Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Homesteader?

The term Homesteader is used somewhat loosely. The modern use of the word typically refers to someone that is trying to live sustainably. This can be achieved through a variety of ways such as growing one’s own food, living self sufficiently and creating tools, clothes or products from home-grown, local or otherwise sustainable resources.

Historically homesteaders were synonymous with settlers. Modern homesteaders live in a different context and can be rural or suburban. Most modern homesteaders would find it difficult to achieve 100% self sufficiency alone. A more sustainable approach to homesteading is finding strength in community and sharing resources, products, skills, labor and food in order to achieve a greater level of sufficiency and sustainability as a group than they would alone.

While historically homesteading was a lifestyle governed by necessity in order to survive, modern homesteading is often fueled by ethics and passion for living a sustainable lifestyle in contrast to a modern world filled with waste of natural resources, pollution and other problems. In most cases homesteading doesn’t pay very well and so you can be sure many homesteaders are committed to their lifestyle based on their values.

What is the Homesteader’s Co-op?

Homesteader’s Co-op is an online marketplace that brings homesteaders together on one website to offer their goods and services for sale to the public. In true homesteading fashion a community effort will benefit everyone involved. Since most homesteaders are individuals, mom & pops or family run there is not a lot of extra time available for marketing products. We hope that this website gives all homesteaders greater exposure for their products than they would receive otherwise.

Do you accept International orders?

Our vendors reside worldwide. It is up to each vendor to choose whether they will ship their orders outside of their country of origin. Please visit individual vendor store pages in order to learn where they are located and what their shipping policies are. You are also welcome to contact vendors directly in order to inquire about their shipping policies.

What is STEEM/SBD?

STEEM & SBD are the blockchain tokens that fuel the steem social blogging platform. People are rewarded STEEM & SBD for blogging and interacting on the steem platform.

There is a thriving community of homesteaders (as well as many other diverse communities) working together on the steem platform in order to share information, knowledge, and inspiration with each other. Not every homesteader lives in a thriving local community of homesteaders that they can learn from or interact with. Many homesteaders have found a community together on steem where they can learn and thrive together, sharing common passions and interests.

We wanted to create this Homesteaders Co-op to help steem homesteaders have a marketplace to sell their goods for STEEM and SBD (as well as USD). We hope that many homesteaders will find this marketplace useful as a tool for pursuing economic self sufficiency.

Furthermore we believe there are many STEEM and SBD token holders that would be interested in purchasing products made by homesteaders and thus supporting local, sustainable, small scale production.

How secure is my personal and financial information?

Our vendors use PayPal to accept USD purchases. Since customers transact directly with our vendors (rather than sending money to us on their behalf) we do not need to collect any billing information. Any billing information that customers need to supply to make a transaction is between the customer and PayPal. We simply do not need to know your billing address.

Likewise one of the many benefits of working with the STEEM and SBD tokens is that we do not need to collect billing information such as billing address or credit card information. We don’t collect steem private keys (passwords). In order to facilitate STEEM / SBD transactions we rely on SteemConnect which means your password is only ever shared with the steem system. Furthermore if you don’t trust SteemConnect you can manually transact with our vendors directly from your wallet; it would just require some extra communication between you and the vendor.

You can be sure that your financial information is safe with us because we don’t collect it! We do however collect your email address and your shipping address (we will share that information with the vendor(s) that are fulfilling your order).

Can I shop with Tokens other than STEEM / SBD?

We are considering supporting other tokens / cryptocurrencies in the future.

However, at this time we are only accepting the STEEM & SBD tokens. It is possible that you can contact a vendor directly and inquire if they would be willing to accept other tokens or currencies. In the case that they are willing to accept another token or currency from you they would be transacting with you outside of the Homesteaders Co-op website.

How can I acquire STEEM/SBD in order to shop with them?

There are a few options:

  1. The best way to acquire STEEM is to sign up to and start posting or curating unique content to earn STEEM. This is the easiest and safest way to acquire STEEM but will likely take you some time and investment into the platform to build your reputation and accumulate STEEM (that’s not bad – good things take time).
  2. You can convert your other common blockchain tokens or cryptocurrencies to STEEM or SBD with a service such as blocktrades. You will still need a STEEM wallet (steem account) in order to receive your converted tokens in STEEM or SBD. Once you have your tokens, utilize the steem wallet for transacting with Homesteaders Co-op vendors.
  3. Short of that you can acquire STEEM/SBD on any number of cryptocurrency exchanges by exchanging your favorite cryptocurrency/token or FIAT money for STEEM or SBD, and then transferring your STEEM/SBD to your steem wallet by way of your exchange’s withdrawal function.

Each of the above options requires knowledge about using, acquiring, transacting and most especially safeguarding your digital tokens by keeping your private keys safe and secure. We cannot offer any advice on those topics since we are not financial advisors. Since one does not rely on any third party to hold one’s STEEM/SBD and keep it safe, it is up to everyone as individuals to do their own due diligence, research and understand how the technologies work before deciding to acquire, transact or hold STEEM/SBD or any other blockchain token/cryptocurrency.