Our Community Logo

Nature is Our Home

The tree is a symbol of nature. As homesteaders we recognize that we humans are not only reliant on nature for our well being, we are part of nature! This knowledge helps us realize the need to take responsibility to live with more respect towards nature and living more sustainably.


When we look to nature as family we treat plants, animals, air and water with respect and responsibility, rather than seeking what we can gain from nature. Likewise viewing our human counterparts as family helps us find respect and responsibility in our relationships rather than looking only for personal gain.


Healthy relationships are symbiotic. We strive for symbiosis not only with our fellow humans but also with all the life forms visible and invisible in the natural world.



A tree can provide a habitat for a whole host of communities of mammals, birds, worms, insects, microorganisms and more with food, water, air and shelter. Our human communities rely on all of the natural communities to thrive.


A Love for Nature

We are designing our Co-op based on observations made in nature. We realize that the most helpful mode of competition is through cooperation. If we only focus on competition we lose sight of family and we lose sight of the sacred connections between us all.

Our Homesteaders Co-op is a space where we can honor the connections between ourselves. After all we are all family in our global community. While technically we are all competing with each other, if we have understanding that our peers are our family we want them to succeed alongside us. One individual’s success is the success for us all.

If we only compete our greed will lead to loss of balance. We see this already today in our mainstream consumer culture where we humans are commodified. Homesteaders Co-op is a response to some of the social problems that we face due to greed.

We believe in pursuing a healthy balance of both competition and co-operation between our communities and between our members. Without co-operation we lose touch of the connections between, ultimately, all life.

We can perceive a connection as a channel for obtaining more (money, fame, power, etc) or we can perceive connections as channels for both giving and receiving of support, love, energy. When we recognize and practice symbiosis through our connections we all thrive.


Homesteaders Co-op is a Community

Homesteaders Co-op is a platform for our community to exchange value. Both as a marketplace where goods and services can be exchanged and also as a venue for sharing knowledge, ideals, ethics and inspiration with each other. I see that one of our community’s greatest value is inspiring each other!

Since we are a community we’ve put together our new logo in several formats that can be used by our community, in sharing and promoting our co-op!


Thank you FireFly Creations for Designing this Beautiful Logo!

Working with Freja on designing this new logo is a perfect example of the beauty of community connections! If you love our new logo, visit Freja’s online store, FireFly Creations, and see all of the beautiful artwork that she has available for USD, STEEM and SBD. And you can even commission her to design your next logo or other custom artwork!

FireFly Creations – Arts and Crafts from the Forest