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We are dedicated to providing products that are created using the most eco-friendly processes available, are constantly seeking to develop new techniques that decreases the carbon-footprint of our projects event further, and improve the health and happiness of everyone who wears our garments and apparel. We value environmental efficiency over financial efficiency in the cost of our manufacturing, although we have found that more often than not, the two go hand in hand. A little more work goes a long way.

Think Not About how Much it Costs for Yourself, but Instead how Much it Costs the Earth.

We are huge proponents of using what we already have available to us, and avoiding using new products whenever possible. In doing so, we advocate the philosophy that being resourceful and thrifty should be of the highest priority if the goal is to restore the health of planet Earth. We do our best to promote this lifestyle choice to others, and help them understand how meaningful making such choices can be, and that the more people that do it, the more effective it will become. That is why everyone should also prioritize wearing used and up-cycled clothing.


About 50% of the clothing we personally wear is up-cycled or used garments, and 50% unbleached organic fabric from fair trade companies, that are either herbal dyed or low-impact tie dyed. We want to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible with the clothing we select to wear, while also wearing the healthiest possible fabric on our skin (our biggest organ), since our skin is trans-dermal and we absorb what it touches to some degree.  Unfortunately these two concepts only go hand in hand only when you find organic garments that are also used or up-cycled, which is rare in this world - but think about why that is...

It is because people value organic garments higher, and are much less likely to donate them, or treat them as disposable as part of a seasonal fashion trend, like how most people approach their clothing expenses. Spending a little more on a garment that is actually higher quality, forces most to treat the garment with more respect and care, which ultimately means the owner will use and wear (and love) it for many more years. 

Herbal Plant Dyes vs. Low-Impact Dyes

Herbal-plant dyed garments on unbleached organic fabric is by far the healthiest option for any human to wear on their skin. Many of the companies that produce the actual dye-stuff concentrates from plants actually use way more water and fossil fuels producing those ingredients, to make the positives of herbal dyeing with these products outweigh the negatives in terms of environmental effects. Despite this, there are a few companies that use more ethical practices in this regard, but ideally YOU WANT TO COLLECT AND PROCESS THE PLANTS INTO DYE-STUFF PERSONALLY. 

It is also important to note that when collecting your plant parts, to only selectively take from the plants in a manor that encourages better plant growth/production, instead of stripping them of too much, and potentially causing sickness or death of the plant. It is your responsibility to educate yourself about the nature of each plant you will harvest parts from for dyeing, so that you may help it by taking from it, instead of the opposite. This balance is what we call symbiosis, and how all humans are meant to live within nature. We strive to help more humans come to this realization, and implement it long term. 

The high carbon footprint of some herbal dye-stuff production companies is also why low-impact dyeing is a viable option, even though it is technically a synthetic, it is the most environmentally friendly method of dyeing fabric, next to herbal dyeing using personally collected & processed plants. We typically reserve our low-impact dyeing for tie dyes, as we have not quite yet figured out how to effectively tie dye herbals with multiple color shades. We are however going to make some herbal tie dyes that are mono-colored in the near future. 


Sharing Wisdom

Possibly the most important responsibility to fulfill as an eco-conscious practitioner is to pass on the knowledge and wisdom you discover onto others that are ready to listen and take head to the teachings. We will never withhold information about our practices or processes we use that benefit mankind and the environment - to do so would be a blasphemy against everything we believe in, and severely limit the Earth healing effects of our quest for a more beautiful world. Everything we know is free - all you have to do is ask. Always the student - Always the Teacher. I am sure there is much we all have to learn from each other. Prefer the profits of a better world over the profits of financial wealth, and you will be richer than any king.

Stay tuned - into the right frequencies.


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We prefer to only ship inside the U.S. but exceptions can be made upon request. Our processing time is usually between 3-5 days, but can very depending on product availability, or if it is a custom order.

Returns & Exchanges

Due to the high caliber nature of our products, we only accept returns if there is a mistake on our end (we do our best to not let this happen). Please make sure you order the correct item, color, size, are very clear about what you expect, and ask any and all questions you may have about any of our products before purchase.

Returns and exchanges made in this way must be approved no later than 30 days after purchase (for custom orders, this is the date when the remaining balance is paid upon project completion).

All returns and exchanges must be shipped back to us within two weeks after the exchange or return has been approved. 

In the event of a return or exchange, we ask that you pay to ship the item back through USPS, and we will credit you back the shipping amount. If it is an exchange, we will pay for shipping the item back to you as well. This only applies to shipping within the continental U.S. Buyer is responsible for all shipping fees in the event of international returns and exchanges.

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