RABBIT TOBACCO SEEDS (Pseudognaphalium obtusifolium)


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Rabbit Tobacco AKA Sweet Everlasting is an amazing wild plant that has been used for a wide variety of ailments. An unusual biennial that can be found across Eastern North America.

We offer 100 seeds per order.

Rabbit Tobacco AKA Pseudognaphalium obtusifolium (yeah, that’s why I call it Rabbit Tobacco) is a most peculiar plant that I was first introduced to after moving to the Ozarks. I love learning about new beneficial wild plants, and this one was a pleasure to meet. The more that I looked into it, the more that I appreciated it. Thankfully, we even have some already growing on our land, and have been harvesting it for years now.

The plant itself is an annual flowering herb that can be found across eastern North America. It can be found growing in fields and other undisturbed locations. When the plant dries, the leaved become a silvery color and, when crushed, smell like maple syrup. The plant is especially easy to recognize once it is dry, but once you are familiar with it, it can be located when it is still green. It is not a particularly special wild flower to look at, but what it lacks in luster it makes up for in uses. This is an incredibly useful plant for treating certain ailments. The Native Americans used it medicinally in many ways. From muscle cramps to colds and the flu, this plant is very useful as a tea, or even as something to smoke. Can you imagine smoking something to help with asthma? While that might sound strange, that is what many people still do with Rabbit Tobacco to help their issues. Since the plant has antiviral properties and is claimed to have a positive effect on cancer, I like to use it periodically in some of my tea blends. Rabbit Tobacco is also a diuretic and expectorant. Some even use it as an insect and spider repellent. It seems that the more I look into this plant, the more research and testimonies I find supporting the incredible possibilities of using this plant to help with various health issues. No wonder another common nickname for this plant “Life Everlasting.”

Rabbit Tobacco is a type of cudweed. Cudweeds are annual or biennial plants, which means that they only for a season, or might grow for two consecutive years. With this being the case, the best way to make sure to get a yearly harvest is by collecting the mature flower heads in the fall which contain the fully developed seeds. These seeds can then be sown the following spring to provide you with the plants for the next season.

Any opportunity to grow our own medicine is an opportunity that I would prefer to take advantage of. Having helpful plants available to treat our ailments is a huge blessing, so making sure that Rabbit Tobacco continues to grow on our homestead will be effort well rewarded.

As always, I cannot offer dietary or medicinal advice, so always do your own research and talk to your health care professional.

100 seeds per order.


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  1. Connie Smith (verified owner)

    I was super excited to get my Rabbit Tobacco Seeds. Beautiful packaging shipped fast. Excellent experience!!

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  2. Helen Crowder (verified owner)

    I grew up knowing about rabbit tobacco because grandmother used it to treat my asthma. As a child, I remembered this tea had a great effect on clear up sinus and the asthma faded away. It is a beautiful remedy for allergies.

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