Hypericum Oil (St John’s Wort) 1 Oz


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Ingredients: Fresh St John’s Wort Flowers infused in Olive Oil with some Vitamin E

Herbal oil used for wounds, scars, burns, nerve pain and other physical pains.

The herbal oil, used topically shines with an aspect of this magical plant’s potency: wound healing. Whether a burn, a wound, old or new scar tissue, inflammation from inflamed sciatic or other nerve troubles, sore muscles after a hard day’s work, arthritis, St John’s Wort oil (long known as Hypericum oil – scientific name Hypericum perforatum) is your ticket!


Simply massage some of this amazing herbal oil into your skin and truly the effects make themselves known quite quickly. I’ve never had nerve pain, but I do know a thing or two about tired and sore muscles and I find quick relief after rubbing some on!


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