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One hour Spiritual Mentorship consultation

What is a Spiritual Mentor?

Spiritual Mentors are individuals who have found a level of maturity when it comes to their relationship with them selves and with their own growth, challenges and struggles.  Their life reflects the values, beliefs and customs that they share with others freely.  While they continue on their own path, they are able and willing to help others along their own path, where ever that shall lead.

Spiritual Mentorship is a journey that works to heal our relationship with self, Creator, others and Mother Earth.  It requires a balance approach between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Just as we all had teachers to help us learn a specific subject, parents to guide us when we were young, we too should have a Spiritual Mentor to help challenge us along our individual journeys.  Spiritual Mentors can help provide guidance or share their own wisdom in certain circumstances.  Perhaps there are key skills or knowledge required in order to accomplish specific goals or tasks.  Maybe you are facing some tough choices or feel stuck and need somebody to bounce ideas or share feelings.  A Spiritual Mentor is somebody that can provide that help to guide the individual’s personal growth towards Spiritual Health and helping us fulfill our live purpose.  Spiritual Mentors will hold us accountable, engage with us on an individual basis and help us embrace this physical experience from a Spirit centric modality.

Who am I?

I AM that I AM.  My Spirit Name is White Walking Feather.  My vessel’s name is rob and it was born in the Page family.  I’ve been invited into a tribe as an elder where we plan and facilitate spirit centric healing retreats to help people connect to their heart space, spirit mind and heal along that journey.  We have witnessed miracles along the way and decided to create sacred sharing circles for men, women and mixed groups in the Edmonton & Athabasca areas.  I am an author of the book ‘Graduating Life with Honours’ which can be purchased here.  That book outlines the foundations of my life experiences, beliefs, views and purpose in life.  It is recommended reading for anybody who desires to contact me for Spiritual Mentorship.  I’ve been featured in the hit Youtube documentary UNGRIP, participated in countless online radio shows and I’ve been blogging on the Steem blockchain since October 2017 (www.steemit.com/@wwf).  I also hold a 3rd Dan black belt in the martial art (art of war) of TaeKwonDo and I practice the Pacem Arts (Art of Peace) in an effort to bring balance and peace to my life and this world.  My wife and I have been living off grid since 2007 as we work hard to decolonize our hearts, minds and life by returning back to Mother Earth and exploring a Spirit Centric approach.  As a result of all our efforts, we have been recognized by the nêhiyawin of Treaty Six as the hereditary matriarch and chief gave me a white eagle feather and spirit name.

I’ve shared my life story, views and opinions in the public realm for well over a decade.  In an effort to help individuals who are looking for individual help along their life path, I’ve decided to reach out and provide a framework to facilitate one-on-one mentorship.  This is not a session where I do readings but rather help mentor you through the spiritual path that you are on.



“I was very pleased and excited to hear that White Walking Feather is offering mentoring, for those that are willing to do the work. I am so grateful for all the work he has done, and continues to do. He has knowledge and wisdom that he shares openly in his books and blogs. How generous is that?

A couple years ago, I had a visit from Child Protective Services. It did not go well. I didn’t handle things in a good way. They were pushing me, to have my daughter released into their system. I called WWF immediately. I was shaken. Scared. Knowing that he would understand my situation. Living off grid. Trying to live peacefully.

WWF helped me draw up a letter, mentored me, helped me to grasp and understand what needed to be done, and why. He spoke to my heart. Please know that YOU must do the work. I have heard nothing back from CPS. They heard me.

In my experience, he won’t candy coat things for you. Sometimes you have to get into the trenches, and do the work. I have a great respect for that. I thank you WWF from the bottom of my heart for offering all the tools and knowledge you have shared with us. With much respect and love” – A Northern Earth Mother



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