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These are the Green Beans that we’ve been growing for years. They are the vining (pole) variety and not the bush type. I’m not certain of the exact variety, as we’ve had them for years and just keep replanting them each season. If you don’t have any and are looking for some good Pole Green Beans, these ones have worked out well for us for years now. 100% germination in just 6 days during our tests. We offer 30 seeds per order.

These Pole Green Beans have served us well for years. Green Beans basically grow in two ways, either on the compact bushes (bush variety) or on climbing vines (pole variety.) Pole Green Beans do well on trellises, fence-lines, or as a companion plant with taller species like Corn or Sunflowers.

I am not sure of the exact variety of these since we’ve been growing our own and saving seeds for years now. They’ve worked very well for us and save and germinate well, so we figured we’d offer them in case anyone is interested. A limited supply is available, but we are happy to offer.

Whether enjoyed fresh or canned to store for the winter, Green Beans have long been a staple in the diet of many. While the Japanese Beetles can be an issue with these, they tend to stick to the leaves, so we don’t really much in the way of beans.

One great way to get children to eat their vegetables is to let them plant, water, weed, and harvest their own. Our “little peppers” even save their own seeds!

We offer 30 seeds per order. 100% germination in just six days during our tests.


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