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This is the story of our new small family business.
As such stories go, it begins with a small family. Leslie and I have been married since 1985. We have a grown daughter and son whom we’re very proud of. We make a great team.

Leslie was first a bookkeeper. After our first child was born in 1992, she learned how to manage our personal website and post photos of our kids for the family. When local businesses discovered there was a web designer in town—the first in Claremore, Oklahoma—her web design business was born. It was a perfect situation for a stay-at-home mom. She did this for 20 years, until the technology outpaced her interest in keeping up. Since her retirement, she’s been very involved in volunteer activities in the community and looking after her parents.

I'm a semi-retired mechanical engineer. I've helped design storm drainage systems, offshore drilling rigs, industrial manipulator arms, rocket engines, and most recently electric submersible pumps for deep oil/water wells. Throughout my career, I've been heavily involved with quality functions and system design/troubleshooting.

In late 2014, when the deadly Ebola virus was killing thousands in Africa, I became concerned after learning some infected patients were being treated in nearby Dallas, Texas. I happened across an article about Sierra Leone approving colloidal silver as an official treatment after surprising success . That led to some research about colloidal silver. I learned about many non-monetary uses for silver going back thousands of years. Also, colloidal silver was discovered about a century ago and was the most widely used antimicrobial until the 1930's.

Further investigation found that very few “colloidal silver” products are the genuine article, having a significant concentration of silver nanoparticles suspended in pure water alone. Most are water with dissolved ionic silver, which usually reacts and becomes deactivated upon contact and thus has little or no persistent microbe killing ability. Other products use protein or polymers to accelerate the process and suspend more particles. This results in larger, less effective nanoparticles which are also largely isolated from their surroundings by the protein or polymer. The few good colloidal silver products I found were quite expensive, at least from my frugal perspective.

To become well-informed consumers of this product, I dug deeper. I learned about a dubious technology called "colloidal silver generators,” which seemed to do little more than produce silver ions with few (if any) of the far more desirable silver nanoparticles. I determined that if we wanted to produce real colloidal silver, first we'd have to develop a better manufacturing method.

In late 2014, we began creating the process and apparatus to make real colloidal silver we could use around our northeast Oklahoma homestead. Our manufacturing process soon advanced beyond anything else we knew of. I partially retired in mid-2016, limiting my work to part-time consulting, so I could allow more time to further improve our colloidal silver manufacturing method. We continued to refine the process over the next two years, ultimately producing over a hundred test lots. The resulting colloidal silver was as good or better than anything else available, in terms of quality—smaller in particle size and higher in concentration.

During the development, family and friends found additional uses for our colloidal silver, and they began encouraging us to sell it. In mid-2018, we decided to scale up the manufacturing process to support sales for household and cosmetic uses. Smart Colloidal Silver was born.

About that time, we developed processes to include silver in other cosmetic products at concentrations far exceeding anything else available. It was a natural fit. Our 150ppm Silver Lip Balms and 500ppm Silver Cream, joined the product line under our new company name, PPM Silver Cosmetics LLC.

Nearing the end of 2018, we launched our website and several sales channels. Friends are helping find new retail outlets. We're developing another unique, high ppm silver cosmetic product for release soon. It’s all quite exciting for this retired couple as we write a new chapter in or lives and keep that young feeling alive. We hope you’ll do your own research to learn about the many personal uses of silver and join us on this journey through the later years of our youth.

Leslie and Mike
PPM Silver Cosmetics LLC
near Salina, Oklahoma

How Its Made

We make all of the products we sell. The proprietary processes Mike developed allow us to offer the best products available.

The Smart Colloidal Silver manufacturing process took almost 4-years to develop and produces the highest concentration of the smallest nanoparticles available in any product. It's real colloidal silver which you can learn how to be sure of HERE.

Our 500ppm Silver Cream and 150ppm Silver Lip Balms also use proprietary processes for mixing in the very high amount of silver they contain. Nothing else is even in the same ballpark for the amount of silver we've discovered how to include in our cream and lip balms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products medications?

No. we provide our products for cosmetic and household use only. What you do with them is your responsibility.

Silver has not been evaluated by the FDA and never will be, because it can't be patented. Nobody is going to spend upwards of a decade and $100 million for the evaluation. Therefore, despite silver's long history:  "These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease", according to the FDA.

Can I buy larger containers of your products?

To avoid the possibility of contaminating a large container we provide only one size. This better preserves the portion in the unopened containers.

Also, providing only one size of container minimizes our packaging expenses. This helps us to keep prices lower.

Instead, we offer quantity discounts on all our products to give you the cost advantage that might have been gained with a larger container. We also offer a gift/starter assortment so you can have the quantity discount when ordering several different products, instead of several of one product.

