• Long Sleeve Tinker Tribe T-shirt

    58.768 STEEM
    20.758 SBD
  • Up-cycled Beer Bottle Emergency Candle

    20.569 STEEM
    7.265 SBD


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I left the corporate 9-5 to pursue a passion of permaculture homesteading and alternative energy. I wish to help empower others manifest abundance with their health, wealth, and overall resiliency.

How Its Made

I am using permaculture techniques to grow fresh turmeric and upcycling beer bottles using a simple glass cutter. 


Shipping To These Countries

United States (US)

Shipping Policy

Please allow 1-2 days for processing your order. 

No international shipping at this time US shipping only.

Returns & Exchanges

If there are any defects or damage from shipping please contact me with a photo of the damaged product. I will exchange the candles for an undamaged one/ones, but would ask for coverage of the shipping cost.

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