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I create custom personal sigil talismans any area of life; love, prosperity, garden, animals, environment, family, etc.

To Read Artist Statement.

In Testimonials. you will read how this Talisman brought it's bearer into a new home in 2 weeks after years of searching for a house in the crowded Denver market.

Sigil states: "We transition gracefully to a nourishing space"

How Its Made

Together, we compose a positive statement of intention.

Using pen and ink, the letters of the statement, and my exclusive method, I create a symbol, also known as a Sigil.

This Sigil states "My entire being is filled with the healing light of Creation." It was made for my friend who had prostate cancer.

Read about this Sigil & Talisman. See final piece and post.



For a pen and ink Sigil Drawing Talisman, I devise a drawing, which embodies the spirit and image of the symbol. Each Talisman is a standard size and suitable for framing.

I use the Sigil shape to inspire a drawing within which the Sigil is embedded. It tells a story which informs the atmosphere of the situation and any blocks and a path through them. I photograph this drawing so that you can print it and color it.

This Sigil states: "All air is clean, all water is clean, all fire is pure, all earth is clean, all sentient beings are free, all psychopaths develop empathy."

Read about this Sigil Drawing Talisman I made for the earth...and the color version...




For a Sigil Painting Talisman I include the drawing as a collage element, with oil paint and pastel and found objects bound together with encaustic wax medium on wood. It includes a hanger and does not need to be framed. You also get a high-resolution photograph of the drawing which you can color yourself, as well as the Sigil. Coloring the drawing is part of the activation process.

This Sigil states "I Have Found The One My Soul Loves" - from the Song of Solomon

Read about this Sigil Talisman, made for a wedding present.

Instructions for how to activate the Sigil are included in all purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Sigil?

A positive statement of intention  made into a symbol. A sigil, therefore, is a symbolic drawing.It is said that we only use 15% of our mind, so what is that other 85%? The Subconscious Mind! The subconscious mind communicates through symbolism. So, a Sigil is a symbol which speaks to the subconscious mind to bring about a desired outcome.

We know for a fact that big corporations are spending millions on their logos and branding and marketing through visual media and sound - and they are trying to program our subconscious to buy their products. It's time we take this knowledge back and use it for ourselves and to heal the world.

Once you adopt a sigil into your subconscious mind as a symbol of your desire, The Higher Realms of the Right Brain and Spirit begin to work to bringing it about.

If their are blocks in the way of you desired goal, they will come up to be healed. There is no time limit on how long it will take for you to realize the outcome of your intention, but it is imperative that you look for the miracles and work with the Spiritual Energies that will mirror your blocks, to overcome them, leading up to your goal.

Why should I buy one from you when I can make it myself?

You should make them for yourself! Absolutely! Everyone should be using this knowledge. If you buy one from me, especially if it is embedded in a drawing or talisman (drawing or mixed media painting), you will benefit from my 30 years of experience as an intuitive artist and 25 years living by Natural Law principles. There is something to be said for this - if you are not living by Natural Law principles - The Golden Rule: Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You - Don't Steal, you can block the outcome of your intention. As Above, So Below. Cause and Effect. Mentalism - all have an effect on our ability to manifest positive desires in our lives.

Can I give it as a gift for a friend?

Yes you can! However, just make sure that you are not violating anyone's Free Will. It's always best to ask other's permission, because they will need to activate the Sigil in their own subconscious for the best effect. I can make a Sigil to help someone else that I myself use, but unless I get their permission, or better yet, their cooperation, it may not bring the desired result.

Can I add more to the statement after I have decided?

Yes, you can. It is usually fairly easy for me to add words in after the Sigil has been created.

What is the history of Sigils?

Sigils have been used for thousands of years. From my research, I see conflicting stories, but for example, Sigils were used by King Solomon, to call upon  72 demons  to aid him in his desires for power. The grimoire - Solomon's Goetia tells of how to activate those demons and summon them into this realm today. No thanks!

There is a lot of negative information out there about Sigils. As a result, the knowledge remains "occulted" or "hidden" - the definition of the word occult is from the Latin word occultare which comes from occulus meaning "eye". That word alone makes people run from the knowledge. And that seems to be the purpose, because this knowledge is so very powerful.

In the late 1800s to early 1900s, Austin Osman Spare, a surrealist artist began to use Sigils in his work. Here is a link to his theories. Later Frater U.D. of the Golden Dawn Brotherhood wrote a treatise on Sigils.

Most recently, the artist Grant Morrison, has used them in his work. Many artists find that sigilmancy works for them, as I have found. Take all of it with a grain of salt and try it out for yourself. I have personally been using Sigils successfully since 2017 - here is my first post I wrote about them.

Sigils are a tool. If used wisely, with respect and good intentions they can be used for healing, help, and change for the better.




Shipping To These Countries

🌍 I ship internationally

Shipping Policy

There is an initial period of discussion which takes a few days, in which you send me your positive statement of intention, or your desire, and I help you refine into the best possible statement. This can be done by email or phone, or in person if you are in Denver, CO. If you are getting a hand-colored drawing or painting, you may request certain colors that you like to be included. All sigils come with activation instructions.

  • Emailed Sigil - you print, takes 1 business days to make, and send.
  • A Sigil, approximately 4" x 6", folded into an origami envelope, suitable for framing, takes 1 business day to make, then I mail it, by USPS, first class mail, $.50 in the USA. $5 Everywhere Else.
  • A Sigil Talisman in a black and white drawing, 5" x 8", suitable for framing, takes up to 5 business days to make, and then I mail it, USPS, Priority Mail flat rate envelope. $8 S&H in the USA. $50 Everywhere Else.
  • A Sigil Talisman in a black and white drawing, 5" x 8" emailed to you for you to print & color takes up to 5 business days to make, and send.
  • A Sigil Talisman in a hand-colored drawing 5" x 8", suitable for framing, takes up to 5 business days to make, then I mail it, USPS, Priority Mail flat rate envelope. $8 S&H in the USA. $50 Everywhere Else.
  • A Sigil Talisman in a hand-colored drawing, 8" x 10", suitable for framing, takes 7 business days to make then I mail it, Priority Mail flat rate envelope. $10 S&H in the USA. $50 Everywhere Else.
  • A Sigil Talisman embedded in a mixed media painting, approximately 11" x 14", takes up to 3 weeks to make, and then I mail it Priority Mail flat rate box $20 S&H in the USA, $100 Everywhere Else.

I will ship internationally using USPS International. Buyer pays shipping and insurance.


Returns & Exchanges

I do not accept returns, as each order is custom. I charge a 50% cancellation fee if I have started the work already.

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