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Also known as Pot Marigold, Common Marigold, Scotch Marigold. (Not to be confused with Marigold – Tagetes Genus. Although Calendula and Marigold both belong to the Asteraceae family).

Calendula – Calendula officinalis

Life cycle: Annual    /    Ease of propagation: Easy    /    Hardiness zone: 6-10

Also known as Pot Marigold, Common Marigold, Scotch Marigold. (Not to be confused with Marigold – Tagetes Genus. Although Calendula and Marigold both belong to the Asteraceae family).

Calendula is a relatively low growing annual that naturalizes easily. Once you have some growing in your garden, they will reseed and come back year after year. There are several varieties commonly available and some are grown for medicinal qualities while others are grown for their beauty and variations in blossom colors and patterns, which range from pale yellow to peach pink to vivid orange.

This seed mix was collected from medicinal calendulas that were grown in proximity to ornamental calendulas so there may be crosses. But don’t judge a plant by its looks. If you plan to harvest calendula for medicinal purposes, we recommend collecting blossoms with high resin content. Much of the medicinal quality of the calendula lies in the resin which is found on the leaves and sepal part of the flower. You can tell the resin content by the “stickiness” that you feel when touching the plant.

Calendula is both edible and medicinal. Calendula leaves are quite nutritious and loaded with minerals and we often used both calendula petals and leaves in our salads. In England calendula flowers used to be dried in bulk and eaten throughout the winter time. The flowers were added into stews and soups in order to help build immunity and ward off colds. Calendula doesn’t stop with immunity by any means. It has the ability to remove the swelling from stagnant lymph nodes as well as treating external wounds. Calendula is often used as a home remedy in the form of an oil or salve to treat cuts, bites, and stings.

Calendula also is an excellent companion plant in the garden! It will help prevent pests by attracting hover flies to the garden, which predates on aphids. Of course the bright orange blossoms are also very attractive to bees.

Calendula prefers a sunny location and can thrive in most soil types. It is not frost sensitive so it may have longer seasons in warmer climates. Bloom time is from late spring/early summer right through hard frost. Like with many flowers bloom time can be maximized by deadheading the flowers, which will happen if you regularly harvest of your medicine :).

Sowing Instructions

Direct seed after last frost, sowing 6 seeds per foot at 1/4″ deep. Then thin to at least 6″ apart.

If sowing indoors, start 4 weeks before last frost, 2 or more seeds per container. Once the seedling has at least two sets of true leaves, thin and transplant outside after the last hard frost.



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