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The debut book from Papa-Pepper. It is a 50 day daily devotional focused on end-time events as revealed in the Bible.

With a simple and easy to understand 50 day reading plan, this book compares some common misconceptions with what is actually revealed in the BIble. PLEASE NOTE THAT AN AUTOGRAPHED COPY IS ALSO AVAILABLE – https://homesteaderscoop.com/product/autographed-copy-of-50-days-to-understanding-the-end-times-more-accurately/

Eschatology, or the study of end-time events as laid forth by the Bible, is often one of the most divisive, intimidating, and misunderstood subjects in modern Christianity.

Unable to make much sense of it on their own, many will simply believe what the theologians or pastors claim to be true, or even worse, they grow apathetic concerning what the Bible says about the days ahead. This 50 day devotional gradually and systematically opens the Bible in an easy to understand and digest manner, revealing what Scripture clearly states while simultaneously exposing the folly and error of some commonly held beliefs. Designed to challenge the reader to really read the Bible for themselves and to empower the reader to truly understand what they read!

A must-read for anyone seriously seeking God’s truth about the end-times. This is the first book ever published by Papa-Pepper!


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  1. Bookerlisa010

    Excellent book so far. I purchased my copy from Amazon before I realized it was available here but I’m just glad I have it. It seems very well written and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. I’m only on day two of the devotionals but love that he just leads you to open your own mind and think for yourself. To really open your heart and understand what the Lord is trying to teach you. Admittedly I am a newly saved person and I am not well versed in scripture but with this book that’s ok. He doesn’t TELL you what to believe or not believe he lets God word speak for itself. He simply shares his thoughts with the reader. I’m excited to read on, as I said as a newly saved person I am just learning. I get confused on the verbiage of the Bible sometimes and don’t have many I can go to for help learning. I don’t beling to a church but I do have one I visit from time to time. I’m disabled and can’t sit for long periods so I go when I’m able. Sorry, I’m getting off track, I just was trying to help explain. Anyway, I would definitely recommend the book. I also wanted to mention something about the integrity of this family. Please bare with me a moment. A few weeks back I placed a seed order from the Peppers. After I placed the order I decided later I wanted to add another item on. I was fully aware I was going to be charged another shipping fee but I wanted it and it was my own fault I was wishy washy on ordering it. Don’t you know, when I got my order I was blessed to find that $4 in cash in an envelope in with my order!!! They took it upon themselves to send it back to me because they were able to send everything as one package. I was dumbfounded! Amazon sure would t do that!! Not certain many would. I am truly grateful and will always do business with this family when they’re offering something I need or want. I just really felt this needed to be mentioned. In this day and age of big corporate America always trying to take advantage of the consumer with over priced garbage and poisoning our food supply it’s a relief to know there really are amazing small business people out there offering a good, clean, honest product!! Thank you Peppers. God Bless you!

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