Homesteaders – Living Naturally, Newsletter. 15th May 2019

Welcome back to another newsletter. For all those who celebrated Mother’s Day over the weekend, I hope you had a lovely one, whether it was being pampered by your children (human or not) or spending quality time with your own mothers.

Things happening in the community.

Have you ever thought of selling your ethically produced products? Here’s how the Homesteaders Co-op has been going these last few months with getting sales for its vendors. It’s a community effort which is blossoming.

It looks like it’s been a while since @pennsif has had a chance to update on the @altlife account. He’s been busy with work on the promotion and reporting of what is happening on the Steem blockchain. Thank you @pennsif for all your hard work in this area.

The @ecotrain is as busy as always. The last challenge on making use of waste and abundance has closed with a round up of all the posts. A perfect place to get lots of ideas on dealing with those excesses. The new Question of the Week is now in motion and entries can be made until 22nd May.

@naturalmedicine‘s fortnightly challenge is still open until 17th May, so if you were planning on an entry, there is still time.

Also, For the Love of Comments is still open for entries until Friday. This time there are chances of prizes for all, no matter what your SP is. The delegation prize will still go to someone with less than 500 SP, so if you know anyone who deserves it (yourself included), drop a comment on the post.

Welcoming Newcomers


I’m excited to introduce @omnivori, who arrived on Steem last month. They have a website and produce grubs for pet food. If you can stomach the idea, they are looking into food-grade grubs for people consumption too! I hope you can find some time to look at what they are doing and give their latest post some love.

Some highlights of the week


Bokashi composting seems to be getting quite popular lately. If you’re wanting to learn more about this composting method @dynamicgreentk will help out with his post here.


Sometimes as growers of food plants, we can forget that flowers play an important role too. @lizziesworld tells us a bit about how useful alyssum can be in the vegetable garden.


@cryptohustlin is starting a conversation on intentional communities. Something I think many readers might find interesting or have some thoughts to contribute to.


@homesteadhippy is at it again with a tempting strawberry glazed scone recipe.

Thank you for stopping by. This week’s newsletter was brought to you by @minismallholding.

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