Of Sedge and Salt, Nomadic Apothecary Shares Knowledge + Herbal Elixers

Thank you @ofsedgeandsalt for joining Homesteaders Co-op as one of our newest vendors! @ofsedgeandsalt is offering some really wonderful services to our community here on steem. She runs a regular podcast called Ground Shots which covers topics like herbalism, wildcrafting, ecology and more. I’ve listened to two of her episodes so far and have really enjoyed the knowledge, topics and guest interviews very much!

I also highly recommend checking out @ofsedgeandsalt‘s website – https://www.ofsedgeandsalt.com/ – where you will find plant profiles, AMAZING photography, herbal wisdom, podcast archives as well as her online store. What’s more, I recommend subscribing to her newsletter if her content interests you. I just received the latest edition and was blown away by the love and effort she put into sharing more knowledge, books, resources and more. Thank you so much @ofsedgeandsalt!!!

@ofsedgeandsalt now accepts STEEM and SBD for her apothecary goods


She goes by Kelly Moody on Homesteaders Co-op and has already uploaded two of her handcrafted herbal medicines to her store. I highly recommend taking a look!

In her own words:

Much of the past decade she has spent living in different places and studying plants, ecology and craft, writing about the land, growing food and herbs, or honoring her wanderlust by traveling cross country in various incarnations.

She received a B. A. in Philosophy and Religious Studies in 2009 from Christopher Newport University in Virginia. For over a decade she has studied herbal medicine, ecology and botany with teachers like Rebecca Golden, Paul Strauss, Chip Carrol, Luke Learningdeer, Marc Williams among many others. She apprenticed with Rebecca Golden in Brattleboro, VT of Earth Angel Herbals in 2010 and interned with the United Plant Savers at the Goldenseal Sanctuary in Rutland, Ohio in 2012. She apprenticed with Juliet Blankespoor and attended the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine in Asheville, NC in 2013. She helped manage the gardens and vegetable CSA at Dancing Springs Farm outside of Asheville, NC from 2014-2016. She studied book arts and paper making at Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina and with elder medieval bookbinder Jim Croft in rural Idaho. She has attended a handful of artist residencies and workshops including most recently Signal Fire’s Wide Open Studios in 2017. Her teaching over the years has included classes on hide tanning, plant ID, wild foods, medicine making, natural dyes, nutrition and gardening.

You can browse Kelly Moody’s (@ofsedgeandsalt‘s) products at: https://homesteaderscoop.com/store/ofsedgeandsalt/

@ofsedgeandsalt is based out of United States but not in one spot – she is nomadic, living on the road with a small footprint and takes her business with her where ever she goes! 


Learn more about Of Sedge and Salt: https://homesteaderscoop.com/store/ofsedgeandsalt/

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