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We are a family of four, fond of nature and all things handmade!

Handmade paper

At our day job we create custom paper promotional materials. So we end up with lots of paper for recycling - mostly quality papers, acid free, FSC certified, cotton thread... Looking for an artistic way to use some of the lovely paper scraps, we started making paper in 2008. Thus began our journey into handmade paper! Our paper is 100% recycled and 100% handmade at home, smoke and pet free.

Most of our orders are local and bespoke. We do paper goods for weddings - invitations, envelopes, gift tags, plantable gifts, photo albums, wedding guest books, the whole lot. We often work on custom business cards and tags for art shops and fellow artists, and we also love to make lamps out of bamboo and our handmade paper! Plenty of photos of our projects can be found on our site - it's in Bulgarian, but photos are often more than enough explanation.

Via The Homesteaders Co-op we hope to reach wider, international audience and we believe our work is universally applicable and will be appreciated by many, regardless of location.

Seeds and plants

We've been gardening ever since we've known each other and in 2011 permaculture entered our life. In 2014 we got a new property, a "clean slate", where we started developing our small vegetable garden, fruit orchard, herb layer and mixed local species + nut trees micro forest.

We save all the seeds we can and grow most of our plants for the garden ourselves - by seed starting or propagation. Besides the dozens of perennial species, we also grow 20 varieties of tomatoes along 20 other annual vegetables.

Our garden is tended to beyond organic standards. We've never sprayed synthetic pesticides, nor used any fertilizer, except our own compost, vermicompost and biomass for mulch and composting in place.

The plants that we grow and the seeds we gather are suited for our temperate climate, with frost free days between early May and late September, -20C winters and hot summers.

How Its Made

Handmade paper

This is our basic process of making the paper. First we put paper scraps in bucket of water until they're wholly soaked. Then we blend those with a dulled-blade blender until we got a nice homogeneous pulp. We pour the pulp in our framed deckle and add organic decorations and seeds. We usually use a stencil that shapes and forms the pulp in a desired size. In the example above, we're forming a double square invitation, but it could be anything from a small tag in a shape of a heart to a large sheet for an album cover. Finally we pull the water, usually by hand, and put the wet sheets of paper to dry in the sun, on a cotton cloth.

Seeds and plants


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I write or stamp on your handmade paper?

The original, natural surface of our paper sheets is usually quite rough so it's not easy to write on. So our blank tags and business cards are usually smoother by a manual hot press. Larger sheets, like the base for a wedding invitation that will have printed vellum attached to is, are usually left with their natural surface.

I bought some seeds from you, could you give me more info on starting them and raising the plant?

Sure thing! We generally don't include much info in our listings, because we assume you're already familiar with the species you select. Furthermore, this kind of information is widely available on the web and sites like are usually a great place to start your research. This being said, we're always up for sharing our knowledge - drop us a line at [email protected] or ping Bobby Dimitrov#2287 on Discord.


Shipping To These Countries

🌍 I ship internationally

Shipping Policy

As our products are diverse, processing time can vary a lot so we'll let you know after we receive your order how long it'll be. The usual times are:

  • Ready-made handmade paper products ship in 2-3 workdays max.
  • Custom-made handmade paper products require at least 5-7 workdays to create, with as much as 2 weeks for complex orders like invitation and envelope combo for example. Time is counted after all details on the order are agreed on and the payment is received.
  • Seeds, cuttings and bare root plants depend on seasonal availability and could ship in a few days, up to a month if the weather does not permit collecting the plants. Get in touch for details before ordering!

Where do we ship to?

The handmade paper can be shipped worldwide and we've shipped plenty of orders since 2008 all around the world. Time in transit is usually 1 week for the EU, 2-3 weeks for the much of the world, 4 weeks for Australia and the Far East.

The plant material - seeds, cuttings, bare root plants, bulb, etc - is limited to the EU, as there are strict rules for overseas shipping. If you're willing to take the risk, we could ship the package, however it's probable that it won't pass customs on your side and will get returned to us.

Shipping prices

We have a standard shipping price for EU and USA customers. Please get in touch before ordering if you reside outside the EU or USA! We'll double check on the shipping price to your exact location before starting the order and will let you know.

Returns & Exchanges

If you're unhappy with our product, get in touch and we'll find a way to make things right. Usually, when given a good reason, we're OK to at least partially refund the cost of the product. We do not accept returns or exchanges, so you'll get to keep the product.

Cancellations are OK, just make sure to cancel before the date we specified for shipping.

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