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Popping corn seed (popcorn)


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This is a small variety based on “Pennsylvania Butter Flavor” variety, but we’ve grown it for many years and it could not be as true as the original variety. It makes smallish plants with small husks, usually a couple per plant. We grow those with minimal irrigation, no digging, no weeding, no fertility inputs, very little care at all and they still manage to produce enough. As the plants do not grow tall and wide, we plant them close together. Usually its in staggered rows spaced 25 cm and 40 cm between plants.

You will get 50+ seeds, which is usually the amount we plant and have enough popping corn for a family of 4 for the year.

This variety makes small and super tasty popcorn and usually a cup of popped seed leave just a few un-popped in the pan.


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