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A native of California, I learned to garden organically at the sides of my mother, and her mother and grandmother in New Mexico, and have been growing organically without chemical amendments for well over thirty years and counting.

I learned the value of healthy eating, natural healing, and avoiding pharmaceutical drugs whenever possible from my dad, my mom and sisters, my grandparents and friends, and from my own experience. 

On our mini farm in Middle Tennessee, we live as lightly on the land as possible, and I am endeavoring to create a vibrant, thriving and self-sustaining permaculture food forest and orchard.

Additionally, I am working to bring back as many of the valuable culinary, medicinal and pollinator-friendly native species as possible, that have been locally lost or become quite scarce through logging, overharvesting, or simply by human carelessness and/or being crowded out by non-native invasive species.

We have lived on our current property for over seven years, and we know for a fact that it was never sprayed for at least the two previous years before we bought it, so we are nearing ten years with zero chemicals being sprayed on our growing areas.  This is a wonderful thing.

That said, we have not sought organic certification, partly due to the expense and onerous record-keeping requirements, and partly because the USDA keeps relaxing the organic standard, and allowing mega-corporations to skirt the rules by including highly questionable practices that are anything but health-giving to either the soil or the end consumer.

I prefer to simply and truthfully say that I grow without chemical amendments, will never knowingly grow anything that has been genetically engineered, follow far stricter organic growing standards than those required for organic certification, and always have.

I recycle and compost as much as I can, so that we now produce very little waste, especially when compared to the average American household. My goal is to reduce even that small amount by at least half in the next year, and every year following, until we can achieve a truly zero waste lifestyle.

My ultimate goal for our place is to rebalance our twelve or so acres of woods, by reintroducing lost or dwindling native species, to eliminate as much as possible the non-native invaders, and to restore our woods, especially along the river that forms the eastern boundary of our property, to as close as possible to the state they were in prior to European settlement and exploitation.

In this way, our land will become a seedbank for the Calfkiller River, and beyond it to the entire Caney Fork River watershed, into which our river empties less than three miles south of our home, so that hopefully in the years, decades and centuries to come, nature can do her thing and the land can heal from our all-too-human hubris and mismanagement.

In the process, I plan to continue writing and teaching others what I know, passing along the lessons that I've learned along the way, and preserving and expanding upon them for generations yet to come. 

We have as a people forgotten so much of the ancient and common knowledge that our ancestors took for granted, so there is much work to be done in reconnecting with our roots, and re-learning that which we need to know, which can help us to better serve ourselves, our loved ones, and one another for the betterment of all.

By purchasing from our small farm you are helping us in a very real way to stay on our land, to achieve this goal and much more, and to continue to be a small but vital part in the ongoing change we wish to see in the world. 

Thank you for all you do, and for playing your part well. ;-)

How Its Made

I either grow or wildcraft the majority of materials for the foods and healing remedies that I make and use, and any other needed ingredients I source locally when possible, or at the very least from sources I know and trust.

I place strong emphasis on sourcing ethically, preferring to deal with local mom and pop businesses rather than big box stores whenever possible, even when it is more expensive to do so.

Anything foods or healing remedies I offer here in our shop are something we use in our own home, for ourselves and/or our animals, and I know from personal experience that they work. That said, everyone is different, so always test new remedies on a small patch of skin before spreading on a larger area, and wait twenty-four hours to make certain that there is no adverse reaction, in case of allergies.

For arts and crafts, some materials come from our place, I source most of the rest locally, and the odd items I need to purchase elsewhere are sourced ethically.

As just one example, any feathers used in my art have been naturally shed by wildlings or by our own birds, as we have never killed and plucked ___any___ of our flock.  There are regularly ___LOTS___ of feathers in their enclosure, many of which are absolutely gorgeous, and as an ethnic Scot, I can't just bring myself to allow them go to waste, when they can be made into something lovely and potentially even useful.

I have a number of vegetarian artists as close friends, and they know that when I provide them with feathers, they came from still-living birds that are allowed to live out their lives naturally.

The jewelry I make is primarily made from sterling silver and natural stones, or from natural copper and natural stones, with occasional other natural materials (wood, shells, fibers, etc.) included. Less frequently I use glass beads, and I ___never___ use plastic. I make jewelry intended to become heirlooms.


Shipping Policy

I typically process and ship orders within a day or two, though occasionally it may take a bit longer. If it does, I'll let you know via email, or via text if you provide me with a phone number.

Seeds, plants, and most foods are sold in the contiguous 48 United States only, due to federal regulations regarding export. Please contact me before ordering if you have any questions.

Jewelry and artwork I sell worldwide, as well as digital products.

Returns & Exchanges

I typically do not accept returns or exchanges unless I have sent the wrong item in error (which has so far never happened).

I have been selling on eBay since 2001, and have 100% positive feedback for a reason . . . I take great pains to describe what I am selling thoroughly and well, to the best of my ability, so that you will know exactly what you are getting. I treat people as I want to be treated in return.

Cancellations are no problem as long as the item has not yet been shipped. For obvious reasons, please try to let me know as quickly as possible when cancelling.

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