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An incredible long bean with many uses in the kitchen. We’ve grown these since 2016 and have been saving our own seeds. An easy and impressive plant, that can certainly stand the heat of summer. We offer 30 seeds per order.

Chinese Noodle Beans are one of my all time top three garden plants. While I prefer the Chinese Red Noodle Beans, we have also grown the Chinese Green Noodle Beans as well, and will be offering seeds for both.  We’ve been growing Chinese Noodle Beans ever since we moved to the Ozarks, and they quickly became a favorite for our family.

First off, they are very prolific. Moreover, they can used a variety of ways. We like to direct sow them in the spring or early summer. We have also started seedlings and transplanted them, which did work, but I think we’ll only direct sow in the future. They can start off kind of slow, but once they get started, they really take off and produce. We like to trellis ours, and often have them grow on a bent cattle panel, which creates and attractive archway that can make picking them very easy.

Both varieties grow to almost two feet in length, but we find that they are best when harvest earlier, before the beans really form. The bean pod is very thick prior the development of the beans, and makes a fun and tasty vegetable. While we have not yet sold these at farmer’s markets, we believe that they will certainly catch peoples’ eyes. We have enjoyed them raw as is, or mixed in with salads. They are also great in stir-frys, and we enjoy freezing them without even blanching to be used later in the year. Since we were getting so many, I experimented by pickling some just like I would with cucumbers, and they were an instant hit with the whole family. When a garden vegetable is that versatile and productive, it definitely earns a spot on our homestead!

Two other incredible things about these beans that I must mention are the they are very heat tolerant, and they seem to be rather pest resistant. In 2016 I noticed that the Japanese Beetles were shredding a lot of our plants, including the pole beans shown above on the left. However, they seemed to mostly leave the Chinese Noodle Beans alone. If a plant can take the heat and fend off pests on its own, it’s worth having around in my opinion.

If you’ve never grown Chinese Noodle Beans, perhaps this should be your year. I think that they’ve got a lot going for them, and they are honestly one of my top three garden plants that I’ve encountered so far.

30 seeds per order. 100% germination in just three days during our tests.


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  1. @hippygirlco (verified owner)

    We are happy with our purchase of noodle beans. They arrived in little handmade seed packages and even a little more than we expected. We even got a bonus package of seeds we look forward to planting. Our package also included a handwritten note about our order. We appreciate the generosity and quality seeds from this family homestead.

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    Image #1 from @hippygirlco
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  2. SquishySquid (verified owner)

    Great product! Quick shipping, the items were packaged very well. I dearly love the personalized notes and the extra goodies! ♥ Thanks and Ill order again in the future!

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