Become a Vendor

Join Homesteaders Co-op and team up with a group of creative entrepreneurs in a new marketplace that offers handmade, sustainable, homegrown and ethically sourced products for USD, STEEM & SBD!

We’ve combined all of the convenient tools of a well-designed e-commerce system with the ability to accept these three currencies. You can simply set up shop and receive STEEM/SBD for your goods and services. And, because STEEM/SBD does not need to go through credit cards/banks, there’s zero transaction fees, so you keep every STEEM you earn. If you choose to also accept USD you will need a PayPal account (Paypal does charge some fees for transactions, but we don’t add any fees on top of that).

As a Co-op, we are committed to cooperation not corporation. We value rootsy, mom and pop businesses, micro-farms, artisans, and anyone who adopts a “homesteading” mindset. We’re open to the many ways homesteading is defined. What truly matters is that the products you make are sustainable, environmentally sound, locally sourced, and/or composed of biodegradable materials and/or that you are demonstrating that you are making a big effort in your personal life to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Ready to open shop? Join us and become one of the first stores to accept STEEM & SBD, as well as USD!

Our Members are Curated

We are looking for several qualities when we review applications:

  • Quality over quantity
  • “Homesteader Mindset”, whether or not your are rural, whether or not you are growing food.
  • Sustainability, environmentally friendly and/or Ethical/Local Sourcing are factors in your product offerings and/or your lifestyle
  • Minimizing industrial supply chain wherever possible (no resellers please!)
  • Handmade, hand crafted or some hand involved in creating your products or services, whether they are physical or digital
  • Commitment to the steem platform. We will be looking for folks that have some history in their steem account. Being able to view an active steem blog helps us understand who you are, your values and your priorities. If you are new to steem we may ask you to re-apply to be a vendor once you have had time to settle into steem and mingle in the steem communities.

Our application process does have a subjective component to it. We realize this and yet we also strive to be fair as possible. That said we will not approve every application, and we may also not approve applications as fast as they come in.

Thank you for understanding that while there are limitations to our membership evaluation process, this is also what helps to keep our homesteaders co-op special.

Membership Benefits

  • Storefront
  • Payments accepted in STEEM & SBD (via SteemConnect)
  • Payments accepted in USD (via PayPal)
  • Bartering option
  • Product listings
  • Sell either physical or virtual (downloadable) products
  • Multiple images per product
  • Product reviews
  • Order Management
  • Print invoices & packing slips
  • Shipping rates management
  • Coupon codes
  • Earnings reports
  • Witness votes by proxy
  • We offer a portion of our earned SP and STEEM to charity in the form of delegations and/or donations

Membership Pledge

Membership is free (no fees, no commissions)

All we ask in exchange for being a member of Homesteaders Co-op is that you

  1. Up-vote: give our @homesteaderscoop posts at least 1 full (100%) up-vote a day. You can do this manually or automatically with a service such as SteemAuto (Using their “Fan” feature).
  2. Delegate SP: If you have at least 100 SP we ask that you delegate some SP to @homesteaderscoop. A suggested sliding scale is 20-200 SP per vendor (more is fine too if want to share more!)
  3. Promote your store and your products regularly –  at least once a month. 1-2+ times a week is recommended.

Your up-votes and delegations will help us 1) have some income for our time spent building and marketing this marketplace, and 2) earn more SP that we can in turn use to vote for our co-op members.

Promoting your store on steem, as well as other social media you frequent, is every vendor’s responsibility. It is ultimately every member’s responsibility to promote our Co-operative. Our success depends on us all as individuals, collectively. We do not have a big marketing budget that we can all rely on. Your co-op is free, but marketing is all of our responsibility.

We understand that many homesteaders are on a budget and cutting costs as many places as possible and so we are pleased to offer this service at no cost; we only ask that you pledge your commitment of up-votes of our @homesteaderscoop blog posts, delegation for those that can afford sharing their SP and regular online promotion of your store, your products and our Co-op. This is a pledge that we ask all Homesteaders Co-op vendors to make.

Apply for Membership Consideration

By submitting this application you certify that you have read and agree to Homesteaders Co-op’s Seller Policy, Payments Policy, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.