Homesteaders Co-op | Vendor’s Perspective on Orders Part 2

Just a few days ago @nateonsteemit wrote about his experiencing ordering from us through the @homesteaderscoop. You can find his awesome post here.

Here we are, @mountainjewel, bringing you Part 2- our side of that transaction and what it’s like for the vendor!


Thornless Blackberries for Nate and his family ready to be packaged


First off, @sagescrub has done a fantastic job making this very easy for us. In fact, it’s so easy, I get an email in my inbox letting me know when someone makes a purchase! As the prices are now automatically updated based on the current price of the different currencies, there’s no work for us there on that end and the payment goes directly into our Steem Wallets (he is working something out for PayPal in the future.)

Screen Shot 20181228 at 2.45.50 PM.png

Transaction is transparent and stored on the blockchain’s impermeable ledger making business dealings clear, indisputable & efficient.

It’s as simple as any other marketplace, really. We’ve also sold on Etsy and Ebay and it’s comparably streamlined!

Packing & Shipping

Once the order comes in, we start packing it up! For Nate’s order that meant checking in with him on which Thornless Blackberry Variety he wanted – he said “the tastier one” (or rather his wife had)!

Usually Ini does this part. I tell him which ones have been purchased and he gets them and bags them up for me. We double check the order and seal it up.

Screen Shot 20181228 at 2.50.58 PM.png makes it easy for vendors to check their orders and find the buyer’s address and email easily.

This time we threw in an extra blackberry plant (per our Holiday offering!) & some extra freebie Sunchokes for Nate as he’s sooo stoked on them and on growing his permaculture planting, we wanted to contribute!

Sunchokes, Pink Crispy (pink ones) & Lola (nobby ones) thrown in as a bonus!

Next we ship them out and update the order information on the website confirming that we shipped them and adding a tracking # (just like we do on Etsy or Ebay).

Decentralized Community Supported Business

But this is better than selling on Ebay or Etsy. We know the Steem Community and it’s a great group of people.

While doing business online, you never know who you’re going to interact with. We’ve had buyers who have lied to us (on whether they received their order) and other interesting dealings. It’s great to do business with people within the community. There is a degree of reputability in the mix and also the desire to be good to one another. This can transform “business as usual.”

We’re all doing our best here to make the process as friendly and easy as possible. It’s kinda like sending something to family- there’s a real feeling here that everyone wants each other to succeed and thrive and it’s an honor to provide goods that our community members desire!

It’s been great that @sagescrub has been so flexible receiving community feedback about @homesteaderscoop! They have been incredible to work with and that same community vibe has been flowing with them making this more than a business venture, but truly a new model, as can be seen in this post written by @sagescrub through the Co-op where they talk about this new model. Do yourself a favor and give it a read! How do we heal our relationship with money? Community.

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