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Black Star Arts strives to provide the highest quality products by closely adhering to the Alchemical practices of Spagyrics, first laid out by the father of Western medicine, Paracelsus. These processes allow us to produce the finest quality products through moderate to advanced laboratory techniques with a keen eye for precision and accuracy. Similar to the ancients, Black Star Arts seeks to transmute the Leaden, mundane herb, grown from the Blackened soil, into the Golden divinity which lies dormant in the core of all things.

All of our Prima Materia (starting materials) are sourced from local herb shops and apothecaries with a focus on organic whenever possible, or personally locally wild crafted using sustainable practices. We seek to reduce our impact on local and global environments through continuously modifying our techniques.

How Its Made

Our main focus here at Black Star Arts is the production of Spagyric Tinctures. Two of the ways to produce a Spagyric Tincture are the "Full Philosophical Spagyric Extract" and the "Spagyric Tincture", just. The main difference in the processes is, as the name suggests, the "Full Philosophical Spagyric Extract" reduces the material into its three Philosophical Principles of Sulfur, Mercury, and Salt. In the plant realm, these are as follows: Sulfur (Essential Oil), Mercury (Ethyl Alcohol), Salt (Mineral Salts). These constituents are each separated individually using Alchemical processes and then once again reunited in the Chymical Wedding before the extract is ready to be consumed.

Although the "Spagyric Tincture", just, does not go through a complete separation before the product is finalized, there is one major difference which makes it a far superior product than a standard tincture one might typically come across: the extraction and addition of the Salt from the material back into the tincture.

A typical tincture is produced by macerating an herb for x amount of days in alcohol or glycerin, straining the herb, and you now have your finished product. But in after straining the herb for a Spagyric tincture, the herb is burned down into white ash from whence the mineral salts are thus retrieved. The salts are then added back into the tincture and allowed to cohabitate for at least two weeks before the tincture may be ready for consumption.

This addition of the mineral salts back into the tincture results in an incredibly more potent extract. Many of the compounds form acidic esters with the alcohol, these alkali salts neutralize these acids through the addition of positively charged ions which further increases the potency of the compounds, allowing them to circulate longer as they seek the ion uptake channels throughout the body rather than immediately absorbing, thus allowing the compounds to reach the destinations they are needed most. These acid/base reactions make the compounds more bioavailable, more potent, and longer lasting. Like a fine wine, Spagyric Tinctures tend to age with time rather than spoil as a typical tincture will. This aging is due to the addition of the Salt complex.

Without a Body (Salt), the Spirit (Mercury) and the Mind (Sulfur) are surely quick to fade!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Spagyric mean?
Spagyric was first coined by Paracelsus, the father of Western pharmaceutical medicine. The word is derived from two Greek words, Spao, meaning to separate, and Gyro, meaning to combine.

What are Spagyrics?
Spagyrics use processes which intend on mimicking the processes of Nature within a laboratory setting in order to create potent extracts, ointments, salves, etc.

Why all of the cryptic language and symbolism?
Unlike the cold, calculated chemistry of Empiricism, Spagyrics is based on the philosophies of Alchemy which maintains the position that "chemistry" is an Art. Alchemy is known as the Grand Art, or the Royal Art. Some posit that this is because only those of noble class could afford the time and costs to pursue these experiments, while others stand firmly on the grounds that Alchemy seeks to impersonate Nature in its exquisite processes. The Alchemical processes occur at all times in all things, cyclically. Thus, learning to speak the Language of the Birds allows us to move closer to our work. Espousing these transformative processes within our language and our art brings us closer to the processes of Nature so that as we work our Art, our Art works on us.


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