Sales Report – February 2019

We are providing monthly sales reports for our community marketplace in the spirit of transparency.

February’s sales were a lower than January’s $275.75, but March is shaping up to be stronger in the first half, we will see how March finishes. In the meantime here are February’s figures.

All in all we are only 2 1/2 months into our new marketplace and it is exciting to see any sales happening already! As a community we are growing and learning how to market our stores and our marketplace together. Good things are happening and I personally look forward to the months ahead. I am very motivated to see our vendors receiving sales and being rewarded for their hard work and quality offerings.

This post is an update to our fundition project

$206.02 total sales

In February our vendors saw $206.02 in total sales, priced in USD. This number is excluding shipping.

Breakdown by currency


23 orders were paid for

This equates to an average order order value of $8.96

42 items purchased

A total of 42 items were included in those 23 transactions.

The average number of items per order is 1.8 items per order.

100% of the profit is retained

True to our mission to seek empowerment over profit, 100% of funds transferred between customer and vendor are safely in the vendors’ hands.

We are not middlemen in the transactions, so we never touched any of the funds, nor did we take any commission. In fact Homesteaders Co-op was bypassed completely during financial transactions between customer and vendor – this is by design.

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This is an update to our fundition project: Free Community Marketplace for Handmade Goods in STEEM/SBD

‐ @sagescrub

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