• thornless blackberry permaculture food forest

    3 Thornless Blackberry Plants Chester or Triple Crown Variety

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    44.234 STEEM
    15.561 SBD
  • organic biodynamic goldenseal tincture

    Goldenseal Organic & Biodynamic Cultivated Tincture 1 OZ

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    29.489 STEEM
    10.374 SBD
  • Hypericum Oil (St John’s Wort) 1 Oz

    36.862 STEEM
    12.967 SBD
  • milky oat holy basil blend tincture nerve tonic nervine organic

    Nourish Holy Basil Milky Oat Blend Organic Tincture 1 OZ

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    29.489 STEEM
    10.374 SBD
  • holy basil organic tincture 1 oz tulsi

    Organic Holy Basil [Tulsi] Tincture 1 OZ

    29.489 STEEM
    10.374 SBD


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Here on our permaculture homestead, the goal is Earth Connection. We foster a close relationship with nature- whether through growing food using organic permaculture methods, working on our food forests, wildcrafting or natural building. We are passionate about the Steem blockchain and are delighted to be offering some of our locally grown and made tinctures (and eventually plants and other products) for Steem!

How Its Made

All of our tinctures are made from plants that we grew (save the goldenseal, which was grown by a friend's local organic & biodynamic farm that is over 40 years old!- but our next batch will be sourced from our homestead!) and made on-site using organic high proof alcohol. We ship directly from our homestead as well using recycled materials as much as possible. 


We ensure the highest vibrancy on our tinctures as we work on improving our soil each year using natural methods and we greet our plants often. We truly love our plants and it shows in the potency of the medicine! 


Shipping To These Countries

United States (US)

Shipping Policy

You can expect us to get your product out within 3 days of your order. If you are international and would like a product of ours, contact us with your location and we can give you a shipping price quote and you can decide if you'd like to move ahead. 

Returns & Exchanges

Due to the nature of tinctures, we will not accept returns or exchanges. We will fully refund your order if you cancel or want to change it prior to us shipping it. 

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