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A wonderful combination of sweet and heat. A very colorful pepper that can produce massive amounts of peppers. We offer 20 seeds per order.

Each year, I seem to try out a few new varieties. This one I happened upon at a natural food store, where they had some seedlings for sale. Not knowing anything about it, I still wanted to give it a try. It not only did an impressive job in the garden, it also blessed us with a ton of tasty peppers and viable seeds. During our germination tests our seeds reached 95% in just six days! Apparently it was bred by Chris Fowler in Wales, and he credits the pollinating insects with actually creating the breed. It boasts plentiful yields that are ready early, and combines the sweet with the heat. I’ll definitely be growing it again.

It seems that an amount of variation can occur in the size and actual heat. Many growers agree that the color change from light green to peach can take quite a while, but we all seem to think it’s worth the wait. Personally I was really impressed with the amount of peppers each plant produced.

20 seeds per order. 95% germination in just six days during our tests.


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  1. SquishySquid (verified owner)

    Thanks for shipping my seeds so quickly, and with such great packaging! The padded envelope, personalized seed packets, and personal note and bonus seeds were fantastic! Really brought a smile to my face!
    These seeds have just arrived today, so I have not yet sprouted any, but I can tell these seeds are healthy, and I foresee no issues with this. I’m planning on starting them indoors here shortly, and am looking forward to growing peppers from Papa Pepper himself! 😉
    Using SBD to buy seeds is a pretty fantastic way to do business! If you are seed-shopping, I would recommend buying from Papa Pepper. You won’t be disappointed!

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  2. Jackie Smith (verified owner)

    I purchased these SUGAR RUSH PEACH seeds and received them promptly.
    I am excited to grow these beauties, just from the description alone!
    I seeded 6 out of 20 seeds, they all sprouted within 5 days, that is 100% germination!
    I highly recommend these seeds!

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  3. Natacha A. Yearwood (verified owner)

    I watch Papa Pepper on You Tube and really enjoy the way he and his family are living. I’m a beginner gardener and I appreciate a place like this that support small growers. I bought a couple of varieties but these Sugar Tush Pepper seeds are the first ones I planted. Out of 8 seeds planted ALL EIGHT have come up and are THRIVING!! That’s 100% germ rate! That is natural organic care! I cant wait to grow the rest and order some more varieties.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Natacha A. Yearwood
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