Raw Whole Comb Pressed Honey


38.135 STEEM
16.965 SBD
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Pressed Whole Comb Raw Honey in 250 gram (8.8 oz weight) jars

Our apiary produces raw, unprocessed, all natural, pressed whole comb honey. Cold pressing honey preserves every bit of the floral aroma, beneficial enzymes, and natural pollen that makes honey one of the most widely used traditional medicinal foods.

This is from our July 2018 harvest, so the honey was produced in April, May, and June. The nectar and pollen in this crop comes from Red Maple, Black Gum, Black Locust, Autumn Olive, and Tulip Poplar. It has a deep amber color and vanilla marshmallow base flavor with a light floral character in the aroma.

No honey is truly vegan, but our bees are treated with the upmost respect. We invite feral swarms to inhabit our hives and harvest a modest portion of the honey using the least invasive techniques. The bees have never been treated with drugs, chemicals, or any foreign material.

Limited quantity of 250 gram (8.8 oz weight) jars.

Use flat rate shipping for up to six (6) jars.

Ready to ship in 1-2 business day from United States (US)



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