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2017 seed, 1 dash (approx 400+ seeds)

This heritage tobacco was given to us by a dear friend from the US where his family cultivated this tobacco for several generations.  We have grown this tobacco for three years and this batch of seeds is from our 2017 harvest.  Tobacco is one of the four sacred medicine used by the Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island.  We grow it for gifts to the people of Treaty 6, ceremonies and offerings when we harvest food and medicine from the bush.  We managed to grow this tobacco in excess of 7 feet but most of the plants are around 5-6 feet tall in Northern Alberta.  We must start the plants inside and then move them out side due to our very short growing season (88 frost free days).  If you want more information on how to grow, harvest or cure tobacco, let us know and we will write a DIY paper that people can download.  The plant produces beautiful small yellow flowers late in the season and the leaves can reach the size of dinner plates but most of them are a bit smaller.


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