Homesteaders – Living Naturally, Newsletter. 8th May 2019

This week feels like it’s been quieter than usual on the posting front. Perhaps it’s getting busy in the real world for homesteaders and gardeners. Whatever you’re all doing, I hope you are fruitful!

Things happening in the community.

Well, @naturalmedicine certainly seems busy at the moment, so if the activity is low in your feed, perhaps see what they are up to. There is @musing, meditating, contest giveaways and much more.

@ecotrain has a new popup question and there is still a little time to get entries in for the abundance/waste challenge.

In regular contests, we have @wildhomesteading‘s weekly challenge for sharing how you’ve been gardening while working with nature.

Welcoming Newcomers


A new arrival at the beginning of this year was @sappergardener, who has posted again after a long break. I hope we continue to see more from them.

Some highlights of the week


First up @digitaldan teaches us a bit about leatherworking in this step by step on how he made a knife sheath.


@sagescrub have been adding spring flowers to their gardens. I never realised what an amazing choice of unusual flowers there are for adding some colours to the garden as it comes out of winter.


@byronmushrooms give some simple, yet effective tips on giving cuttings the best possible chances of rooting when placed directly in the ground.


From @jennimorrillo comes a sweet/salty dish of Creole Cheesecake. Now I just need to figure out what Creole cheese is.

Thank you for stopping by. This week’s newsletter was brought to you by @minismallholding.

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