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My Notes RE Bartering:

Interested in bartering for plants, medicines, and daily use items that would keep me from spending money at the store. 

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Regenerative forest gardening, and horticulture are the way forward. Here at Foxfire Homestead, I'm working hard at incorporating a modern homegrown hunter/gatherer lifestyle into the conveniences of modern life using permaculture and backyard farming. I'm making salves, tinctures, and infusions from cultivated and wild harvested herbs while studying wildcrafting, herbalism, and permaculture as ways of embracing a freer, simpler life. It's hard work, but nobody said liberty is easy, did they? As things on my small plot homestead grow, I intend to offer non-GMO seeds and even some trees as products here. 

My space is small, as I'm in a neighborhood in a town of six thousand people. I'm becoming as sufficient as possible on a half acre, but my total garden space is around three thousand square feet. In that space, I've got seven fruit trees, five elderberry trees, four or five different types of strawberries, three blueberry bushes, two goji plants, and a handful of thornless blackberries, oodles of comfrey; and that's saying nothing at all about my hard working annuals or the naturally occurring medicinals that I didn't put there!

My curiosity and passion for a whole-systems approach - a holistic life - are driving my own work in this space. How can I make one part of my life coincide with another part? I ask myself that a lot. Homesteaders Co-op is part of that holistic life as I see it. A place where people can use money they earn from producing quality content to buy ethically produced goods from other individuals is a turning point in counter-economics and the agorist movement. It unites the crypto movement with the back to the land movement in a very natural progression.

Permaculture is doable on any scale, and I'm proof of that on a small scale. Sustainability isn't my goal; regeneration is. 

How Its Made

My products are all handmade in small batches. Much to My wife's chagrin, it is all done right here in her kitchen.

My herbs are sustainably sourced, within a half mile of my home. The abundance of natural resources in that small of an area is surprising, and I can walk to it! My salves are made in quart batches which yield four jars of ethically produced medicine, and my tinctures are made in quart or pint units using glass canning jars that I reuse. Zero waste is a goal that I'm progressively working towards.

When I harvest or cultivate herbs (and in everything else I do), I try to adhere to the Permaculture ethics of Care for the Earth, Care of People, and Equitable Return of Surplus. A set of rules we could all stand to structure our lives around.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use wild herbs in your products?

Yes, but not exclusively. An example is the comfrey I use. It is not native here, so I cultivate it in my forest garden alongside many other native and non native herbs.

How do you know when to harvest the ingredients for your products?

Research and observation. If I don't know, I have books and online resources that I use to help me in harvesting. I never harvest all the resources, and I like to harvest after the herbs have gone to seed. 

Are your products safe to use?

I use them myself. While I am not a qualified medical professional and cannot legally recommend them, I will not sell something that I don't personally use. 

Who do you use for shipping?

My products are shipped via USPS because it is along my daily driving route and I don't have to increase my petroleum consumption to access the post office. As such, it may take a couple of days for me to ship your item, as described in my shipping policy. The order will be updated with tracking after it has shipped.

Do you ship outside of the Continental US?

I do not. 

Do you provide a tracking number?

Yes I do. I will update your order after shipping with that information and you'll receive an email from HSCO as that update is made. 

How can I contact you?

My email is available on this site. My Instagram is @nateonsteemit, my discord handle is nateonsteemit#1247, and my steem handle is @nateonsteemit. Any of those are completely appropriate to contact me with questions about orders and products. 


Shipping To These Countries

United States (US)

Shipping Policy

When shipping items, I typically reuse packaging that I've received from other purchases. I ship with USPS because it is along my usual driving route and does not increase my petroleum consumption. I don't drive this route daily, so it may take a 3-5 days to ship, but orders usually ship within two days. After shipping, a tracking number will be added to your order and you'll be notified of that update via email from HSCO.

I do not ship outside the lower 48, as it is cost prohibitive.

Returns & Exchanges

Foxfire Homestead does not officially accept returns. However, exceptions can be made on a case by case basis by contacting me at my email, on steem, on discord (nateonsteemit#1247), and on instagram. In the rare case that a return is authorized, return shipping must be covered by the purchaser and the product must be returned unused.

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