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Mullein is a common herb used around the world in a number of ways. While it can be found growing wild in many places, now you can also grow your own at home.

We offer a minimum of 300 seeds per order. These seeds have not been germination tested,

Mullein is a pretty simply wild plant to accurately identify. The fuzzy light green leaves sprout outward from a central base. Eventually, a tall stem will protrude from the center and reach several feet up into the sky. The top then becomes covered in little yellow flowers, which eventually produces tiny little seeds.

Mullein is a biennial plant that lasts two years (usually). The first year it seems to establish its roots and form the low growing leaf cluster. The second year it shoots up the tall stalk and produces first flowers, and then seeds.

The uses for this common plant vary. One traditional use, though it is not as common these days, was to use the leaves for toilet paper. Yes, when people got caught in the wilderness without other options, Mullein was both readily available and an appropriate option to get the job done.

Another interesting use is one that we got exposed to in 2014 after my wife delivered our fourth child in our living room. It was a midwife assisted home water birth, not just something that happened. Anyway, in the process of breastfeeding, sometimes a woman can get some clogged milk ducts. If left untreated, it can cause mastitis, which can turn into a bad infection. One medical option to treat this ailment is antibiotics. When we mentioned the clogged ducts to one of our midwives, she mentioned Mullein as an option. She even gave us some leaves. We crushed the dried leaves and filled a far with them. Then, we poured hot water over the leaves and covered the jar. I can’t remember if we left it steep for a half hour or an hour, but I do remember that it it worked. Apparently, Mullein Tea is a good decongestant because the leaves are a natural expectorant. They also act as a diuretic and a sedative.

Mullein Leaf Tea, or a blended tea containing Mullein leaves, was once a common winter remedy to help with cold and flu season. In some circles, it is regaining popularity these days, and personally, we are fans. The flowers and roots have also been used to treat ear aches.

Each person is different and can react different ways to different plants. They always say to consult your physician first before using herbs for medicinal purposes, so I’ll say the same. 

We offer 300 (minimum) seeds harvested from our own pasture per order. They seeds have not been germination tested.


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