Why do you charge more when paying with credit card or Paypal?

Actually, it costs us less to transact in Steem and SBD and we're passing along the savings as a 10% discount for all payments made using Steem or SBD. This also encourages support of the Steem economy. Paypal or credit card orders placed using the STEEM 10% discount code will be cancelled and an order correction requested.

Will these products turn me blue?

Absolutely not! The only possible discoloration is after soaking nails in undiluted Smart Colloidal Silver which can temporarily turn the surface of the nails yellow and then brownish after more soaking over many days. The color of the skin around the nails has always stayed the same. This was the original reason for the development of the 500ppm Silver Cream which causes no nail discoloration.

Even if you drank Smart Colloidal Silver, which the FDA does not allow us to recommend, the silver particles are so small they would easily flush from your system and not accumulate to cause the rare bluing of the skin known as Argyria. For more information about that, check out this link to a site with very good information that sells nothing.

Are there any product precautions for its use?

We only have two precautions for our products used as advertised.

  1. Soaking nails in undiluted Smart Colloidal Silver can temporarily turn the surface of the nails yellow and then brownish after more soaking over many days. The color of the skin around the nails has not been observed to change.
  2. Caution: Silver used to extend the shelf life of our products is a very effective full-spectrum anti-microbial which kills bacteria, viruses, fungi/yeasts, molds and protozoa parasites. If you have a nail fungus our 500ppm Silver Cream or Smart Colloidal Silver may kill it and possibly even result in losing all or part of the nail. However, with continued use a nice looking nail will grow in.

What is the shelf life of your products?

We don't know yet. The silver all our products contain is a very effective full-spectrum anti-microbial which kills bacteria, viruses, fungi/yeasts, molds and protozoa parasites. None of our samples of current products have gone bad when stored properly. We do save samples of each lot for quality control. The lot number is the date of manufacture and is printed on each label.

How should I store my 500ppm Silver Cream or 150ppm Silver Lip Balm?

Our cream and lip balms are best kept at a comfortable indoor living temperature. To avoid melting, don’t let it get very hot, like in a parked car on a sunny day. Also, don’t store it frozen or refrigerated for an extended period. Freezing for a short time has not produced problems in our evaluations.

Why do you specify Face, Hands, Feet & Nails for 500ppm Silver Cream?

The FDA has additional regulations for cosmetic products used near a vagina. To avoid any unnecessary government involvement in our business, we cannot state that a product may be used over the entire body. Instead, we must state particular locations on the body for a specific use. What you do is your own responsibility.

What caused my bottle of Smart Colloidal Silver to change from yellow to a greenish yellow when properly stored?

Occasionally bottles of Smart Colloidal Silver have been observed to change from yellow to a greenish yellow color . This slight change in hue occurs in proper storage conditions after months in unopened bottles. The color change is consistent with that expected from smaller nanoparticles. Silver nanoparticles are very loosely bound clusters of silver atoms. The silver atoms can separate from a nanoparticle in a colloidal solution. They then join with other silver atoms to form new smaller nanoparticles. This process will reduce the average particle size and shift the overall light frequency absorption lower to about 400nm or a bit lower. This will result in a slight change in visible color from yellow to a greenish yellow as shown in the illustration on the real colloidal silver page. This is actually a good thing for the effectiveness of the Smart Colloidal Silver. Smaller particles have more overall surface area for the same parts per million concentration by mass resulting in more exposed surface to engage microbes, which is beneficial.

The only things that react freely with elemental silver are sulfur, hydrogen sulfide and ozone. The latter is a light gas which could not be significantly present in the product. If either of the other two were present, they would react with the silver in minutes, not months. So, contamination of an unopened bottle is not the cause. After a bottle is opened, if care is not taken to avoid contaminants entering, it is possible there may be a color change due to sulfur which changes the color to grayish.

Can I use my own sprayer for the Smart Colloidal Silver?

Silver can react with the metal spring found in nearly all sprayers. The most likely result is loss of silver concentration in the fluid adjacent to the spring which will be sprayed with the next use. It is also possible that the reacted silver and or metal spring residue may go back down the dip tube and contaminate the entire bottle. This is why we provide an all-plastic sprayer for more efficient application over some areas.

Can the spray top be moved to another bottle of Smart Colloidal Silver?

The sprayer can be moved from one bottle to another, so long as the first is not contaminated somehow and the sprayer's dip tube touches nothing after removal from the first and insertion into the second bottle. Note: cleaning the dip tube may actually contaminate it with soap, alcohol, hand oils, etc. If you think the dip tube has been in contact with contaminates, clean it only with fresh Smart Colloidal Silver using clean and very well rinsed hands. then pump fresh product through the sprayer until completely flushed.

