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Portraits on commission!
I offer portraits of children, wedding couples, yourself, the mayor… or basicly anyone 😉

Portraits on commission!

I offer portraits of children, wedding couples, yourself, the mayor… or basicly anyone 😉

I use pencil, colored pencils or water colors and draw after photos

Prices vary after size and color or black and white. Standard price (80 $) is for A4 color.

I prefer to set the final price in Gift Economy style after the work is done – I tell you the hours spend and cost of material with a suggested price and the customer decides the final price after how well they like the result! We don’t all have equal means and you can never know the result beforehand!

Write me here or send a photo and description to [email protected]


✅ I am open to bartering with other Vendors
✅ I am open to bartering with Customers

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For creations already made, I can process the order immediately (unless I am on a mission in some far away country..!)

For customised orders, expect around one week of production time.

I ship from Denmark, which has around 1 week delivery time to European countries and maybe a few days extra for overseas shipping.

Customer pays for shipping, unless otherwise stated.

Returns & Exchanges

If you are not satisfied with an order, you can return or exchange it, within 2 weeks after the order is received.

Shipping is paid for by the costumer. 

Return policy doesn't apply on customised portraits or digital downloads.

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