“The End” Paperback Edition (Signed)


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Paperback Edition!
Written By Ravenking a.k.a Amithabha Foolking

122 Pages.

Poetry, Spirituality, Contemplation, Consciousness

An alchemical concoction trying to capture moments of  divine insights, clarity, understanding. From pitch black to blinding  light. A tome meant as guide or inspiration in the process of  rediscovering our divinity at the deepest level and then bringing it  back into full expression in the physical.   Dedicated to the Love that courses through every soul and in humble  respect also an offering to Gaia our beautiful planet, may she witness  our transformation as a human race into our highest most loving  potential so that she might become manifest in her highest expression of  paradise.

122 Pages.

Poetry, Spirituality, Contemplation, Consciousness


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