Can I put the Smart Colloidal Silver in a glass bottle?

We've observed the silver plating out on the inside of of glass containers every time we've attempted to use it for storage or lengthy manufacturing processes. Therefore, we do not use glass for storage and instead use clear PET non-BPA plastic which has never experienced the plating out problem when stored properly. Exposure to direct sunlight or magnetic fields can cause plating out inside the clear PET bottles which can be observed by tilting the bottle and looking through where the bottle is no longer submerged.

Can I combine bottles of Smart Colloidal Silver?

We advise against it due to the potential for contamination.

Silver isn't attracted to a magnet. Why are magnetic fields a problem for Smart Colloidal Silver?

When you move a silver particle in a magnetic field, or expose a silver particle to a moving magnetic field (such as a motor), it causes the silver particle to become charged. This causes the silver nanoparticles, which normally have a negligible charge, to be attracted to surfaces, ions and even other nanoparticles with a residual opposite charge. All of these result in less silver remaining suspended in the water by mutual electrical repulsion.

Why can't Smart Colloidal Silver freeze?

It causes the silver to fall out of solution as the movement of the particles stops. 

Is Smart Colloidal Silver a good addition to my bug-out bag?

Only if you'll be able to keep it from freezing.

Why is my shipment delayed due to cold weather?

Smart Colloidal Silver cannot be allowed to freeze during shipment. If there will be overnight lows at or below freezing in transit, we include a 3-day heat pack in the box. To be more sure the package will arrive within 3-days, we ship priority mail from a major post office on Monday afternoon in these conditions. If the package is going to a remote area near either coast that may require more than 3-days of transit and is experiencing overnight freezes at the destination, the shipment may be further delayed until destination overnight temperatures improve. Buyers will be notified of any shipping delays and why.

Will you provide shipment tracking?

Yes, it will be emailed after your package departs.

Why can't I refrigerate Smart Colloidal Silver or sit it on a cold surface like a floor?

Under these conditions we've observed a loss of silver concentration based on a lightening of the color. The slowing of the particle movement in a refrigerator is a likely factor. When sitting on a cold surface, like a floor of hard countertop, the same thing may be happening in the bottom of the bottle and convection inside the bottle may also be a factor.

Why do you suggest putting Smart Colloidal Silver on a high wooden shelf away from electrical devices?

A wooden shelf avoids the cold surface problem described in the prior question. Being on a high shelf avoids wiring in walls which are nearly always run at a convenient working height for the electrician. Wiring, especially with higher currents, produces EM (electromagnetic) fields which can charge the silver nanoparticles due to their normal movement in the solution. Electrical devices produce EM fields of various intensities. A description of EM field sources to be avoided is provided HERE.

How do I avoid contaminating Smart Colloidal Silver and causing a bad color change?

There is a list of precautions to avoid contamination HERE.

How do I know if my product is still good?

If the smell, consistency or color changes, do not use it. The only exception is a slight color shift for Smart Colloidal Silver from yellow to greenish yellow due to a reduction in average particle size over time. If you've stored the product properly, please contact us with what you are observation and the lot date on the label. We save samples of every lot for such quality evaluations.


Shipping To These Countries

United States (US)

Shipping Policy

We provide free shipping to the contiguous 48 US states. Please contact us about shipping elsewhere to provide the added shipping cost.

Tracking numbers will be provided by email for each shipment.

We use USPS for free shipping because they've already stole some of our money to pay for part of the shipping cost. We look forward to the day that the USPS receives no stolen money (taxes) and fair competition exists among all shippers. If you want to use a different shipper, please let us know which one so the added cost may be added to your price.

We normally process orders within one business day. 

If there will be overnight lows at or below freezing in transit for Smart Colloidal Silver, shipments will include a 3-day heat pack in the box. To be more sure the package will arrive within 3-days, we ship on Monday afternoon in these conditions. If the package is going to a remote area near either coast that may require more than 3-days of transit and is experiencing overnight freezes at the destination, the shipment may be further delayed. Buyers will be notified of any shipping delays and why.

In some international jurisdictions our silver products may be considered to be medicine that is restricted from import. It is the buyers responsibility to determine whether this may cause the shipment to be rejected by customs or require additional paperwork by the seller which will add to the product cost.

Buyers will be responsible for any customs and import taxes upon receiving the package.

Returns & Exchanges

For the safety of our other customers, we do not accept returns or exchanges. If something is wrong with your product please contact us. In cases where we are at fault, we will provide product replacements.

You may cancel your order only before it ships. You will be notified of shipping with a tracking number.

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