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Huge runner beans, heritage Smilyanski beans


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This is an unique heritage variety, cultivated in the Rhodope Mountains! It’s a runner type of bean that grows vigorously and can easily climb 4 meter tall poles in a couple of months. The plants have beautiful scarlet red blossoms and keep flowering until the first frosts. It produces abundantly with little care other than watering. We easily get over 2 kilos of dry beans out of 20 planted seeds.

The beans are very large. When dry, the seeds are easily 2-3 cm long (1 inch!) and when soak for cooking, seeds become 4+ cm long. The local people joke that you have to eat it bean by bean, as there are no spoons big enough for two beans at a time! 🙂

We’ve been selecting only the black and speckled dark brown seeds and planting those only for several years. Still, about 50% of all new beans are white with some speckled purple in the mix as well. They’re also great for kids to play with!

You get 20+ seeds.


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