Composting with Black Soldier Fly Larvae


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This is a downloadable eBook in PDF format.

It is no news, human beings are polluting the planet, one source of pollution being food waste heading to landfills. Being piled up in large amount and lacking of aeration, they start rotting and produce leachate, a highly toxic liquid that can pollute the land, ground water and water ways; the waste is broken down in an anaerobic environment and will eventually release methane, a gas 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

If every household uses a least one type of composting method, we can make a difference. Traditional composting and vermicomposting generally does not include meat or dairy because of the risk of both pathogens and odours. However, these composting methods can be complemented by either Bokashi or by harnessing the natural ability of Black Soldier Flies to break down all manner of waste. This eBook explores what I call BSF Larvicomposting.

Note: this guide does NOT cover mating enclosures.

Table of Contents:


I. Black Soldier Fly

    i. Description

   ii. Identification

  iii. Basic requirements

II. Attracting females and trapping eggs

    i. Egg hunting

   ii. The bait bucket

  iii. Installation of the bait bucket

   iv. Attractants

    v. Starter kits

III. Black Soldier Fly Composting Bin Designs

    i. Commercial bins

   ii. Internet DIY designs

   iii. My under-bed storage box design

   iv. My modified version of Jerry’s design

    v. My inverted pile cap design

IV. BSF compost bin management

    i. Installing the bin

   ii. What can BSFL eat?

  iii. What won’t BSFL eat?

  iii. Feeding method and frequency

  iv. Maintain the basic requirements

   v. Useful ingredients and tools

 V. Harvest and usage

   i & ii. Keep tips & tricks

   iii. Animal feed

   iv. Emptying a BSFL bin

   vi. The frass

VI. Common issues

     i. Other flies species

    ii. Bad odour

   iii. Egg deposited outside near the spigot

   iv. Mass exodus

    v. Not enough food

   vi. Pests and vermin

  vii. Going on holidays


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