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    Hailee Valley

    I also am trying to reduce waste and live simply. My heart yearns for this so very much I don’t think I can contain myself.

    Limiting what I eat is one of the first things I do personally. It doesn’t feel to me that I need to eat so much and I
    think maybe it’s just because I try and consume simple foods and not a lot of junk. Yesterday night I had a dandelion

    I make sourdough bread; so I don’t have to buy bread that needs to be shipped. The flour bags that I buy are compostable
    or recyclable.

    There’s been fun and purpose in my purchasing old pretty cookie tins for a quarter or fifty scents and bake cookies etc. and share around in our community.

    For typical food that I like to make, it’s often soup or stews made with beans and whatever.

    Currently I’m working on growing and upgrading a lot of lovage, broccoli and tomatoes. The season is short here like @Heather Johnsgaard. The tomatoes
    we can really only grow because Dave, my husband built a greenhouse. I’ve even got a few Watermelon plants started from seeds.

    I need to close this off now because I could go on… but anyways, I’m so happy to know that other people are trying to do this very same
    thing. Good for you!!!

    Look for me on Steemit. I’m Hailee Valley.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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