone 🙂 Have fun with it!


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