HSCO Featured Vendor of the Week | Meet “Elamental Earth”.


Hello, it’s @SenorCoconut once again,

Today, we’re asking a few questions to reflect the ethics and ideologies of one vendor at HSCO: Elamental Earth (@ElAmental on steemit)!

Building a community is about clear communication and the willingness to support one another. As Homesteaders Co-op grows, we must keep in mind that the complexity and diversity of its moving parts may also expand, so here we are helping this free market stay running smooth together.

We found it essential for the good of everyone to highlight the vendors of the HSCO market place. Wouldn’t be nice to know the individuals and families offering their goods and services a little more?

Every week vendors are featured on the web site. As a community, we thought that every week, we should feature these vendors here on the Steem blockchain (@HomesteadersCoop) to give everyone that much more exposure.

It takes a village to raise a child, because when people help eachother life is easier for everyone involved.

This interview a bit differently as it is in video format.. yeah DTube!!!! But for those of you who aren’t into watching videos I have highlighted and paraphrased @ElAmental‘s answers below.

Without further ado, here are a few question I’ve conjured up… let’s meet Elamental Earth: Click pic or link below to play

▶️ DTube

Question 1 (0:30 sec):
Tribe, Music, Earth Deeds, Gardening and I see a lot of art coming from you too. Can you tell us what drives you to create so much?

Tapping into esoteric realm for ispiration, I have been creative since a young age… once it’s time to create, it’s time to cteate!

Question 2 (4:30 min):
Looking through your steemit blog one can see you care tremendously for our planet. In your store bio at homesteaders co-op, there’s mention of your products being created using the most eco-friendly processes available, can you explain to the audience why this is important to you please?

We use organic unbleached cotton… and soon we’ll use hemp. We must know the importance of herbal dyes because we are transdermal creatures.

Leading by example, creating in ways that aren’t damaging to the planet, the community or the people that are interacting with the products.

I want there to be nothing but positive energy influence and substance into all my creations.

Question 3 (7:20 min):
I would like to talk a little bit about Earth deeds. It seems to be an initiative that can influence a lot of people to be more eco-friendly. Could you tell us about what “Earth Deeds” is to you? How did it come to fruition and perhaps what were your intentions when it all started?

The idea of #Earthdeeds started when I was fixing a flat tire, using a plug. The point was to avoid the “trickle down domino effect” of the factory fabricating a new tire when this one can be fixed instead of being discarded.

Posting about the things we do to help the environment influences others to report on what they do to save the earth.

The ultimate goal for #Earthdeeds is to increase the planet healing effect of what you’re already doing for Earth.

Question 4 (11:20 min):
I’ve seen some wonderful “how to” videos on growing cannabis, you make it look easy. As the world is slowly getting out of thinking this topic is taboo, can you please inform us on how cannabis (under its many different forms) can change our world? What kind of environmental impact could it have?

Growing cannabis is more difficult than it seems, there’s a lot to know and it is recommended to apprentice under a “Master Grower”.

“Backyard Cannabis” is a series that was started recently and it is a sort of a “growing for dummies” video guide.

Hemp to reverse the green house effect and save the wolrd by Jack Hairer, explains the whole idea behind hemp and how it could benefit the planet.

In short hemp/cannabis can save the world.

Question 5 (19:20 min):
You’ve used the term “eco-conscious practitioner“, can you tell us what that is and how it reflects to your everyday life?

It’s about living a life and having daily actions that are allined with environmental activism.

I don’t litter and sometimes I intentionally go out to pick up trash, I recycle.

Money from returned bottles goes into a water tree to have a reverse osmosis 9 stage remineralised water.

Being an eco practitioner simply means living your life in the best way possible that helps the earth. Being aware of how your everyday life effects the environmen, improving the effects and decreasing your carbon foot print.

We don’t have to change the whole world, start with our own world…. once a lot of people’s world change they wil connect and we will change the whole world!


I may have buchered that last thing you said in the video a little but that’s what I got out of it and I do believe it is true, the most important change starts right at home!!!

Thank you for taking this inteview, it was great to have a peak into your life. You are definitely a Eco Warrior… I know a lot of people talk the talk, but judging from your blog and everything you do with Erth Tribe and Erth Deeds we can also see that you walk the walk too!!!

Keep up the good fight…

Please do have a look at what @ElAmental is doing, through his blog and if you like to have eco-concious items in your wardrobe do have a look at his HSCO Shop

Thank you for reading and/or watching, I sincerely hope you found some inspiration for sustainability 💚. Have a good day and untill next time…

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